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Reporting Bugs

Please ensure you are running the very latest version of Unreal Tournament before reporting any bugs.  The version number is displayed in the top right corner of your menus.   Version 436 is our latest UT patch.

Before submitting bug reports to utbugs436@epicgames.com, check if your issue is noted or addressed below.   If the bug is about a crash or "Critical Error" message, please attach your c:\UnrealTournament\system\unrealtournament.log file generated immediately after the crash occurred.  Do not re-launch the game until you've sent the crash log, or it will be overwritten. 

Issues with Unreal Tournament - Version 436

CD-ROM reading problems

Some users have reported problems running Unreal Tournament with certain CD-ROM drives.  These may include the disk not being found when you try to run the game (with an error message asking you to insert the CD), or the game hanging after the Unreal Tournament splash screen comes up.  UT Patch 436 does not require the CD to run, so this problem will no longer occur.

We are also seeing reports of several different problems that appear to be due to problems reading specific files off the game CD.  

For example:

Critical: appError called:
Critical: Assertion failed: InPos>=0

You might try the following reinstall procedure, simple as it seems it has helped a lot of people with weird errors.

Corrupted files are sometimes installed without any error messages with some CD-ROM drives; data is copied to your HD with read-errors, but for some reason the CD drive doesn't warn the installer and everything appears to have installed OK.

Copy everything from the CD to the hard drive, (running scandisk first to be absolutely sure there's nothing wrong with the hard drive) then install from the hard drive to the final destination folder. (you'll still need the CD in the drive for playing.) Also, please make sure you install into a clean (new) folder, not on top of any existing UT or UT-demo content.

Problems patching Unreal Tournament

Some users have reported getting the following error when trying to apply a patch to Unreal Tournament:  "The file system\botpack.u from the CD-ROM is not the expected version.  Therefore, Unreal Tournament can't be patched."   This is may be due to some bad memory in your system (we've seen this to be the cause in several cases).  Building a patched version of botpack uses a lot of system memory and is very sensitive to any memory errors.  Its also possible that the patcher is having problems reading files off the game CD.  If so, download the "no delta" version of the patch, which should fix this problem.  You will need the "no delta" version if you are patching the Japanese version of Unreal Tournament, or the 428 version that is bundled with some Creative Labs products.  You can get the "no delta" patch from 3DGamers.


You need DirectX7 to use Direct3D.  Get it on Microsoft's Download Page.   Make sure you have the latest Direct3D drivers for your card.


Experiencing poor Internet play on your  Voodoo3 3500TV?

As Voodoo Extreme reports, the Voodoo3 3500TV's WebTV installer does some evil things to your Internet setting, causing many games (including Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena) to experience poor Internet play:

Hello, We are aware of the problems that the Voodoo3 3500TV is experiencing with online games. Many of these problems can be cured by removing WebTV, however that will disable the Visual Reality software. The problem usually can also be cured by removing the Internet Explorer 5 upgrade from Windows98. While these are just a work around, and not really fixes, both options usually will cure the problem until 3dfx releases a real fix. We are currently working with Microsoft to try and figure out whether the problem is due to Microsoft software (WebTV and IE5) or 3dfx software (3500TV drivers and Visual Reality).

Thank you for your patience,
Aaron D. Patton
3dfx Interactive Email Support



Linux Server


Bonus Pack  


Bonus Pack or other mod installation

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