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Unreal Patch Version 226 FINAL Download it!

This is the final Unreal 1 patch. It is based on the earlier 226 patch and includes the latest Direct3D and sound code from Unreal Tournament. Please read the Release Notes for more information about this patch. This patch is network-game compatible with existing patch versions Unreal 224, 225 and 226. Servers do not need to upgrade, as this patch contains mainly client improvements.

Installation Notes

To install, download the patch and run it. It will ask you for the location of your Unreal installation. Check the location it provides and press Next. The patcher will then ask you to insert your Unreal CD into your CD-ROM drive so it can refer to some of the original files shipped with Unreal. Confirm your CD-ROM drive letter and press Next. When the patch is installed you may launch Unreal as usual. You will need to reconfigure your display settings and controls.

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