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== ServerActors and ServerPackages ==

This sounds like an advanced topic for servers, but it isn't. It should be commonly understood by players and serveradmins!

A ServerPackage is a file which the server always loads when it starts and which all clients connecting to that server need to have in order to join (or download it from the server if they do not have it).
This is important for example when you install Skin packages on your server and want your players to be able to use these skins. Then you must make all skin files ServerPackages.
ServerPackages will be visible to clients, if you install your custom guns, monsters, skins or whatever on your server and summon or use them, you will notice if they are no ServerPackage that they are invisible!

A ServerActor is an active element which the server will always load and it will start to execute the code of the actor upon start. ServerActors are always spawned at the coordinates (0,0,0). Therefore it is not recommended to spawn items or other "visible" actors using this method.

And how do I make a package a ServerPackge? How can I set a ServerActor?
You can find the settings for both in the Advanced Options - Advanced - Game Engine Settings (if you cannot find the advanced options in Unreal, hit tab or your console key and type "preferences" then hit return). After changing anything there you must restart Unreal for the changes to take effect.
Alternatively, you open the file Unreal.ini in your system directory with an ASCII editor (e.g. Notepad). If you cannot read any text, Unreal made Unicode out of the ini file and you need to convert it back first. Make sure that Unreal is NOT RUNNING when you make changes to this file, otherwise your changes will be lost!
You will find ServerPackages and ServerActors in the section called
There will already be entries, you can add new entries of both types at the end of the list. For example, you have a new skin pack for the female1 model and want your clients to be able to use it, and let's say the package file is Female1ExtraSkins.utx in your Textures directory, you would have to add this line:
As you can see, this is the filename without the extension.
One example for a ServerActor, let's say you have a script you need to run on your server in the file ServerTest.u, the script class (the code) is named "MyTest" and of course the file is in the System directory, your entry would look like this:

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