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Nostalgia Coop:


Operation Na Pali



New End Maps for Unreal coop

Nostalgia uses modified end maps which allow players to restart the game without intervention from a server admin. More info and the "patch" download are available at this site:

You can also use this direct download link to obtain the patch.

Macintosh users: the "patch" actually just copies a couple of maps into the Unreal Maps folder after backing up the original "endgame.unr" map. You can download the new maps along with a copy of the patch's "read me" file below. There's no installer, so make a copy of the original "endgame.unr" file before you drop the new maps into the "Maps" folder inside your "Unreal" folder.

OldSkool Amp'd for UT

Lets you play classic Unreal coop within Unreal Tournament. If you have installed Operation Na Pali for UT, you already have a "lite" version installed. You can download the full, 13MB version here: