Unreal Secrets

By RÝb_KC - A.K.A SnakeBite

Unreal 1 -Easter Eggs

Note: You MUST use the 'fly' (press tab and type fly, and walk to disable) command to get to the hidden translator messages. 'ghost' will NOT work!

Rajigar Mine - Dig - (translator messages) -  




This is across from the part where the piece of the bridge explodes and falls off, causing an earthquake. Make sure your in 'fly' mode or 'god' mode.

Depths of Rajigar - Dug - (translator messages) -


Another Easter Egg!


The lava pool, in the far right corner. (leads to picture below)




This is the point of view from the bridge which leads you to the switch to open the end. Right above the lamp.

Dark Arena - Dark -


Back up far enough to where you can see the hole in the slanted roof and shoot it with an explosive gun such as the eightball. Or get a good distance and use the ASMD and do the combo trick when you feel the time is right. (primary fire + alt fire)

Harobed Village - Harobed


"blind bird" This one is pretty funny. Go to the area i'm standing (right at the entrace to the village) and look in the area i've circled and either type 'viewclass bird1' untill you see the bird that is in the photo or do the 'fly' command and watch it crash! Note: You have to be quick with this one as the bird is quick itself, and goes as soon as you walk in the entrance to the village. 

Temple of Vandora - Ruins



Shoot and listen!

The Trench - Trench - (translator message) - 


Use the command 'ghost' and fly past the end, use 'walk' when you get to the corpse to find a half-written translator message.   


Bluff Eversmoking - Bluff


Use a weapon (preferably a rifle) to shoot the nali on the cross while standing around where im standing in the photo.

Serpent Canyon - Naliboat -


Just before you get on the boat, get out your dispersion pistol and shoot both of the torches (the circled one, and the one across from it). Then when your going through the dark tunnel, look to the left the whole way until you see a cool picture.

Nali Castle - Nalic - (translator message) -  


In case this picture isn't enough, this is the barn behind the Nali Castle. (its right ontop of the piece of wood sticking out of the roof)

Demonlord's Lair - Nalilord -


Shoot the stalactite above the warlord's head , and watch it get crushed.

Unreal Return to Napali - Easter Eggs

Glathriel Village 2 - Glathriel2


Right as you walk out the church. Pretty funny (not really), might wana get a flashlight and search for a nali in the circled area and get a close-up. You're gonna need to use the 'fly' command to go over there.

SpireLand - Spire Valley


Swim in the circled area. Look familiar? Read the messages to figure out where they went wrong. Probably not even an easter egg but I thought this was kinda neat.

Nalic2- Escape from Napali - Translator Messages


Now for what was actually meant to be eastereggs. This one is actually pretty funny. Right before you enter the warlord's room follow the arrow into the water and look for a cow and read what happened to it. 


Either wait for the warlord to blast the floor open or ghost through. Either way you're gonna have to be in 'fly' mode for these. Fly (NOT GHOST) up to the nali's impaled on the spikes. Each of them have something to say.



There are many, many commands, but these are some of my favorites.


NOTE: In order to get names for pawns, items, decorations you must open your unreal ed, and then view the actor classes. You may also do this to view the default properties of an actor.

Admin set [actor] [property] [#, true/false] - change the default properties of an actor (item, pawn, decoration, etc...)

EX: Admin set flashlight charge 999999

EX: Admin set monkstatue bmovable false

Grab - grab an object (works with books, but if you type admin set [decoration] mass 1 you should be able to pick up anything, in some cases you may also have to do admin set [decoration] bmovable true)

NOTE: You must also have a one-handed weapon (dispersion pistol, automag, razorjack, etc...)

Viewclass playerpawn - view a player's position (you can also do viewclass [item] EX: Viewclass shieldbelt - would show you where that item is in the map)

Viewself - view yourself

Behindview 1/0 - 1 for third person, 0 for first person

Summon [item] - EX: summon nali

Summoning the unsummonable - Some decorations can't be summoned such as trees, to change do:

Admin set tree1 bstatic false and Admin set tree1 bstatis true

Allammo - sets ammo to 999 for all weapons (or you could do admin set ammo ammoamount #)

Fly - Fly around

Ghost - Fly and go through walls

Walk - Disable fly/ghost

God - invincible

Amphibious - breathe underwater forever

Admin set pawn attitudetoplayer ATTITUDE_friendly - leaving it as pawns makes all monsters friendly, but you can replace the word 'pawn' with the monster's name if you want to make a specific enemy friendly.

Invisible 1/0 - 1 makes you invisible, 0 makes you visible

Open [map name] - go to a designated level

Slomo # - change the game speed

Playersonly - Freeze everything, except you

Showall - view level actors (CAN'T BE DISABLED)

Set input/onrelease - These are very useful commands, in order to make a key do multiple tasks you must use the "|" (which is on the same key with the left slash) key to separate commands, and onrelease will do a command when you take your finger off the designated key.  

EX: Set input n summon dammo5 

EX: Set input n summon dammo5|summon dammo4|Summon dammo3

EX: Set input n summon nali|onrelease summon dammo5

Flying Book - Grab a book and place it in an open area. Then get on it and fire (sometimes you may have to be in midair while taking your first shot depending your gun.) Not really a cheat but I decided to add it anyhow :P.