This new page will be updated more frequently than the news pages,
it will include more little interesting things than big stuff like
the CTF4MapPakRedDwarf, I will have email correspondence, thoughts
ideas, things in the ebb of flow.
Heres the happenings as of now.

July 27, 2002
The Demo release of UT2003 is imminent, at any moment we could see it fly... ehmm....
CTF-Talb and AS-GetUsama! are released, grab them!
I hope Afghanistan turns around positevely.
We suffered some sores from those problems, its time to turn around and fix things.
Now, back to Unreal, UT, Unreal2, UT2003.
I await the relase of UT2003, as I will rework CTF-ChiTown with it,
as well as other maps.
I have taken a break from major activity watching what happens for the new games.
I continue to be active on the INA and TCom forums answering questions and what not.
I may likely make a UT2003 page and post various interesting news related to it.

October 17, 2001

I have been watching the actions in Afghanistan cloesly as possible
and reporting in the UT Inforgrames forums.
visit there for detailed information.
In the meantime, I will be creating 2 maps,
CTF-Taliban and AS-Taliban
These maps will not directly reflect the crisis
of the moment nor the confrontation
but to realize the battle concepts going on
and perhaps be a reflection on war in general and why peace is important.
It seems the Taliban are battle-minded.
If they ever get their hands on serious weapons,
it would be catastrophic to the world, why I support the US action.
In the meantime, I will create these maps as a reminder of what we are concerned about.

September 21, 2001

Altho belated, I send my heartfelt sorrow to the tregedies
of the World Trade Center, this inspired
a flyby map to replace the UnrealTournament opening flyby
in honor of the people of the World Trade Center.
My Unreal 2 Pages will undergo a relaunch,
I posted up the Totally Unreal Unreal2 Wallpapers converted to JPG format.
PU hasnt newsed it and I suspect there's a frowning upon this
situation. If the Official U2 site gets the same ones up, I will repost them.
Those in the European community who have Totally Unreal do not have these
wallpapers that released in the US only, so they deserved a peek 8-}.
The Unreal2 site does have renditions of the wallpapers posted on their site however.
In the time ahead I will assemble data for Unreal2 and be ready for a rich data release launch.

September 7, 2001

I have added an Unreal2 support site,
I loaded up the wallpapers from the Totally Unreal CD's
My reason for doing so, the European community doesn't have
the screenies on their versions, also converted them to JPG's
as they are in BMP formate, HUGE!!

on RTNP: Search...
I had some creative problems with the Tranlator triggers
they have alternative messages when triggered,
but when triggered, they dont change the display.
I have the player waiting at a door viewing a translator event
with a door opening, the message changes (triggered)
but won't automatically change the view of it.
To see it, the player would have to back up an re-trigger.
Not so now.
I have solved that without any modding and will use the technique extensively
in RTNP: Search.

August 20, 2001

A few windows installs after some techie probs, I am back.
I am getting ready to dig into
RTNP Search, the singleplayer, for RTNP (UGold also) only
Installing and re-installing software, always timeconsuming,
making sure everything is working up to snuff, systems right,
and even a new printer.


June 28, 2001

I have essentially scrapped the idea of the coop
Bodega Bay ending encounter till I work out the problems
with the skyboxes. The singleplayer will be the same,
and the coop has you at the castle watching the
Scout leave. I have added Nali and a few other goodies to the castle,
and the map will link to.....Taduum, Gateway!
the unused map whose purpose is to set up online links, well
this will link to either unreal or RTNP coop restarts as the player's choice.
Whomever gets there first will start the coop gaming whether Unreal or Coop.
The same thing will be done for the Unreal ending, and wont affect singleplayer.

June 20, 2001

I was on vacation the last 2 weeks, didnt go anywhere, I didnt
get much done on RTNP coop as I had other things to do,
as a priority. And rest was one of those.
I will be back in the thick of the work now.
Status on the ending level for RTNP coop....
I have the ending sequence much like the single player one,
but the coop players now must get past the
Bodega Bay encounter.
The only issue at hand is getting the skyboxes to work right,
Legend used a skybox trigger to change the skyboxes in use (very cool)
it has a way of getting multiple skyboxes in use, something I must
experiment with. Also Legend is using a camera system for all the
ingame narratives, once again, very cool for a maybe slightly underrated game.
It deserves more. Perhaps Unreal2 will get the best of all worlds.
After I finalize the Ending sequence, I will work out
the Gateway level and the Unreal ending coop version fix.

