Ulight - The UnrealEd Light Color Manager
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To put it bluntly, unless you're some kind of level editing god, have the standard HSL spectrum memorized and can convert those values on the fly, choosing the light color you want in UnrealEd can be a pain in the ass.

Enter Ulight to ease your editing burden! (somewhat)

Ulight is a small FREEWARE application written in Visual Basic 6 that allows you to open the Windows Color Common Dialog Box and pick the color you want. It then converts the color values to the approximate Hue, Saturation and Brightness values you enter in UnrealEd to acheive that light color.


  • 2/25/00 - BUG SQUISHED! Version 1.01 with bug fix now available. Level Designer Jim N. (Thanks Jim!) sent in a bug that was occurring with Large Display Fonts. The bug was caused by the way the 1.0 "Always On Top" code function was implemented. The code was setting the Ulight window to a fixed width & height which was causing the larger fonts to push text and boxes off the bottom and right of the window. I have rewritten the code to eliminate this problem as well as changed the feature from a checkbox to option buttons. I tested the program up to a ludicrous 200% display font and it now scales size nicely with the display font size used. If you are already using Ulitght 1.0 you can just download the new 1.01 Ulight Small as only the code was changed. The runtime DLLs are still the same.
  • 2/24/00 - Ulight 1.0 Released.

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