Unreal DirectX and Direct3D Downloads

Last Updated: 11/06/00

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) DirectX 7.0 Drivers

For best results with Unreal, make sure you've installed Microsoft DirectX 7.  If you already own Unreal or Unreal Tournament, you don't need this--it's already on your game CD.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Direct3D Drivers

To use Unreal's Direct3D support, you must have the latest Direct3D driver from your 3D hardware maker.  Because Unreal uses many new Direct3D features, many hardware makers had to update their drivers for Unreal to work. Therefore, some of the drivers distributed with DirectX 6.0 have problems with Unreal (crashes or visual anomalies).  Here are driver download sites for various brands:

If your 3D card isn't listed above, then it has not been successfully tested with Unreal.  Many older video cards don't have the horsepower to support Unreal using Direct3D.

If your card isn't supported, just run the "Unreal Safe Mode" link in Windows' "Start / Programs" menu and change your video driver to "Software Rendering".  Unreal's "Software Rendering" is compatible with all video cards from all manufacturers.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Direct3D Troubleshooting

All 3D Cards

nVidia Riva TNT/TNT2/GeForce

3dfx (All models)

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