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Respawn Feedback!  (02/12/98)

Last weekend members of the Unreal team visited Respawn, a multiplayer game tournament held February 6-8 in Canada. To find out gamers impressions of their first look at Unreal, follow our links section to the Unreal featured sites and read some of the feedback gamers have posted on the web!


Warren Spector interview  (02/12/98)

Curious why Warren Spector and Ion Storm chose the Unreal engine for their next game? Click HERE for an interview with Warren and find out exactly why he wanted the Unreal technology for his next game!


Epic MegaMessageboard Returns  (02/12/98)

The Epic MegaMessage board is back and better then ever! Visit the new and improved board for the latest information on Unreal. Epic employees and the Unreal development team frequent this board to answer questions so you are sure to find the latest news straight from the source: http://megaboard.epicgames.com/


Epic Licenses Unreal Engine to ION Storm  (02/10/98)

Today Ion Storm announced that it has licensed the Unreal engine for use in a new game by Warren Spector. For complete details, click HERE to read the full press release!

Mplayer.com, the industry's top-rated Internet games and entertainment service, announced today that it has closed a "mega" deal with Epic MegaGames, to bring yet another killer title-Unreal-to mplayer.com's Action Channel. Click HERE to read the full press release!

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