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Last Revised 8/25/00
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Table Of Contents:

1) Known Issues - PLEASE READ
2) Multiplayer Game Types
3) Where to find Additional Unreal Documentation
4) Game Credits

Known Issues - PLEASE READ

Direct 3D Support. Unreal Gold supports most 3D cards through Direct 3D. Performance using Direct 3D varies greatly depending on the video card you are using. Some video cards may cause graphical glitches to appear on screen when running in direct 3D mode. Visit the Unreal technology page for more detailed information on Direct 3D issues.

- For the best performance, be sure you have downloaded the latest drivers for your 3D card.

- The Matrox G200 and the ATI Rage and Rage Pro Chipsets are not supported.

Problems with the Editor. When trying to start the Unreal Editor, I got an error message stating "Unexpected Error" or "Wrong version of runtime DLL"

The Unreal Editor requires Visual Basic 5 Runtime DLL's to run. If you do not have the correct version of these files installed on your system, you can download updated DLL files from our FTP server at:


After downloading, double click on the vbrun60.exe file and click on Unzip.

When done unzipping, click on Close. Now open the 'Unreal Patch' folder on your Win95 Desktop and run the setup.exe file to run the patch install.

Once the updated is installed, you can delete the 'Unreal Patch' folder from your Desktop

Sharing levels/maps between Unreal Gold and Unreal Tournament. The Unreal Gold maps were designed for the original Unreal game, and have not been modified for use with Unreal Tournament. While some of the original maps will work with Unreal Tournament, others may cause your game to crash. Also, don’t try to run Unreal Tournament maps using Unreal Gold.

Co-op play. Co-op play in the Unreal Mission pack is not supported. Individual levels can be played Co-op, but it is not possible to play through the entire game in Co-op mode.


Multiplayer game types

There were several new Multiplayer game types added to the Mission Pack after the manual went to press. Below are descriptions for each of the new Multiplayer game modes. We think you will like them!

* Cloak Match *

Cloak Match is like a game of Tag. One player is Cloaked (they are "it") and the other players must try to find and kill the cloaked player. When cloaked a player is very hard to see, can jump higher and has better air control. The more you move when cloaked the more visible you are to the other players. When one player manages to kill the cloaked player they become "it" and are then cloaked. Points in cloak match are awarded differently than a normal Deathmatch game.

Scoring for Cloak Match:
+4 frags/points for a regular player killing the cloaked player.
+2 frags/points for a cloaked player killing a regular player.
+1 frag/point (as usual) for a normal player killing a normal player.

* Marine Match *

Marine match uses the same rules as a normal Unreal Bot match, except now you are fighting against a group of Marines instead of Unreal Bots. The Marines will fight as a team against any human players.

* Gravity Match *

Gravity Match uses the same rules as a regular DeathMatch game, but with reduced gravity. (This may allow players to get to previously un-seen areas of the multiplayer maps.)

* Terran Weapon Match *

A Terran Weapon Match uses the same rules as normal Death Match, but replaces all the weapons in the map with the new weapons featured in the Return to Na Pali Mission Pack. (CAR, Grenade Launcher and Rocket Launcher)


Where to find Additional Unreal Documentation

For extensive trouble-shooting information, please see the file readme224.htm in the \Unrealgold\Help directory on your hard drive.

For advanced Unreal technology information please visit the Unreal technology web page at http://unreal.epicgames.com.


Up-to-the-minute tech support information is available from the Infogrames software support web site at http://www.ina-support.com 24-hours a day 7-days a week.

Please see the manual accompanying the retail version of the game for further instructions on obtaining technical support, including International technical.



Unreal Gold Credits

  • Mark Poesch
  • Craig Lafferty
  • Duane Beck
  • Matthias Worch
  • Grant Roberts

Return to Na Pali credits
An Epic/Legend Entertainment Production
Published by Infogrames

Mike Verdu

Technical Advisor:
Mark Poesch

Level Designers:
David Kelvin
Matthias Worch

Additional Level Design:
Mick Beard
Warren Marshall

Duane Beck
Jess Crable

Additional Programming:
Joe Wilcox, Creative Carnage

Models and Animation:
Heuristic Park Graphic Production Studios:
Chris Appel
Paul Neuhaus
Blanca Anson
Suzanne Snelling
Joon Choi
Nathan Cheever
Chris "Xyle" Roberts
Robert Wisnewski

Joel Walden

Alexander Brandon

Sound Effects:
Alexander Brandon
Eric Heberling
Tommy Tallarico Studios

Sound Engineers:
Andy Frasier
David Kelvin

Associate Producer and Tester:
Craig Lafferty

Candy and Paychecks:
Rosie Freeman

Localization Managers
Mark R. Carter
Neil McKenna

Localisation Co-Ordinator Europe
Alex Bush

Localisation Technicians
Scott Donaldson
Randy Jones
Andrew Azorbo
John Moorcroft
David Sanchez
Alexander Stoikou

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