Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Unreal Tournament Demo Version 348 - Known Issues and Bugs

Reporting Bugs

Please ensure you are running the very latest version of the demo before reporting any bugs.  The version number is displayed in the top right corner of your menus.  The latest version number is version 348.

Before submitting bug reports to utbugs348@epicgames.com, check if your issue is noted or addressed below.   If the bug is about a crash or "Critical Error" message, please attach your c:\tournamentdemo\system\unrealtournament.log file generated immediately after the crash occured.  Do not re-launch the game until you've sent the crash log, or it will be overwritten. 

Issues with the Final Version of the UT Demo - Version 348


You need DirectX7 to use Direct3D.  Get it on Microsoft's Download Page.   Make sure you have the latest Direct3D drivers for your card.




Linux Server




Demo Recording/Playback

The known bugs and issues page from previous demo versions is available here.

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