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Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Make Something Unreal Contest Update September 7, 2003 - by Steven Polge

Here (in no particular order) are the Voice/Sound Category  finalists  for Phase 1 of the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal Contest.

 Jupiter Effect: Influx    Attack of the Tentacle Creatures     UGRRLL2003    gabeSoundPack    Steven Hawking voice    GODZ    FaceOff

Honorable Mentions;

Deathball    Sweet Dreams  

We've also added the following maps to the honorable mentions list:


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Make Something Unreal Contest Update September 7, 2003 - by Steven Polge

Here (in no particular order) are the Original Level Category (levels using original art content) finalists  for Phase 1 of the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal Contest.


Honorable mentions in the Original Level category go to


Here (in no particular order) are the Level Category finalists  for Phase 1 of the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal Contest.


Honorable mentions in the Level category go to


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Make Something Unreal Contest Update September 4, 2003 - by Steven Polge

Here (in no particular order) are the Models Category finalists  for Phase 1 of the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal Contest.

NeoFin    Effigy    Beast    Exoslave    Annoying Kid    Faceoff Terrorist    Faceoff Counter-Terrorist    Bevonne    EVA-01    Angel Interceptor

Honorable mentions in the Models category go to

Husky, from Animal Kingdom    Global Warzone characters    Oscar from Warbeast    Moloch    Marines from Jungle Warfare    Jupiter Effect: Influx    Ninja    Somos    Mechanatrix    Neva

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Make Something Unreal Contest Update August 21, 2003 - by Steven Polge

 UT2003 Troopers, while an outstanding mod, is not eligible for the contest, so it has been replaced in the list of mod finalists by AirBuccaneers.

Here (in no particular order) are the Tool Category finalists  for Phase 1 of the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal Contest.

UnCodeX    VasSaveToServer    JaFO's Botmanager      GFE for UT2003    UT2K3Bench    WOTgreal    Maps Converter(CTF)    JamLander - UnrealEd exporter for 3dsmax    Umod Wizard    PimpServ    UDG

Honorable mentions in the Tool category go to

UT2003 Screenshots Converter    UT2k3 RegCheck    UT2k3Mi    UTelAdSE    UT2Vote16    UT2Monitor    UT Buddy Locator    Unreal Illustrator    UT2003 Custom Installation Tool

We'd also like to point out the outstanding tools at BDBUnreal, which were not entered because the author is working as a contractor on UT2004, including BDBMapVote.


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Make Something Unreal Contest Update August 8, 2003 - by Steven Polge

Worm2K3 was accidentally left off the list of honorable mentions in the mutator category.  That error has been corrected below.

I also would like to highlight a couple of impressive mods for which I've reviewed release made since the Phase 1 deadline, that look to be serious competitors in the Mod category.  Path to Victory and Shattered Oasis both look like they will be serious contenders in Phase 2 - they are well worth keeping an eye on.


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Make Something Unreal Contest Update August 7, 2003 - by Steven Polge

Here (in no particular order) are the Mutator Category finalists  for Phase 1 of the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal Contest.

SwitchArsenal    Monster Guard    Weapons of Evil    Sentinel    Mr. Pants' Excessive OverKill    MonkeyMatrixMoves    ChaosUT2    Arkon Weapons    SuperBots    WeaponStuff    Laser Instagib    JaFO's PowerPills      ZenCoder's Weapons     Relics2K3    TTM 2003       Healthbot

Honorable mentions in the Mutator category go to

Radar2003     Mercury Missile Instagib    ApocMatrixMoves    Leaderboard     Medicine Gun    MP5 Shorty    Dynamic Arena    Monster Arena    FlyMutator    Boots of Jumping    Taken from Behind    Gibalicious    The Potatogun    Grapple    Bullshit    VasOnFire    VasVolatile    Random Weapon Swap    Drop Everything    Unreal Lottery    Random Item Placement    Ultima Weapon    TLMutator    GibLife    Jolle Mutator Pack    UT2003RPG    Punisher    Static Mutator    Soul Reavers    Customizable Species Stats        Worm2K3


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Make Something Unreal Contest Update August 4, 2003 - by Steven Polge

We've been reviewing the first phase entries for the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal contest and selecting the finalists in each category for judging by the full panel of judges.  One important addition we've made to the competition after looking at the entries is the creation of an additional category, for new game types, with the purpose of rewarding fun new game types that don't have the scope of some of the total conversions being developed, and therefore aren't compeittive in the mods category.  The prizes for the game types category will be similar to the tools category.  We'll be making an official press release containing this news and other important news about the contest, but I wanted to give the community a heads up here.


