Technical Readout: Lifeform Schematics
Background Information
  • Description: A once proud and noble race, the Nali ruled this planet and its native creatures with benevolence. Those days have passed. The Nali are now enslaved by the Skaarj and are a broken people. When encountered they will assume a respectful or subservient posture, bowing, kneeling or possibly fainting from shock. They may chant while posturing. If you are fortunate they may grace you with some valuable information about your surroundings.
  • Culture: The Nali culture is steeped in mysticism. They've developed a keen sense of natural awareness, which enables them to influence their surroundings through telekinesis. Most of these abilities have faded into non-existence during the term of their imprisonment.
    They see you as their savior. Will you be that savior? Or will you bring about their destruction?

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