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black_square.gif (185 bytes) unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Mac Unreal Debuts at Number 1!  (10/30/98) gold_line.gif (56 bytes)

The just released PC Data sales charts show the Mac version of Unreal has debuted in the number 1 position for the month of September! Can't find the Mac version in stores? Click HERE to order direct from Epic.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) TNN Pro Hunter Web Site Goes Live!  (10/30/98) gold_line.gif (56 bytes)

Hunting games never looked this good. TNN Pro Hunter from ASC Games is due in stores in late November, and you can check out all the details on this Unreal engine game at the new web site.


unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal 218 Beta Patch Released! (10/26/98) gold_line.gif (56 bytes)

The new Unreal patch provides a MAJOR NET PLAY PERFORMANCE boost and many other benefits including Direct 3D Alpha Test Support. Click here for a list of improvements or download the patch.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Latest Patch Information. (10/15/98)
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This past week, Tim Sweeney posted new information on his Unreal Technology page regarding the current patch and plans for future updates.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Mac Beta v1.01 Patch Released! (10/13/98)
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V1.01 for the Mac has been released.  Click HERE for more information.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Matrox D3D v2 Beta Released! (10/02/98)
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Updated Matrox G200 D3D patch released.  Click HERE for more information.

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