March 22, 2001

I started work on some levels to run in Unreal Gold.
It will be a singleplayer campaign to lead to Unreal2,
totally a parallel story. I plan to use the SpaceMarines in it and in the process
I found the problem with the Marine voices, you see, in the crashsite series,
when you encounter the marines, there is supposed to be voices of them
talking. The game IS set up to do this but doesnt work.
The problem is it is loading the SinglePlayer game control
when it needs to load a special CrashSite game control.
You can experience the voices in RTNP or UGold by doing this.
in the flyby or opening, or from the console window, type
open crashsite2
go into god mode (console 'god')
unless your brave with the dispersion pistol against the baddies, and
enjoy the marines NOW talking!
I also worked a fix for the game, and it turned into an easy fix, finding where to fix it is the bugger.
But it requires UnrealEd to do. I wont show the fix here, but when I
finish the levels, it will require it and I will include the fix, done in
This was important for the levels I am working on. I will be working on the RTNP CO-OP maps as well.
I have altered my idea slightly, I was planning on a visual flydown for all the players to land on Na Pali,
but that doesnt work, due to the nature of players popping in and out.
So I will have a preparatory level that players enter, orbiting Na Pali, so they can
inventory up, learn details, then teleport to the surface where the team is.
I wont reveal the mini-plot I have in mind, but it will work for
Unreal Coop as well.
Servers would run 2 dedicated servers for this to work, shouldnt be a problem as the intro level will be very small.
However I will have replacement levels for QueenEnd and RTNP start to match the CO-OP style and
storyline in mind.
This being, you will be able to CO-OP all the Unreal and RTNP levels in one co-op adventure.
I may need to figure out to get the marine voices to work in CO-OP, so I will be looking into that.

March 17, 2001

Nearly a month, and here we go.
New motherboard and CPU, ABIT KT7A-RAID,
replaces system with DFI MB using a 750 Duron.
The RAID allows 2 extra IDE ports for a potential 8 Hard drives
on one system without any addon cards. It borrows the slot 5 PCI IRQ,
The 'classic athlon' MB is removed from the other system replaced with
the DFI MB. Everything is working great now. I have backed up
26 gigs of data onto CD's, includes ZIP stuff off the net, games, demos, patches,
maps,and so on. The RAID will be used as active storage I can search through with ease.
Now... 8-}
Legend has opened their Unreal 2 website, with some
peeks at Unreal 2. Looks like it will be an awesome game. Its expected out around spring 2002.
Today, while we wait... hehe
I am going to first pick back up on the RTNP coop project
and do all the new maps and finish fixes.
My 4 team CTF map I may work on the side, but the coop will be my main.
I have a couple of ideas to lead up to Unreal 2.
I have a MOD idea to work in UT and maybe
U2, it will be a multi-team ctf mod where you will own a base with multi-flags possible,
but instead of capturing the opponents flag, you must carry yours to THEIR base, and
OWN their base! The idea is to take all the bases.
Teams without flags could alliance with other teams
or coup their home base and get a flag back of their team.
This is based on another game I played years ago, and it a lot of fun.
Other ideas is a prequel to Unreal 1 and a mid-story SP campaign to lead to
U2, and may likely be made for Unreal Gold. I will create some storyline
to follow after the last escape from Na Pali.
It wont happen on Na Pali this time, but stay in the region.
It will be a plausible parallel to the unreal story. Yet to me
fully creatively thought out, but there you go.
Watch for the coop stuff soon.

