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+-- Engine.Actor
   +-- Engine.Menu
      +-- UnrealShare.UnrealMenu
         +-- UnrealShare.UnrealLongMenu
            +-- UnrealShare.UnrealBotConfigMenu

Variables Summary

Functions Summary
function AdjustDifficulty (int Dir)
function DrawMenu (canvas Canvas)
function DrawValues (canvas Canvas, Font RegFont, int Spacing, int StartX, int StartY)
function InitConfig (GameInfo G)
functionbool ProcessLeft ()
functionbool ProcessNo ()
functionbool ProcessRight ()
functionbool ProcessSelection ()
functionbool ProcessYes ()
function SaveConfigs ()
Inherited Functions from UnrealShare.UnrealLongMenu
DrawBackGround, DrawHelpPanel, DrawMenu
Inherited Functions from UnrealShare.UnrealMenu
DrawList, DrawSlider, DrawTitle, PlayEnterSound, PlayModifySound, PlaySelectSound

Variables Detail

bAdjustSkill Source code

var bool bAdjustSkill;

bRandomOrder Source code

var bool bRandomOrder;

Difficulty Source code

var byte Difficulty;

GameType Source code

var GameInfo GameType;

MenuValues[20] Source code

var string MenuValues[20];

SvMenu Source code

var UnrealServerMenu SvMenu;

Functions Detail

AdjustDifficulty Source code

function AdjustDifficulty ( int Dir )

DrawMenu Source code

function DrawMenu ( canvas Canvas )

DrawValues Source code

function DrawValues ( canvas Canvas, Font RegFont, int Spacing, int StartX, int StartY )

InitConfig Source code

function InitConfig ( GameInfo G )

ProcessLeft Source code

function bool ProcessLeft ( )

ProcessNo Source code

function bool ProcessNo ( )

ProcessRight Source code

function bool ProcessRight ( )

ProcessSelection Source code

function bool ProcessSelection ( )

ProcessYes Source code

function bool ProcessYes ( )

SaveConfigs Source code

function SaveConfigs ( )


     HelpMessage(1)="If true, bots adjust their skill level based on how they are doing against players."
     HelpMessage(2)="Base skill level of bots (between 0 and 3)."
     HelpMessage(3)="If true, bots enter the game in random order. If false, they enter in their configuration order."
     HelpMessage(4)="Change the configuration of individual bots."
     HelpMessage(5)="Number of bots to start play (max 15)."
     HelpMessage(6)="Use bots when playing with other people."
     MenuList(1)="Auto-Adjust Skills"
     MenuList(2)="Base Skill"
     MenuList(3)="Random Order"
     MenuList(4)="Configure Individual Bots"
     MenuList(5)="Number of Bots"
     MenuList(6)="Bots in Multiplayer"

Overview Package Class Source Class tree Glossary
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