TexAlign is a utility for UnrealEd that helps save time, energy and brain cells when aligning textures. Written in C++ by R. "YoMammy" Wey, it is bug free (as far as we know!) and works like a charm.
TexAlign is a more than just a "utility" it is actually more of a "plug-in" because it won't simply give you the numbers to plug into UnrealEd, but it will actually implements them!

How Do I Use TexAlign?

Download the TexAlign.exe file, place it anywhere (I made sub-directory under UnrealTournament) and double-click the file in Window Explorer. It's probably a good idea to download the tutorial as well, and place it in the same directory.

What Does TexAlign Do?

TexAlign will calculate the texture panning for curved surfaces and pillars, and other custom shaped surfaces as well. Once calculated you can simply click a button and TexAlign will automatically send the commands to UnrealEd via the log window. A much more detailed explanation can be found on the TexAlign Tutorial Page.


TexAlign 20kb EXE file, ready to run
TexAlign Tutorial 541kb Just the Tutorial


TexAlign V1.02-R0 Fixes hypontinuse texture count to now accept floating point numbers
TexAlign 2 New fixes and features. Comes with a skewing tutorial