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Unreal 2
Being developed by Legend Entertainment
With Epic Games
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February 20, 2003

Map and Mod support comes to Unreal 2!

U2 Mod Menu -- Unreal 2 didn't come with any support for 3rd party materials straight out of the box.
This modification fixes that. Users may use the Mod menu to load custom gametypes
(including the unfinished Botmatch code Legend left intact at shipping time), as well as maps and mutators.
Mod developers may use the mod menu to run their content without the use of a command-line,
console command, or external batch file.
Developers with previous Unreal Engine experience should feel right at home.
This is a work in progress, and updates will be frequent,
so feel free to send me bug reports and suggestions.
Feedback from U2 mod makers in particular is welcome and encouraged.

U2 Mod Menu

February 5, 2003

If you weren't aware, Unreal 2 is hitting stores now.
I have my copy and playing it through now.
It's looking very good, the cutscene interaction AI is excellent.
I have only tweaky complaints here and there, overall the game
is very well done. With the lack of MP, the game does come
if you are UnrealEd savvy, with all the netcode intact.
Making the game MP friendly is a different matter.
This site and others will be going over MP possibilities
and whatever way MP gets to this game
if Legend or modders get it done,
I look for it to be done in anyway possible.

January 14, 2003

Official announcement.....

Infogrames, Legend Entertainment and Epic Games are pleased to announce
that Unreal II: The Awakening has gone gold
and will be in retail stores nationwide during the first week of February.

January 8, 2003

The Official Unreal 2 website has been updated.
Go give it a visit!!
Ok, Ok, here is a tease...

November 7, 2002

HomeLAN has some new Unreal 2 screenies HERE.
Heres a sample screenie to whet your appetite.

All appearances is that Unreal 2: The Awakening will ship as
a singleplayer game, it was planned to have multiplayer
but the decision was made to focus on the singleplayer aspect for the game instead.
Looking at those screenies, my opinion is something has to be done
for some kind of COOPable MP gaming. Time will tell...
Looking good for singleplayer however. (massive understatement)

September 21, 2001

Stay tuned for a relaunch.
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