February 20, 2001

I have been thru a major debugging of my Matrox Mystique 220
with Rainbow Runner, allowing me to do video work.
IRQ's, PCI slots, the works. It keeps freezing on me.
To top it off, I belive my Athlon 550 is damaged, cannot take heavy
CPU work, so it either gets changed, or a new TBird and MB.
I lean on the latter to stay compatible with my 1 gig TBird.
I will likly use a cheap MB and TBird, meaning, no 1gig
for this system. While I wait for the computer show in 2 weeks to buy stuff,
I am moving all work to my TBird 1 gig to get stuff done.
I reduced the 550 speed to 500 to give the CPU some ease.
Higher speed = more heat.
BTW I am close to 500 work units with the SETI@Home.
I just changed power supplies on another system, as I was
hearing noises, turns out its the CPU fan, har har.
That will get changed. Keeping the power supply.
Note, Red Dwarf is finalizing his Face][RedDwarf with
Inoxx'x blessings. I helped path it, it has a lower
path and central jumppads with redeemer in the middle,
like the 4 team version. This is one badA map!

February 6, 2001

I have just got done some beleagured and lame but necessary
organizing work getting systems and room use in shape.
Modem going in one system now.
Once that is done I have to work on software issues on these systems.
These are critical in getting the whole scheme working.
Major site updates a ways off.

February 5, 2001

I have just upgrades to the Athlon 1gig Thunderbird for my
personal gaming use and work and my other 3 systems are
a little more distinct in their uses now.
Athlon 550 (classic so now named) is my experimental and workstation machine and has G400.
One AMD K6II-400 is a dedicated A/V system with Matrox Mystique
and rainbow runner and all kinds of neat software.
Another identical K6II is a basic online machine but has VooDoo3 card.
All machines are LANned together and it could be one big
gaming LAN party, they will be used for testing online gaming in a LAN environment.

In the idea stages, a total rework of this website as this design was just a bouncing baby get it rolling.
I have had comments that the site was very cool, it will get even cooler.
The basic design is to mimik the Vortex Rikers computers. I am not fully there yet.
The VR computers are very lowtech compared to the Skaarj versions and storywise not
fully understood.

A 4 team CTF map is in the works by me, I will have screenies as it develops, I am not quite setup
computerly to do that, it will happen soon, I just got my WebPageMaker (Dreamweaver) going and
making this page.

I have some BossDance maps that have various Unreal characters (and UT) dacing about
including one biggee with a bit of a storyline. They need a slight workover, not much,
and I will make another web page dedicated to it. These BossDances will work
as replacements for the opening flyby. Someone is also working on
an opening based on the Gladiator movie, he sent me some screenies, will be interesting!

There is an Italian Server running the Red Dwarf ctf4 map pak and other 4 team ctf
and I will get info of this up on the CTF+ page soon.

I have a working beta version of the Return To Na Pali COOP maps,
the original maps are not suited for continuous COOP play, the
game was REALLY made for single player, and the design of
the level Eldora Well has the COOP player starts advancing past the singleplayer starts
so coop players dont experience the pre-flooded well.
This will get changed, but my first BETA doesnt do this.
The BETA maps are not posted yet, if your interested, shoot me an email as they are uploaded,
I will give you the link if you want to try it out.

There is a patch to Return to Na Pali, I havent "Newsed" it yet as I wanted to check over its features
and problems. The basic facts are it gives the game UT420 features and a UT style interface.
It is MUCH improved over the initial release. However, you cannot join UnrealGold net games
running RTNP maps. or neither the original RTNP unpatched server and vice versey.
If you run Unreal Servers, I HIGHLY reccomend in the name of the server what Game being used.
Also, UnrealGold combines Unreal and RTNP into one game, very cool. I highly
recommend getting it, its 10 bucks. sheesh.
And there is also a Weblinks patch for UGold, but does little else to the game,
keeping it compatible to unpatched versions.
I will get links up for all of these.

I plan to make a FACED web page, a fascimily is made already,
but not ready for prime time. it will hilite ALL the face maps out there and Face styled
maps, it will help users keep track of names, DL them,

To top it off, I will be hitting UnrealScript and C++ coding and will be thinking about a MOD,
ideas welcome, (no aimbots, puhleeeze!!!)

the gears are turning.

Vortex out.