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Files - Mods

Note: All files are in 7-zip (.7z) format. You need a 7-zip compatible archiver like IZArc (freeware) or WinRAR (shareware) to extract the files.

Game Types

JCoopZ v.137 (Updated 2012/11/30)
Zombie's coop game, based on JCoop4 and JCoop5 beta. JCoopZ gives unparalleled stability and security to coop servers and allows administrators to control may aspects of the game. It also comes with an enhanced console. Updated version build 137. JCoopZ is my recommended solution for coop servers.

Download for Unreal 224 | Download for Unreal 224 with sources included
Download for Unreal 225/226/Gold | Download for Unreal 225/226/Gold with sources included
New gametypes by Winged Unicorn, allows players to play as monster, and has many tools for your server.
Includes: Coop, MonsterCoop, DeathMatch and TeamGame. The versions with sources have larger .u files.

AKCoop 2 support for Monster Coop (MCoop) 2. Play as Nester etc.

MCoop 1.1 / AKMCoop 1.1
Older version of MonsterCoop. AKMCoop allows you to play as AKCoop monster in combination with the AKCoop mod.

Joss' enhanced coop gametype.

UTeamFix 10g
}TCP{Wolf's universal deathmatch game type. Recommended for DM/Team servers. A manual is included, but it's also available online.

EnhancedDM 6
Smartballs enhanced deathmatch game. 6th version. Now compatible with Unreal 227.
Online manual

Item, weapon, monsterpacks etc.

.:..:'s mods .:..:'s Packs
Dots' Pack 1 to 7. Multiple packages with many new items, weapons, pawns and projectiles. Pack 1 to 5 are old unsupported mods which may cause crashes with older Unreal versions. (Pre-227) According to dots they should be usable now with the stability improvements of Unreal 227. No warranty tho. :-)

Command & Skaarj
Game type by Dots, beta. A Command & Conquer: Red Alert type of real time strategy game, but now in Unreal. There still are stability issues, but still fun.

Doom Pawns
Pack with all monsters from Doom 1 and Doom 2 ported to Unreal by Dots.

Port of the UT2004 invasion game type by Dots. Team coop game where you have to defeat respawning 'waves' of monsters.

Package with all Unreal Tournament weapons for Unreal by .:..: (Dots). Read included UTWeapons.txt for more info.

Package with the Unreal Tournament items for Unreal by .:..: (Dots). Read included UTInv.txt for more info.

Package with all Unreal Tournament relics for Unreal by Tomkatrebel and .:..: (Dots). Read included Relics.txt for more info.

Dots' advanced vehicles mod, with much more realistic physics. Version 1.5.

Dots' Unreal 2 vehicles mod. The Raptor, Juggernaut etc. from Unreal 2 with the physics of the above Vehicles mod. Nicely made.

Server mod that gives you the possibility to manage your Unreal server via a web interface.

Ageukkeli's mods AgePack3
Item and weapon package for Unreal by Ageukkeli. Comes with two optional mutators. See the included readme for details.

A set of different zombie monsters.

More zombies in this mod.
Updated version 2.2.

This is like a horror movie. Tables, barrels, statues...all the normal items come to life and chase you.

New sequel to Living mod by Ageukkeli. Watch out even the candles will attack you.

Third incarnation of the Living mod. Watch out for the pathnodes. They are in a bad mood today...
Updated version 3.6

New weapon that shoots different color slime.

PhysGun v1.2
Special weapon that allows you to pick up objects and throw them around. Also works with players. (If allowed in settings) Updated version 1.2.


Your XMas nightmare.

Asgard's mods Asgard MonsterPack II
Asgard's well-known monsters, also appearing in AKCoop.

AKCoop mutator mod
The well-known coop mutator by Asgard and Kari with some tough monsters and a few new guns/items.

Version 2 of AKCoop with new items, updated monsters, and far more options for the server.

Jurassic Monster Pack
Jurassic is a monster pack that comes with 9 new models of dinosaurs that were back in the jurassic age. Jurassic is a free to use monster pack that you can add to your maps or mods.

NaPali v.1.05
Pack with the spider (Spinner) and Predator pawns extracted from Return to Na Pali. Also contains some Spinner variants like the Maiden. Updated version. For compatibility with older maps, a separate Spinner and Predator mod is also available. (below)

Spinner v.1.05
Asgard's fixed Spinner monster. Can be used with any monster spawner.

