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  Are You Ready To Get A Dose of Reality?   (06/25/98)

Tonight at 6 PM PT, GameSpot and GameSlice present Blinded By Reality: The True Story Behind the Creation of Unreal


It all started four years ago in a small apartment in Maryland. The story of how Epic MegaGames created Unreal has never before been told to the public, until now. In an extensive report, Geoff Keighley of GameSlice takes you behind the scenes of Unreal. The peaks and the valleys. The truth and the rumors. With exclusive new information
about the game's development and top-secret plans for the level pack and sequel, Blinded by Reality tells the story of how a small development group can hit it big.

Tonight you'll read about how Unreal changed from a magic-carpet like ride in a castle with robots to what we know it to be today and also hear about Epic's biggest demo they ever gave to a very influential person in the industry. Part 2 details the actual creation of the game -- the problems and the delay, whereas Part 3 talks about the future for these developers and the Unreal engine. Look for a major announcement about a new game licensed to use the Unreal engine in Part 3 on Monday.

Features interviews with: Tim Sweeney, Cliff Bleszinski, James Schmalz and Mark Rein of Epic MegaGames; GT Interactive CEO Ron Chaimowitz and Jim Perkins; George Broussard of 3D Realms; and John Carmack of id Software.

Part 1 Launches: Thursday night at 6 PM Pacific.
Part 2 Launches: Friday, June 26th
Part 3 Launches: Monday, June 29th

Duke Nukem Forever Switches to Unreal Engine   (06/16/98)

GARLAND, TX - 3D Realms Entertainment's highly anticipated Duke Nukem Forever, the follow-up to one of the all-time best-selling PC games, Duke Nukem 3D, will now be built around Epic MegaGames' highly praised Unreal technology.

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GamesCon Announces Unreal Release Party   (06/16/98)

GamesCon announced today that the Official Unreal Release Party slated for June 27, 1998, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, will be held at the Ontario Science Centre . In addition to meeting the creators of this awesome game, attendees will also be able to win some great prizes via tournaments and random drawings. Says Mark Chandler, biz guy at GamesCon, "Everyone I have spoken to about the chosen location, the Ontario Science Centre , agrees that this is a great location for an event such as this one. We have a very large hall with catering and refreshments (yes, that includes beer for those over the age of majority) for all that attend, as well as easy access to the hall via a
loading dock right beside it for the people that will be bringing their own systems.

I would like to publicly thank GT Interactive Software for making this party free for all that attend. This is a great day in gaming when the gamers are now being the focus of events like this. We want this to be the largest, best organized, most fun release party ever done, and we want to see you there!"

The festivities will begin for people with systems at 4 PM, and for the others at 6 PM. GamesCon asks that all that plan to attend to register at the GamesCom web site so that they will not have to wait in line at the event itself. More details will be forth coming on the GamesCon web site.

Unreal hits Mplayer.com  (06/11/98)

Mplayer.com (www.mplayer.com), Mpath Interactive's industry-leading games and entertainment service, is hosting FREE play of Internet UNREAL. Internet UNREAL premiered in mplayer.com's premium service, PLUS, and is now available for free play. Mplayer.com celebrated Internet play of UNREAL with a guest appearance by
UNREAL creators who chatted with mplayer.com members and played against them in fierce deathmatches.

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Play Unreal on World Opponent Network!    (06/04/98)

Looking for Unreal servers and an easy way to get on them? Look no further then WON.NET for the fastest, easiest way to get up and running in an Unreal Internet deathmatch game! Click HERE to go to the WON Unreal home page and via their web browser interface choose from a list of hi-speed servers to play Unreal on. WON.NET will also be hosting the shareware version of Unreal when it is released later this month!

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