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Desktops for that fix you need when you can't play Unreal, like, when you are supposed to be working.

All these Unreal desktop images are 256 indexed color, compressed, so you can enjoy a quick download and they tend to be less of a resource hog.
*but they still look awesome =)
**For those of you running resolutions higher than 800x600: Don't forget to set your desktop colour to black and set it to center the image, as the image you are downloading is 800x600.

The Nali World    

The Nali World Download it!

Put a four-armed Nali on your desktop. See a glimpse of his world in the background.
Only 79k to download!

Merc on the Hunt

Merc on the Hunt Download it!

A view of some of the Skaarj tech-filled levels with a Mercenary blocking your path to freedom.
Only 77k to download!

DeathMatch Hardware

DeathMatch Hardware Download it!

Attitude and metal backlit by blue light. Check out this shot of 3 players ready to launch an assault.
Only 71k to download!

It's Unreal

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