Predator v1.05
Asgard's fixed Predator monster. Can be used with any monster spawner.

UMSSpaceMarine v1.08
Stand-alone spacemarine character from RTNP. Comes with modified spacemarine versions and new items. This is a scriptedpawn, not a bot. Updated version 1.01 fixes a few bugs and has a JCoopZ compatible HUD. See readme for changes in v. 1.02-1.08.

Bane's mods AkimboMM
Banes famous enhanced AutoMag mod.

A mod by Bane. Quite simply, its Hide and Seek, online. One person counts, everyone else hides. The game will not begin unless there are at least two people present, and will terminate if everyone leaves. The person who is it is randomly determined at start, and in each additional round it is the first person to be found, or random pick again if no one is found. The person is it is forced to stand still, and will automatically count down from the count time, while everyone else hides. This time is variable, defaults to 30 seconds, and can be changed in game. Once the time reaches 0, everyone is forced to be marked as ready. They will then become immobile, and must wait to either be found or for the round to end.

Bleeder91's Mods Advanced
A modification of the Unreal items so they no longer need ammo. (Infinite ammo)

A more advanced 'auramusicbox' (In game music player). you can add your own songs in the advanced options.

Unreallity (Final)
Bleeder91's largest project, Including gametype, Mutator, Scoreboard, can carry 2 automags, rifle has scope, night game possible, can level and can adjust difficulty. Keyword Unreality.

Bolke's Mods Flags
A set of summonable flags from America and Europe
Boodaflow's mods AuraPack
Massive Aura weapons / items / pawns package by Boodaflow
Although not bugfree, this version can be considered as final, since there won't be any updates.
WARNING: Don't install it in the Unreal installation you use to play online. It will give you version conflicts on all servers that use Aura, because there are many different versions of this mod in use.
Cheese' mods Uber2
Weapon and item pack by Cheese. Updated version for Unreal 225 compatibility.

Pack by Cheese. Uber3 has some new enemies and a health mutator.

Pack by Cheese. Uber4 has a bunch of weapons, items, and a few enemies.

Pack by Cheese. The fifth mod of uberness!  mostly weapons this time, but it also has a couple items. and an enemy.

Electric Krall
A very powerful Krall that shoots fast and lethal electric bolts.

Flying Fish
A fish that flies around and attacks you.

Belt pack. Belts come in 25 different hues.

Item pack with new Health, SuperHealth, and flavoured Nali Fruit.

Jump boots with configurable Air Control and JumpZ.

Item Spawner, spawns up to 200 items within 5 different spawners, 40 items each.

Summonable teleporter mod. Allows you to summon a teleporter start and destination anywhere you like. Useful for coop servers where the admin is playing.

Shoots randomly colored Dispersion Ammos.

A pack of Psychedelic looking Monsters, Items, and weapons.

Sonic Shotgun
A golden shotgun, very powerful.

UPak Guns
The Unreal Gold weapons extracted in a separate pack for use in Unreal 225.

Cookies mods CookieCannon
A weapon that shoots cookies.
Crescent's mods DSPCC
The infamous Dynamically Synchronized Particle Collector Cannon mod by Crescent. Very versatile weapon with radar HUD and many firing modes.
Crystalline Design Serpentine
The well-known real weapons mod for Unreal
Cyclone's mods Cyclone v2
New monsters, weapons and items to summon
Exiled's / Unpunished's mods Celled
A small items/weapons/monsters package by Exiled.

Celled 2
Exiled's second package.

Celled 3
Same as above, but with new items etc.

Large pack with all kinds of add-on stuff. Designed for Exiled's coop server and now available for everyone.

Exiled Final
Final bundle of Exiled's older mods

This is a package that contains 6 Necris weapons and a Necris-themed co-op and DM map.

Recharging shield belt

Submachine Gun
A submachine gun with a grenade-launching alternate fire

Gizzy's mods Boss
UT's Boss (Xan) player model, converted to Unreal.

UT's Male Commando player model, converted to Unreal.

Female commando
UT's Female Commando player model, converted to Unreal.

Small weapon pack.

Weapon pack with modified Stinger guns firing several projectiles. Also contains a monster summoning gun.

Go to Gizzy's website for more of his mods.

