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+-- UWindow.UWindowBase
   +-- UWindow.UWindowWindow
      +-- UWindow.UWindowGrid
         +-- UWindow.AdminGUIBanLGrid
            +-- UWindow.AdminGUITBanLGrid

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from UWindow.AdminGUIBanLGrid
BanPlListF[512], bOldReversed, bReverseSort, GettingBanListText, LastSortedCol, LengthExceeded, ListCount, PageOwner, PulldownMenu, ReceiveBanText, ReceiveID, ResponseMismatch, SelectedRow
Inherited Variables from UWindow.UWindowGrid
bNoKeyboard, bShowHorizSB, bSizingColumn, ClientArea, FirstColumn, HorizSB, LastColumn, RowHeight, TopRow, VertSB

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from UWindow.AdminGUIBanLGrid

Functions Summary
function ProcessManualBan ()
function ProcessUnban ()))
function RefreshBLList ()))
Inherited Functions from UWindow.AdminGUIBanLGrid
Close, Created, DoubleClickRow, OpenedTab, PaintColumn, ProcessInput, ProcessManualBan, ProcessUnban, RefreshBLList, RightClickRow, SelectRow, SortByBanIDs, SortByBanIPs, SortByBanNames, SortColumn
Inherited Functions from UWindow.UWindowGrid
AddColumn, BeforePaint, Created, DoubleClickRow, KeyDown, MouseLeaveColumn, Paint, PaintColumn, Resized, RightClickRow, RightClickRowDown, SelectRow, SortColumn

Functions Detail

ProcessManualBan Source code

function ProcessManualBan ( )

ProcessUnban Source code

function ProcessUnban ( ) )

RefreshBLList Source code

function RefreshBLList ( ) )


				GettingBanListText="Getting temp-banlist from server, if nothing happens you may not be logged in as admin (or there are no temp-bans on server)."

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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