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Unreal Anthology issues
  • In order to play Anthology Unreal Gold online, you need to install  Unreal patch 227 (recommended) or the unofficial Unreal Anthology patch (see files).
  • Running servers is problematic, Both Unreal Anthology Gold and Unreal Gold are incompatible with the other widely used Unreal version. (v 226f) The best way is to try to get a copy of the original Unreal (Not Gold) and patch it to version 225, or wait for the upcoming Unreal patch 227.
Version Conflicts
It is possible that you can get a version conflict when you try to connect to my server. That occurs because there are different versions of some mods in use on the Unreal servers. When you played on a server with a different version of a certain mod than I run, you can get a conflict.

To solve the conflict, rename the conflicting file in the game directory and reconnect to the server. This allows you to download the file from the server again.
For example: when you get a version conflict on the file "aura", rename the file Unreal\System\Aura.u to Aura.old.
More info about version conflicts can be found here.

*Unreal Anthology specific*
You might have noticed that when you try to connect to an Unreal server with Anthology Unreal Gold, you will get a version mismatch. This can be fixed with Unreal patch 227 or the unofficial Unreal Anthology patch.

Unreal runs too fast / choppy performance
These issues can have more than one cause:
  1. The first reason is power management / speedstep / Cool & Quiet technology which is found on many modern processors and especially in laptops. To play Unreal, you should disable these technologies, and set the power management profile to desktop or always on.
  2. The second reason is vertical synchronisation or VSync. Especially on modern computers, Unreal can run at framerates of over 200 FPS. When this happens, the game will run faster. You will especially notice this when looking close to a wall. Because no monitor can display all those 200 frames per second, you should ENABLE the option of VSync (Vertical Synchronisation). VSync ensures that the number of rendered frames per second are not higher than what the monitor can display. This results in a more steady framerate and better image quality, and will also fix the overspeed issues.. You can enable VSync in the advanced options of the Windows display control panel, usually under a tab of your graphics card manufacturer. (ATI, Matrox, nVidia etc.)
  3. When you have an nVidia graphics card, you'll need to DISABLE dual/multi core optimizations for Unreal.
  4. The last reason is the dual core incompatibility. Unreal can run a bit choppy on SMP (Multiprocessor / dual core) systems. This is because the main thread is executed on one processor core, but sometimes the thread it constantly being switched from one core to the other and back. To avoid this behaviour, you can use the dual core fix.

    After you applied the first three steps and still have a choppy framerate AND you have a SMP setup, get the dual core fix from the lab page. Please note that this is a tool for intermediate/advanced users.
I lost my score and inventory at the HyperCoop servers
My servers use your player name and .ini files in your Unreal folder to recognise you. When you change your name or delete/overwrite your .ini files you will lose your score and inventory. To prevent this keep your name and make a backup of your current .ini files before you reinstall Unreal or install a new patch.
Help, I'm getting kicked!

Problem: You get disconnected every time you connect to the server. A message about an illegal package appears.
Cause: You use a custom console and / or aimbot. (Illegal package)

Solution: Remove any illegal packages and try again.

Note: When you are a Unreal 224-226f user and installed Zora's console to get rid of those annoying crashes of the original console: Use this solution:
Unreal also has a crash-free window console. Here is how to get it running:

Open Unreal.ini

Look for the string "console=". Now change it to Console=UWindow.WindowConsole. Now add or replace this part to Unreal.ini:


And now the final step:

Open User.ini and bind the Q key to the showmenu function:


Now tilde (~) opens the window console, esc opens the Unreal Server Browser, and Q opens the Unreal Menu. This gives you a crash-free console that's allowed on UProtect protected servers because it's a native unreal console.

Other questions
When you have more questions, you can get help in the forum:

Many people are contacting me with their problems, and I'm happy if I can help. But a lot of questions are asked zounds of times, so PLEASE USE INFORMATION ON THE SITE! (Help/Tips/Forum) Also check other relevant sites in the links section. If you still have questions, post it in the forums, so anyone can read it and I don't need to answer the same questions again and again. Thank you!


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