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The Story...
You awaken to the sound of screams and the smell of burning flesh. You shake your head and check your surroundings. The ship you were travelling on, Vortex Rikers, has obviously crashed. The force shield to your cell has been shut off and smoke covers the floor. Other prisoners are missing, dying a painful death or they're already dead. Using an air duct you manage to escape the cell block. Passing through various parts of the prison ship, you heal your deep wounds with a med-pack and salvage some non-prisoner attire. You come to a jammed door, partially open. A beam collapses behind you and blocking you in. Suddenly, desperate cries, gunshots and growling ring out from beyond the door. Then, silence...

The door slowly begins to open and from the corner of your eye you see something large, muscular and reptilian darting out. Everything is still. Several prison guards lay eviscerated in front of you. They appear to have been dragged around the room, slammed into the lockers, and chewed to pieces. Lying on the floor is a Dispersion Pistol covered in blood. You grab it and make your way out.
You leap from the front of the ship onto soft grass. Vortex Rikers is dug into the ground and badly damaged. Flames spew from the craft and sparks shoot out of the side. You survey the landscape before you and see treacherous mountains and rolling, otherworldly terrain. You hear mechanical laughter behind you. You turn around to see an immense winged monster flying away from the body of one of your buddies.

This is Unreal.

Creature Index [...7 of possibly 30 species identified...]

Cousins of the Skaarj.
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Independent species of hunters.
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Non-indigenous master species.
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Agile, stealthy hunters allied with Skaarj.
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Massive bio-engineered guard of dubious intellect.
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Enormous beast, virtually impossible to destroy.
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Mystic native race, now enslaved by Skaarj.
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Alter your reality...forever.