For entrants, here's some general overall feedback:

And now, without further ado, here are the Mod category finalists for Phase 1 (in no particular order):

Riftwar     Sweet Dreams    Marble Mania 2003    UnrealSpeed    Fatal Arts     DeathBall     Domain     Faceoff      Conquest Marines     GODZ     Jupiter Effect: Influx    Jungle Warfare     UETF Chronicles      Global Warzone     AirBuccaneers   

The following entrants in the Mod category were not selected for the final Phase 1 judging in the Mod category, but we felt they deserved honorable mentions:

Proelium     Nali Bricks     ChaosUT     UT2003 Troopers (not eligible)  

Here are the Game type category finalists for Phase 1

Flag Hunter    Boss of the Arena    Roundmatch Pack    One flag capture    Riftwar      Minions of Destruction: CyberSports     DuelGame    Overload    Greed    Duality     V.I.P.    Quad Team Deathmatch    XCTF 2003    UETF Chronicles          

The following entrants in the Game type category were not selected for final Phase 1 judging, but we felt they deserved honorable mentions:

Assimilation    Team False Prophet    VASBioInvasion

We'll be announcing finalists in the other categories over the next several days.  Note that some of the entries that didn't make the finals in the Mod category will be finalists in other categories.


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Make Something Unreal Contest Clarification July 31, 2003 - by Steven Polge

I've seen a lot of confusion on this point.  The three phases of the $1000000 NVidia Make Something Unreal Mod Contest are independent.  You can enter any category in the second or third phase, whether or not you had submitted an entry in any previous  phase.  The only limitation is that there must be significant improvements to an entry for it to be considered if it had previously been submitted in an earlier phase of the contest.

So, if you didn't enter the contest in the first phase, you haven't lost any ground yet for the second phase!

We are in the process of reviewing the entries for the first phase right now, and we're quite impressed by a lot of them.


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Updated DefOpenAL32.dll for UT2003 version 2225 July 11, 2003 - by Daniel Vogel

An updated DefOpenAL32.dll (v0.9.9.1) fixing spatialization issues with the default software mixer can be downloaded here. The file belongs in the UT2003/System folder.

I want to specifically thank Nick Borrelli, Christopher Linder, Daniel Peacock, Carlo Vogelsang and Johnathan Wendel for bringing the problems to my attention and help getting them fixed. Thanks guys!

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Updated UT2003 DEMO MacOS Dedicated Server June 9, 2003 - by Ryan C. Gordon

An updated dedicated server binary for the original ut2003 Mac demo is now available here. This fixed version lets demo dedicated servers host for retail UT2003 clients on any operating system. Without this fixed version, you can only host other 2206 demo clients.

To use:

  1. Unpack it with Stuffit Expander. This will create a "ucc-bin" file.
  2. Find your UT2003 demo icon, right-click/control-click it.
  3. Select "Show Package Contents" on the popup menu.
  4. In the newly-opened folder, drag the newly-created "ucc-bin" file into the "System" folder.
  5. When it tells you that file already exists, click the "replace" button.
  6. Continue to use the dedicated server as you normally would, now.

The retail game (shipping June 11th!) has this fix. This is for the initial public tech demo only!

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UTV 2003 Public Beta Available May 26, 2003 - by Joe Wilcox

The first public beta of UTV 2003 is now available right here.  UTV is a proxy server that allows multiple spectators without having major impact on a game server.  It needs UT2003 version 2225 to run (clients and the game server can be any version) and is currently Win32 only.   See the enclosed documentation for more information.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UT2003 Software Renderer for 2225 May 19, 2003 - by Daniel Vogel

UPDATE: I originally forgot to include the highlighted line below which is required for maps like CTF-Chrome to show up correctly.

A zip file containing the integration of RAD's Pixomatic software renderer into UT2003 can be found here. Unzip it into the UT2003/System directory and adding the following section to your UT2003.ini file


should then allow you to select it by modifying your UT2003.ini file as follows.


Keep in mind to lower your resolution to maybe 320x240 or 512x384 in case you have a slow CPU. You can do this from the console by typing "setres 320x240" or "setres 512x384" respectively. 

Please check out this thread on the UT2003 forums for questions and bug reports.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UT2003 Source and Debug .U's for 2225 April 23, 2003 - by Joe Wilcox

You can find the .UC source code and debug .U files for UT2003 v2225 by following the below links..

Grab the source to 2225 here or Grab the debug .U files here

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UT2003 AI for Level Designers February 14, 2003 - by Steven Polge

This tutorial provides an overview of getting UT2003 levels set up for bots. 

8:12 PM EST, the tutorial was updated with a correction on shootspots (thanks Twigstir).


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UT2003 Pushing Models Tutorial February 7, 2003 - by Joe Wilcox

I've added a tutorial explaining in detail how to setup a custom model so it can be pushed from a server to the client.  You can find the tutorial here.


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UT2003 Tweak Guide February 4, 2003 - by Steven Polge

Here's a link to our UT2003 Tweak Guide for advanced users.


Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Pre 2186 version of DefOpenAL32.dll February 2, 2003 - by Daniel Vogel

If you are experiencing sound/ music issues with the 2186 patch you might want to try to replace DefOpenAL32.dll in your UT2003/System directory with an older version which can be found here.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) PLE plugin update   Oct 30, 2002 - by Erik de Neve

If after applying the latest patch you run into compatibility issues with the custom Maya PLE exporter, download this updated version; unzip and place into PLE's bin\plug-ins folder, overwriting the original unEditor.mll.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UDE Update  02-10-11   Oct 11, 2002 - by Joe Wilcox

Here is the latest version of UDE.  Please report any bugs directly to me.

Click here to download

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UPaint Update  1.0.2   Oct 9, 2002 - by Erik de Neve

This new UPaint 1.0.2 self-installing patch from Right Hemisphere updates UT2003's popular 3D skin painter program with the following:

  • Fixes an open-file bug under Win98/WinME.
  • Fixes a crash on saving.
  • Skins are saved separately, with a single .UTX and .UPL  for each character. Note that:
    - These two files are all that is needed to trade characters with other users.
    - To share source art (so you can continue to paint and edit) you'll want to use the .UPP and .UPT files.
    - To delete a skin, just delete its [name].UTX and [name].UPL files.
  • Texture data in the generated .UTX files is now compressed (DXT3) automatically.
Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Character model source art    Oct 7, 2002 - by Erik de Neve

Digital Extremes have made the 3DS Max source art for all the UT2003 character meshes available to the UT2003 user community, via PolyCount.
Note that all the original, high resolution skin source textures for the UT2003 characters can be found the 3rd CD of the UT2003 retail version, in the \Extras\SkinArt folder.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Lock- up FAQ    Oct 6, 2002 - by Daniel Vogel

I created a small text file with suggestions on how to solve random system lock- ups - it's available here.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Dedicated Server Beta Test    Oct 3, 2002 - by Steven Polge

- 11:30pm EST edit by Jack Porter

We currently have enough beta testers for the free UT2003 dedicated server.  If all goes well we'll be releasing on this tomorrow.  Look for a list of mirror sites on www.unrealtournament2003.com.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UT2003 Editor Win98/ME Update    Oct 3, 2002 - by Erik de Neve

A fix is now available to run the UT2003 Editor under Win98 and WinME.  Download, unzip, and copy the resulting two files into your UT2003\System folder, overwriting the ones already there.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UDE, UScript and Debug .U's    Oct 2, 2002 - by Joe Wilcox

Sorry for the delay.  Below you will find the latest beta version of the Unreal Development Environment (UDE), all .UC uscript source files for the retail release of UT2003, and precompiled "Debug" .U's.  This should be everything you need to make script mods for UT2003.  When using the "Debug" .U's, please make sure you keep a backup copy of your originals.  They are not compatible online and do effect performance.

* Update: I've also added the missing .BMP file for the debugger.  Please place this file in your /HELP directory.

* Update #2: A user found a big bug that would cause UCC to attempt to recompile all of your .U's, not just new ones.  If this has happened to you, don't worry.  You can find the original .U's in your system dir with the extension .~U or on the CD.  Install the patch above to fix it.

* Update #3: Wow.. so that's how you bring a T1 to it's knees.  We had to move the files to a new home with a lot more bandwidth.  So if you have had problems downloading them, please try again.

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Support for 3rd Party Server Querying    Oct 1, 2002 - by Jack Porter


We have made server lists available via HTTP for both demo and full version UT2003 servers so that 3rd party server query tools can add UT2003 support.

  • http://ut2003master.epicgames.com/serverlist/full-all.txt
  • http://ut2003master.epicgames.com/serverlist/demo-all.txt
These URLs contains a tab-separated list of server IP, game port and query port for all servers in our master server. The query port is the port number the server is listening on for UDP queries. The query format and response is exactly the same as UT 1.
  The source code to the game server's query responder is in the UdpGameSpyQuery UnrealScript class. To launch the client, use the command line:

ut2003.exe unreal://ip:gameport

- Jack

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) UPaint Update    Sep 30, 2002 - by Erik de Neve

A patch for the excellent UPaint program included with the retail version of Unreal Tournament 2003, created by Right Hemisphere, is available here: UPaint 1.0.1 self-installing patch.  It addresses the following issues:

  • Fixed an alpha bug with Face Projection - caused feathered mask areas to become transparent.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the renderer - caused performance loss over time.
  • Right-click will now cancel the polygonal selection tool.

- Erik

Left.jpg (1269 bytes) Unreal Tournament 2003 Tools Update    Sep 27, 2002 - by Steven Polge

We have included a full suite of tools with Unreal Tournament 2003 for mod authors to make maps, game modifications, textures, and models.  Below are a couple of updates to the UT2003 tools.

  • If you are using the Unreal Editor, unzip this file into your UT2003\system directory, to fix a crash when rebuilding AI paths: Editor Update (1.26 MB).  There is also a problem running the editor on Windows 98.  We should have a fix for this problem posted shortly.
  • We are also going to be making the Unreal Development Environment, a powerful script programming IDE, available very soon.

- Steve

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