Gromych (aka Pink)'s mods Gromych's Nali Land
Unreal 1 enhanced game type.
See http://naliland.narod.ru/ for details.
Holger Huck & Walter Sharrow & Martin Davies Unreal4ever
new Unreal weapons and other classes designed for both MP and SP action
Jojje's mods Jojjemod
Small pack by Jojje.
Joss' mods JTool3a
Some fun stuff for Unreal, especially Coop game, by Joss Liu.
Includes Maniac's DeathTentacle and DemonSkaarj, Joss' new auto cannons, a miniature queen, tiny titan, as well as the improved jBoots, jSpeed, as well as some extras.
Killahundead's/TheGuyWhoGotOn's mods Books
Various books for lethal purposes, book surfing, and book surfing on the water.

A gun that I accidentily made messing around with my first mod (That's why the file is so small)

Many different item such as Cowarmour, Fatfield, NoBombGun (there is no such thing as a bomb gun), stinger1 (A stinger with eightball projectiles) and I think there is more but I can't think of anything else off the top of my head.

Leo(T.C.K.)'s mods Gott pack
Big pack of different mods. See readme files for details. (Also known as Gott Sources)
Version 1.1 pre-final
LymphoCite T's mods LmT Pack I
Big pack with many items, weapons and a few new monsters and even a few player classes/bots. Contains separate pack with flamethrower.
Matrix' mods Fun pack (Removed on author's request)
Some monsters, items, and decorations by Matrix. You can just put stuff like that for all of them. but please remember to include that MatrixCoop.u is a bit broken and will crash you if you try to use it.

Haunted Items (Removed on author's request)
Weapons pack

Halloween Items (Removed on author's request)
Mod with Halloween-related items

TimSW (Removed on author's request)
Mod designed especially for Tim Sweeney ;-)

Mental-Hunter's mods
Unfortunately MentalHunter requested to have his mods removed from this page.
AnarchyCoop (Removed on author's request)
A pack that Mental made for Anarchy's coop server.

BerserkPack (Removed on author's request)
Monster pack.

Cursed Body (Removed on author's request)
'Pack' mod. No description given by author.

Cursed Body 2 (Removed on author's request)
Version 2 of Cursed Body. These cursed bodies shoot with body parts.

CustomModelPack (Removed on author's request)
A set of playable models made by various authors and extracted/converted to Unreal by Mental Hunter. See included readme files for original authors.

HellDemon (Removed on author's request)

HShot Rifle (Removed on author's request)
HeadShot Rifle. Does beyond mortal damage on heads.

Hunerites (Removed on author's request)
Another 'pack' mod with various items.

IT (Removed on author's request)
A small pack with a few new monsters and weapons. Updated version.

IT1 (Removed on author's request)
'pack' mod. No description given by author.

KamiKaze (Removed on author's request)

MapStuff (Removed on author's request)
'pack' mod. No description given by author.

MentalCoop (Removed on author's request)
Pack with summons for the Mental Coop server.

MentalNuke (Removed on author's request)

MentalPack1 (+ Grim Reaper) (Removed on author's request)
Large pack with many more weapons and monsters. This pack includes the GrimReaper mod.

MentalRLauncher (Removed on author's request)

MHPawns (Removed on author's request)
Monster Pack by Mental Hunter. Updated version. (2007-03-11)

MHPawns2 (Removed on author's request)
More monsters, weapons and inventory items. Updated version. (2007-03-11)

MHPawns3 (Removed on author's request)
Many more monsters and a few new weapons. Updated version. (2007-03-11)

MonsterPack (Removed on author's request)
MentalHunters large 100 monster pack. This is probably the largest monster pack out there, although the monsters in there with names like Monster58 might not be the most thought of. Updated version.

MonsterPackPlus (Removed on author's request)
An additional monster pack.

Mutant (Removed on author's request)
Based on MrBig model of u4e.

Mutants (Removed on author's request)
Huge monster pack with many monsters. 284 summons (not all monsters -hyper) tells the readme file.

ServerMod (Removed on author's request)
Monster pack, with a modified version of each Unreal pawn.

Thug (Removed on author's request)
Based on Thug model of u4e.

WeirdWeapon (Removed on author's request)

WoodenBox (Removed on author's request)
A modified wooden box that contains ammo.
(Also try Joss' JDec mod if you want to play with boxes.)

YoshiFX (Removed on author's request)
Yoshi pawn pack. The model was originally made for ut by: 'Chris Shelton'.

