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Mplayer.com (www.mplayer.com), Mpath Interactive's industry-leading games and entertainment service, is hosting FREE play of Internet UNREAL. Internet UNREAL premiered in mplayer.com's premium service, PLUS, and is now available for free play. Mplayer.com celebrated Internet play of UNREAL with a guest appearance by UNREAL creators who chatted with mplayer.com members and played against them in fierce deathmatches.

On mplayer.com, the hottest place for games on the Web, members can play UNREAL, the hottest action thriller, in real-time multiplayer matches against opponents from all over the country. Players can check out UNREAL'S cool special effects, the most intelligent alien opponents, and extremely complex simulated environments and find themselves face-to-face with sci-fi's worst reptilian nightmare. Gamers use every killer skill, cat-like reflex and savage survival instinct they possess.

"The UNREAL experience is just like the name, it is UNREAL!" said Brian Apgar, mplayer.com general manager. "The experience is intense, the action FAST, and multiplayer on the 'Net i's frenetic, frenzied excitement. GT Interactive and Epic MegaGames have a surefire hit."

Mplayer.com's more than 700,000 game fans can test their combat skills and satisfy their insatiable thirst for adventure by finding UNREAL in the mplayer.com Action Channel. While there, action addicts can check out the latest game tips and strategies, hot action games, and hair-raising events and tournaments. Taking advantage of mplayer.com's revolutionary communications features, gamers can track down their teammates and friends using the pager and customized buddy-lists, chat it up with voice and text-based chat and even map out game strategies on mplayer.com's shared virtual whiteboard. Mplayer.com members score again. But this time, it's Unreal!

Gamers should check out mplayer.com's Action Channel for the latest news on UNREAL happenings at mplayer.com. They'll have the latest info. Gamers can also find the Unreal Kingdom, ( www.mplayer.com/action/unreal ) for even more news and info.


It's Unreal

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