Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UT Demo Version 338 - Known Bugs and Issues

Reporting Bugs

Please check if your issue is noted or addressed below, before submitting bug reports to utbugs@epicgames.com.   If the bug is about a crash or "Critical Error" message, please attach your c:\tournamentdemo\system\unrealtournament.log file generated immediately after the crash occured.  Do not re-launch the game until you've sent the crash log, or it will be overwritten. 

Issues with the Full Demo - Version 338






Linux Server

Patch to Upgrade 3dfx Version

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Issues with the 3dfx Demo - Version 322

Many of the bugs in the 3dfx demo have been fixed for the full demo (Version 338).   Please upgrade by visiting the UnrealTournament.com and downloading the 10MB patch.

Here is a list of changes we've made since the 3dfx demo was released.  Please read this file and ensure your issue has not already been addressed before submitting bug reports to utbugs@epicgames.com.