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+-- UWindow.UWindowBase
   +-- UWindow.UWindowWindow
      +-- UWindow.UWindowGrid
         +-- UWindow.AdminGUIBanLGrid

Direct Known Subclasses:


Constants Summary
Inherited Contants from UWindow.UWindowWindow
DE_Change, DE_Click, DE_Created, DE_DoubleClick, DE_Enter, DE_EnterPressed, DE_Exit, DE_HelpChanged, DE_LMouseDown, DE_MClick, DE_MouseEnter, DE_MouseLeave, DE_MouseMove, DE_RClick, DE_WheelDownPressed, DE_WheelUpPressed

Variables Summary
Inherited Variables from UWindow.UWindowGrid
bNoKeyboard, bShowHorizSB, bSizingColumn, ClientArea, FirstColumn, HorizSB, LastColumn, RowHeight, TopRow, VertSB
Inherited Variables from UWindow.UWindowWindow
ActiveWindow, bAcceptsFocus, bAcceptsHotKeys, bAlwaysBehind, bAlwaysOnTop, bHandleStoreage, bIgnoreLDoubleClick, bIgnoreMDoubleClick, bIgnoreRDoubleClick, bLeaveOnscreen, bMMouseDown, bMouseDown, bNoClip, bRMouseDown, bTransient, bUWindowActive, bWindowVisible, ClickTime, ClickX, ClickY, ClippingRegion, Cursor, FirstChildWindow, LastChildWindow, LookAndFeel, MClickTime, MClickX, MClickY, ModalWindow, NextSiblingWindow, OwnerWindow, ParentWindow, PrevSiblingWindow, RClickTime, RClickX, RClickY, Root, WinHeight, WinLeft, WinTop, WinWidth

Enumerations Summary
Inherited Enumerations from UWindow.UWindowWindow

Structures Summary
Inherited Structures from UWindow.UWindowWindow

Functions Summary
function Close (optional bool bByParent))
function Created ()))
function DoubleClickRow (int Row))
function OpenedTab ()))
function PaintColumn (Canvas C, UWindowGridColumn Column, float MouseX, float MouseY))
function ProcessInput (string S ))
function ProcessManualBan ()))
function ProcessUnban ()))
function RefreshBLList ()))
function RightClickRow (int Row, float X, float Y))
function SelectRow (int Row))
functionbool SortByBanIDs (BPLFLList A, BPLFLList B ))
functionbool SortByBanIPs (BPLFLList A, BPLFLList B ))
functionbool SortByBanNames (BPLFLList A, BPLFLList B ))
function SortColumn (UWindowGridColumn Column))
Inherited Functions from UWindow.UWindowGrid
AddColumn, BeforePaint, Created, DoubleClickRow, KeyDown, MouseLeaveColumn, Paint, PaintColumn, Resized, RightClickRow, RightClickRowDown, SelectRow, SortColumn
Inherited Functions from UWindow.UWindowWindow
Activated, ActivateWindow, AfterCreate, AfterPaint, BeforeCreate, BeforePaint, BeginPlay, BringToFront, CancelAcceptsFocus, CheckKeyFocusWindow, CheckMousePassThrough, Click, ClipText, ClipTextWidth, Close, Created, CreateWindow, Deactivated, DoTick, DoubleClick, DrawClippedActor, DrawClippedTexture, DrawHorizTiledPieces, DrawMiscBevel, DrawStretchedTexture, DrawStretchedTextureSegment, DrawUpBevel, DrawVertTiledPieces, EscClose, FindChildWindow, FindWindowUnder, FocusOtherWindow, FocusWindow, GetDesiredDimensions, GetEntryLevel, GetLevel, GetLookAndFeelTexture, GetMouseXY, GetParent, GetPlayerOwner, GlobalToWindow, HasActiveWindow, HideChildWindow, HideWindow, HotKeyDown, HotKeyUp, IsActive, KeyDown, KeyFocusEnter, KeyFocusExit, KeyType, KeyUp, LMouseDown, LMouseUp, MClick, MDoubleClick, MessageBox, MessageBoxDone, MessageClients, MMouseDown, MMouseUp, MouseEnter, MouseIsOver, MouseLeave, MouseMove, NotifyAfterLevelChange, NotifyBeforeLevelChange, NotifyQuitUnreal, NotifyWindowRemoved, OverrideMessage, Paint, PaintClients, ParseAmpersand, ProcessMenuKey, PropagateKey, RClick, RDoubleClick, RemoveAmpersand, ReplaceText, Resized, ResolutionChanged, RMouseDown, RMouseUp, SaveConfigs, SendToBack, SetAcceptsFocus, SetAcceptsHotKeys, SetCursor, SetMouseWindow, SetParent, SetSize, ShowChildWindow, ShowModal, ShowWindow, StripCRLF, TextSize, Tick, Tile, ToolTip, WaitModal, WindowEvent, WindowHidden, WindowIsVisible, WindowShown, WindowToGlobal, WrapClipText

Variables Detail

BanPlListF[512] Source code

var BPLFLList BanPlListF[512];

bOldReversed Source code

var bool bOldReversed;

bReverseSort Source code

var bool bReverseSort;

LastSortedCol Source code

var int LastSortedCol;

ListCount Source code

var int ListCount;

PageOwner Source code

var AdminGUIClientWindow PageOwner;

PulldownMenu Source code

var AdminGUIBanLPullDown PulldownMenu;

ReceiveID Source code

var int ReceiveID;

SelectedRow Source code

var int SelectedRow;


GettingBanListText Source code

var(AdminGUIBanLGrid) localized string GettingBanListText;

LengthExceeded Source code

var(AdminGUIBanLGrid) localized string LengthExceeded;

ReceiveBanText Source code

var(AdminGUIBanLGrid) localized string ReceiveBanText;

ResponseMismatch Source code

var(AdminGUIBanLGrid) localized string ResponseMismatch;

Structures Detail

BPLFLList Source code

struct BPLFLList
var string CLID;
var int IDx;
var string PLIP;
var string PLName;

Functions Detail

Close Source code

function Close ( optional bool bByParent) )

Created Source code

function Created ( ) )

DoubleClickRow Source code

function DoubleClickRow ( int Row) )

OpenedTab Source code

function OpenedTab ( ) )

PaintColumn Source code

function PaintColumn ( Canvas C, UWindowGridColumn Column, float MouseX, float MouseY) )

ProcessInput Source code

function ProcessInput ( string S ) )

ProcessManualBan Source code

function ProcessManualBan ( ) )

ProcessUnban Source code

function ProcessUnban ( ) )

RefreshBLList Source code

function RefreshBLList ( ) )

RightClickRow Source code

function RightClickRow ( int Row, float X, float Y) )

SelectRow Source code

function SelectRow ( int Row) )

SortByBanIDs Source code

final function bool SortByBanIDs ( BPLFLList A, BPLFLList B ) )

SortByBanIPs Source code

final function bool SortByBanIPs ( BPLFLList A, BPLFLList B ) )

SortByBanNames Source code

final function bool SortByBanNames ( BPLFLList A, BPLFLList B ) )

SortColumn Source code

function SortColumn ( UWindowGridColumn Column) )


				LengthExceeded="Maximum player list length exceeded '%i'"
				ResponseMismatch="Response ID mismatched: %i/%j"
				ReceiveBanText="Received ban '%s'."
				GettingBanListText="Getting banlist from server, if nothing happens you may not be logged in as admin (or there are no bans on server)."

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