Oblivion's mods MML X-mas 2.1 lite
MooMooLand Xmas, christmas themed mod.

OB4 Shieldbelts
Various shieldbelts and powershields with coloured shields.

OB4 DeathGun
Use monster body parts as weapon with this pack.

Another Dynamite mod.

OB4 Vammo
UT to Unreal conversion of Digital Extreme's Volatile Ammo Mutator. This mutator makes the ammo pickups explode when they take damage.

OB RailGunFix
Fixed version of the railgun from the StrangeWorld map pack.

Valentine's ASMD
Valentine's Day ASMD for your lover ;). Blast away Skaarj with pretty hearts awe. Does a bit more damage than the average ASMD. It's a special day though.

Panics mods Jedi Light Saber
Panic's Light Saber mod. Fixed version by Zora.
Rush' mods Adrenaline
Adrenaline pickup by Rush from Snipers Paradise that gives players more speed and allows them to jump higher, inspired by UT2004. Comes with two mutators to automatically add it to the game.
Sephiroth's mods Hunters
Monster package by Sephiroth. Contains 12 new monsters.
Shadow_Hunter's mods Advanced Weapon Systems v1.02 (Disabled on request of author due to bugs discovered)
Nice mod with some special (advanced) weapons. Updated version 1.02 has a few bugfixes.

Mod that allows you to bundle pickup items/weapons etc. into one inventory pack that gives the players all of it's contents when they pick it up. Also comes with an Inventory Set for admins only.

Morphed Items v2
A set of items with greatly improved durations, powers etc. V2 comes with new mutator.

Shadow_Wolf's mods Raider
Item pack by Shadow_Wolf

Modified Stinger guns pack by Shadow_Wolf

SKW's mods OldWeapons
Pack with the old Unreal weapons with the sounds from Unreal 200 (Unpatched Unreal CD) by Skw. Updated version 1.1.

Nuclear rocket launcher by Skw.

More nuclear fun by SKW. Version 0.1
Note: Requires Unreal 227.
Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_-mSP6h1Dhc

Redeemer 2
Another nuke launcher with radiation effect by Skw.

The latest and greatest nuke around. Perfect for blowing up planet NaPali for once and forever. With powerful radiation effect to effectively eliminate any biological activity on nearby galaxies. Made by Skw.

Skw's weapon pack.

Smiley's mods XS
Smiley's fast shooting guns etc.
Soul Reaver's mods SoulReaver's Vehicles
Soulreaver's vehicles and vehicles plus.

SoulReavers custom weapon pack v2.

StaticNova's mods LordPack
Set of Warlord monsters

Static (removed on request of author; no reason for the removal was given)
StaticNova's first pack weapon/item set. Updated version 2007-11-19.

Static Pawns (removed on request of author; no reason for the removal was given)
Very small monster pack with 3 Skaarj variants. Updated version 2007-11-19.

Static 1
Large pack with many new items, weapons and monsters.

Static 2
Third incarnation of the Static series. Small pack mod.

Static 3
Third incarnation of the Static series. Small pack mod.

Upak (Unreal Gold) add-on for Static.

Small pack

Another small pack

Unpunished's mods URPG
URPG transforms Unreal into a pseudo class-based RPG (Role-playing game). Placing the class selection item in your inventory will allow you to choose between three classes of characters - each with a class-specific active effect and three skills usable at any point during gameplay.

The three types of classes are:
-Guard, assault class. Equivalent to a warrior.
-Survivor, recon class. Equivalent to a thief.
-Engineer, support class. Equivalent to a mage.

This has been tested and confirmed compatible with 226f. For more information about the mod, see the included readme.txt file.
Venox mods Ven
Ven pack mod consists of different types of weapon, monsters and inventory items such as the Explosive nail gun, the Disco Trooper, a Jet pack, cloaking device and much much more.

Ven2 is another pack of weapons, items monsters and stuff.

Windex' mods Frying Pan
Have you ever had an uncontrollable urge to run around whacking people with a huge iron frying pan? Well, now you can. In primary fire, this thing will slap people around, and alt-fire will stun them with nice 'gong' sound. Mod by by Windex and Max. Smoke.
Winged Unicorn's mods Winged mod
Winged Unicorn's first ever Unreal mod that allows players to fly.
Zeke's mods ZDec2
Zeke's summonable decorations. Version 2.0
Zelk0wy[PL]'s mods Zank
Pack with a few new weapons, armor, god item and a trooper with a deadly gun.

