Unreal Secrets

By RÝb_KC - A.K.A SnakeBite

Map TIPS/Cool Stuff

Rajigar Mine - Dig

In the lava room with the two bridges, at the first bridge if you fall in the lava you can run backwards into a room with lifts.

Nyleve's Falls - Nyleve

If you look over the cliff at the rocks you will notice they slant. You can jump off the cliff onto the slanting rocks while holding forward and you will survive.

Ceremonial Chambers - Ceremony

There is a healing pool right as you cross the last wooden beam in the outside area. Once you run inside jump in the water that is right behind where the nali stands.

Temple of Vandora - Ruins

You can side-dodge agaisnt the rumble at the stadium (where titan stands) and launch yourself ontop of it. -refer to sidedodge trick at end of page.

The Trench - Trench

If you look at the left half of the ship and fly up to the opening and run to the far left corner and crouch you can go pretty far into this infamous glitch.

ISVKRAN Decks 3 & 2 - ISVKran32

You can get jumpboots in the gigantic door that opens when you first start the map (refer to the isvkran32 secret area) and use them to get to the top of the lift at the end.

The Sunspire - Thesunspire

If you're at the very top and need to get down here's how you do it. Look over the ledge and look for the lamp post that's closest to the spire. Jump inbetween. Or if you want to go farther jump inbetween the roof of the wooden platform (entrance to the spire) and the spire. 

NaPali Haven - Skytown

My favorite. You can get up to the church and roof without cheating, damaging yourself, or using boots. Here's how: Walk outside and through the door that leads to the lake. As SOON as you open the door look to your left and you will see how the mountain slants. Slide dodge (refer to bottom of page) against that and get yourself onto the ledge. Do the same trick to get to the outskirts of the church. From here you can go roof-hopping or you can do the same trick (will have to be done twice) to get to the church, which you can walk inside.

See where the skybase is? With the forcefield and all? Type this 'Admin Causeevent Hangarforcefield'

Another one that I've never understood. Watch the Cross ontop of the church and type 'Admin Causeevent churchcross' 

Outpost 3j - Skybase

Another favorite. You can get back to syktown without cheating, boosting, or using boots. Once you get to the church either walk to the very end of the fence where there is an opening. And you can crouch around the fence as there is a glitch. Or you can use the side dodging trick again at the otherside of the fence.

Velora Pass - Veloraend

Once the stone titan gets up you can run around for a bit then jump onto his throne and raise the bridge. Once the bridge is up run across and lure the stone titan onto it. Then pull the lever :).

Bluff Eversmoking - Bluff

Right at the start the two fountains on both sides will heal you.

Also if you search the sewers go to the above part where the nali has layed the cross and read the writings. It reveal a message confirming Prisoner 849's gender. Hence "PRINCESS"

Serpent Canyon - Naliboat

If you are in water the easiest way to get on land is swim up agaisnt where it first starts. This saves some time for people who hate swimming the whole way.

Nali Castle - NaliC

There is a slant in the mountains which allows access to the barn while in the water farther to the left side.

The Source Antechamber - Extremeend

Right before you go down the hole there are doors to both sides. Open 'em.


Side-Dodging Trick

This is can be one of the easiest things to do once learned. But it may be a little difficult at first. Find a slant, usually part of a mountain or a giant rock. Run at it diaganolly and side dodge once you feel you are close enough and hold either the left or right arrow key (which ever way you dodged)

Water Trick

The easiest way to get out of a cubed-water pool is to swim to the corners.

Bouncing Trick

Okay, this is pretty neat. What you need to do is find a steep slope to slide down (big rock in nyleve right outside of ship for example) and go down while holding forward and crouch the whole time. As soon as you hit the bottom press the jumpbutton over and over again to bounce! (this is very hard and requires good time precision, the easiest way to do this is to set your mousewheelup or down to jump)

Lift Jumping Trick

When a lift goes up you can jump just before it reaches the top to gain some air!

Flying Book!

Okay, unless you have 227 with has the grab command in the controls section, you need to 'set input g grab' or what ever letter you want and use a one-handed weapon (dp, automag ect.) and grab a book and place it in an open area (preferably outside) and get ontop of it and start shooting it!