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black_square.gif (185 bytes) unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal 217 Public Beta Released! (09/28/98)
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Unreal 217 beta has been released.  Fixes include:

  • Fixed ESC in intro level crashing games in the software renderer on some machines.
  • Eliminated chance of server crashing when player limit is exceeded.
  • Disabled CD check, which was causing problems for some users.
  • Fixed problems with 3dfx Voodoo Rush cards under some versions of Glide.
  • Fixed volumetric lighting ranbow effects on 3DNow!

Click HERE to download

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal 216 Public Beta Released! (09/27/98)
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Unreal 216 public beta has been released.  For more info on the patch and what it offers, click HERE!

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Matrox Offers Sneak Peek at D3D! (09/25/98)
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Matrox Graphics is offering a special sneak peak at the Unreal Direct 3D beta patch for Matrox MGA-G200 users. You can also enter the Unreal Matrox contest by visiting the Matrox Web Site. For the full press release click HERE!

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Asc Games Brings Out Big Guns! (09/18/98)
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This week ASC Games officially announced their hunting game using the Unreal Engine.TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter is scheduled for release November 23rd, and is sure to take the Unreal engine in new and exciting directions. Click HERE for the full press release.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Patch Update! (09/18/98)
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The new Unreal patch is almost here. For a status report, check Tim Sweeneys Tech page!

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal ranked #1by CGW Readers! (09/18/98)
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In the October issue of Computer Gaming World, Unreal has debuted at #1 on the Action games chart readers' poll! Thanks for making UNREAL the smash hit that it has become!

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Mac Unreal Now Available! (09/11/98)
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Can't find Unreal for Mac at your local computer store? No problem! Click HERE to order direct from Epic MegaGames.
Receive $5 off any Unreal merchandise item with the purchase of
Unreal (PC or Mac) while supplies last!

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal for Mac Ships! (09/2/98)
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Attention MAC owners, the Macsoft version of UNREAL is
now shipping to stores across the US! Now you can experience
the game Next Generation magazine called "The single best action game to ever appear on PC".

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