Zounds are tiny sound messages that players can play to other players during the game. There are messages like 'Hello' or 'Cya', but also some more crazy ones. Inspired by Unreal Tournament 2004

Zora's mods ZMusicWeapon
Zora's Music weapons, like the losers' stinger and the bullet-in-your-head rifle.
Unknown authors Dynamite
What to say about this one? Well, it will give a big bang, and if you are too close you're dead.

Client mods

Enhanced Unreal Server Browser
See lab page

Server mods

CMapFixM 0.12
CMapFixM is a TrueType mutator that is designed to fix custom singleplayer/coop maps that
could easily become blocked by players. It also fixes custom maps with critical server or network
compatibility issues. Its initial purpose began with fixing Drew's SkaarjTower & SkaarjCastle
maps for 224/225, but now it has grown to fix other popular custom map packs as well.

DZMapM 2.34
Coop map mutator by Zombie. (Updated version: 2011/12/15) See included readme file for full changelog)

  • Fixes to PawnReplacer, SpecialLevleMode, and two levels.
  • Fixed PawnReplacer when WarLord is replaced in RTNP NaliC2 which
    causes the level to be blocked.
  • Fixed 'MonsterKillRequirement' mode incompatibility with 227 patch and
    Unreal Tournament (UT99) that causes the end teleporter shield to not
  • Fixed 'bTossedOut' DZMapM incompatibility when loaded in Unreal
    Tournament (UT99).
  • Added a map fix for NaliLord and NaliC2.
  • Added to MonsterSpawn a 'bKillUnderLifts' setting to detect when
    monster pawns linger under mover lifts that return when encroached and
    to kill them.

InventoryBank (beta)
A beta version of a feature that has been requested a lot: Cookies' Inventory Bank saves your score and inventory to the server's harddisk. It still contains some bugs.

Joss' JDec includes decoration replacements that explode, causing some damage if player is too close, and maybe spawn pawns. Description in the accompanying JDec-readme.txt.
JddMute is a tool for changing the Decoration.Contents and Pawn.DropWhenKilled items in Unreal1. There are many inventory mutators available, but all I've found suffer from not changing all the items that you might find in a game, only the items that are initially visible. The game has a feature where decorations (such as wooden boxes, barrels, etc.) can spawn an inventory item when destroyed, and scripted pawns can also drop items when killed. These are the cases that JddMute handles.

MonsterSpawn is a Mutator by Asgard designed to add just about any type of Monster to just about any type of Unreal 1 or Unreal Tournament type game.

Nephthys 1.4
Nephthys 1.4 Rune 1.07 Linux
Nephthys is a server-side mod by Winged unicorn and Zora. Nephthys is able to detect and automatically block DoS and DDoS attacks, with a couple of other neat features. Nephthys builds forth on the technology of Kerberos. It protects Unreal servers from many attacks like (distributed) repetitive join/query attacks, zombie bug attacks and fixes several bugs in the Unreal server network code. It also logs IP addresses and allows moderators to kick or ban players who cause problems. Nephthys is the first and only tool that is able to balance the server bandwidth between players and downloaders. In this way downloaders never have to cause any lag. Nephthys is not compatible with Unreal 227. Unreal 227 comes with it's own updated networking module.

For the complete list of features, please read the included manual. (Which can be found in the help folder after installation, or view the manual online.)

ScoreRecovery v4a
SmartBall's score recovery mod. Updated version for Unreal 227 compatibility.

SUSongPlayer release 4
}TCP{Wolf's Simple Unreal song player, allows you to add custom music to your maps, without having to edit them. This version also works in coop games.

Server mod by Rush from Snipers Paradise that can broadcast a number of custom informational messages to all players in the server.

Translator Messenger
A nice serverside mod that Zombie made for me. It sets a custom translator message for all players at the server. Good for a welcome message or the rules of the game. Thankya, Zombie!

UProtect 0.98b
UProtect or UProtector is the only package based security tool that has not been hacked (yet). It checks all packages (like .u files) and kicks players who have modified or non-standard files. While this approach gives optimal security, it may also kick users for client-additions that are not cheats or hacks, like Zora's consoles.
WARNING: My experience is that UProtect does not run stable on coop servers.


Alter your reality...forever.