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Finally a Log Parser for Unreal that produces Statistics and Ranking in form of HTML pages.

First check out the list of Features to see, to see if AEus is of any use to you. If so, grab a copy of the latest version, from the Download page and then read the Installion page carefully...

To get an overview of the other subpages see the list of Topics.

I am providing this AEus Parser Package as is,
there is no warrantly whatsoever.
Install it at your own risk.

I developed AEus using Unreal 2.09, and tested it with the latest patch v2.19. I should work with all the versions in-between, but I recommend useing latest patch.

Mods that are preparing to integrate "AEonsDMmod" sofar are the: UWar (CTF) and No-name CTF.

... zooomm... lots and lots of Stats ;)

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Last updated on Sunday, November 8th 11:23 1998

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Sunday, November 8th 22;17 1998

Setting up the AEus page
I have started to set up the AEus Code page, that has serveral suppages. See: Features, Download, Installation of Mod & Parser, Details on Mod and Parser, finally a section on Tips & Tricks.

All the info and some more that I provided in the AEus195b.txt file are now part of the "AEus Code" subpages, and some extra info as well. Hope this helps.

Thursday, November 5th 08:50 1998

AEus - In the News :)
On Blues News:
   Unreal Log Parser  [9:17 PM EST]
   AEon's Unreal Page, a German Unreal server page, has the first release of AUus,
   a Windows 95 Unreal deathmatch log parser that can generate an HTML stats page.
Note: Eventhough this page may be German, in fact it's in English ;)... "AEus" ! and it will run from any shell/DOSbox, since the code is in ANSI-C and portable.

On Planet Unreal:

   11.4.98 18:53 » Unreal Modifications
   Unreal Log Creator... The first release of Aeus by AEon, your asking for
   confusion there, is now available here. Features include Global and Player
   specific stats, rankings, frags per hour and plenty more. Be sure to check it out!
Note: It's called "AEus" capital "E"... The "here" and "AEus" links point to this site, sorta redundant :)

Thanx... Blue and Planet Unreal.

AEus - Plans
I will start to write a more comprehensive documentation for AEus and AEonsDMmod, on the Stats -> AEus Code page. The module might be of interest to other mod authors. Since the code is pretty straight forward, it should be easy to add Ranking to game modules that are "Death Match" a-like. E.g. where frags primarily count, and not more subtle or complex scoring mechanisms (e.g. CTF) are used.

The first author interested in my mod is Win who is currently working on the UWar mod... hi there :)).

I will write a special section on "AEonsDMmod", where it shadows Unreal's code, ideas behind it, and the info it outputs.

Wednesday, November 4th 21:10 1998

1st Unreal Log Parser - AEus 1.95b available
My Unreal log parser is finally available. Binary for w95 only, for now. This will let you hopeful Unreal admins out there generate nice Stats pages like on this site :). Grab the binary AEus195b.zip (387 KB) and read the AEus195b.txt for quick and dirty installation.

Hope this is of some use. Feel free to spread the word :))

Please note: The above code is a Beta, use it completely at your own risk!!! Use it with the latest Unreal Patch 2.19.

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