"This is the best deathmatch map pack for Unreal. Period."  - Nali City

Fission is a Map Pack for Unreal, containing 10 brand new Unreal DeathMatch maps.
It also includes the Fission Map Launcher  by Droz.
Fission is a joint operation of The Congregation of Plovers and Wolf's Unreal.

The Fission Map Pack was released Friday, April 23rd, 1999

You can Download the whole Map Pack! (8.77 megs)
  --  Each map is also available separately

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The Maps

Premature Expiration
MII: Return of the Mekong
The Museum
The Blade Hole
The Underground

Arcane  Dm!Arcane.unr  Wolf

Arcane was an idea that just came to me. The setting is an ancient, dark castle of sorts. I was very pleased with the lighting and some of the "eye candy" in this level. The lava pit area was a direct remake of an unreleased (dare I say the "Q" word) Quake2 level I never released. This version is a lot different than the original idea--different enough that I might do another level based on the early version of this one. It's fun lurking around the dark hallways and "hunting" for "vitims."
Download 546kb

Premature Expiration  Dm!Base1.unr  gettewantannabe

A while back, I released DmBASE1 as an indication of my increasing knowledge of Unreal and the Unreal Editor.  Originally planned for a different map pack, PE was a big favorite of mine.  Although it didn't go over extremely well with the reviewers (7/10@deCyber, 5/10@NaliCity,) it has been cleaned up a bit and repolished.  I thought that 90% of the map was salvageable and so, I changed only a little.  What changes I did make however, sped up the action a bit, which was a popular complaint for the previously released version.  If you didn't like the first one, give this version a shot... you'll be downloading fission anyway ;)
Download 730kb

Burne  Dm!Burne.unr  gettewantannabe

Burne is one of my favorite maps.  I took the outdoor area from twilight, the inside from curse, and the mines from the depths of my imagination.  Probably the prettiest level of mine to date, it works well with the rotation and I give the bots quite the beating with my rifle...
Download 452kb

Fission Dm!Fission.unr  gettewantannabe and Wolf

A joint effort by GetteWantannabe and Wolf. This map has several realms linked by portals. It is a huge map and by far, one of the best in the pack!
Download 2985kb

Menkara   Dm!Menkara.unr  Wolf

Finally...an egyptian level! I had the idea about a week after I bought Unreal. I had played the Hexen II demo and liked the egyptian texures so much, I converted them to Unreal and posted them on my web page. I had lots of ideas (and subsequently lots of little maps) but nothing really fired me up so I never released a level to go with them. Several people have used the textures in their levels, so I thought it was high time I did something with them. The level started with the outdoor area and the huge pyramid. I had the underground area in my head and mapped it out and then starting adding structures outside. This level is lots of fun and I think I did some nice looking stuff here. There are certain areas of this map I find myself gawking at, but not for long...the bots don't appreciate ancient architecture nearly as much as I do and will pop my head off everytime I stop to admire the scenery. The portals and the egyptian textures are the most unique thing about this level. Looks good, plays good.
Download 1918kb

MII: Return of the Mekong  Dm!MII.unr  gettewantannabe

The original Mekong (DmBU2) was released to the waiting (haha) public in Beyond Unreal.  I really liked the feel of this level, probably more than any other of my BU levels, including QueenCast and BlueCentral.  The problem was that it wasn't very visually appealing.  In fact, it almost looked like I put in the lighting and the textures with my eyes closed.  Fission was just the place to bring back that layout with all new graphics.  I started from scratch (a blank level) and rebuilt Mekong.  After I was satisfied, I added another 6 floors to the preestablished 2.  That totals 8 mekong floors in the new version.  It's easily my largest level to date and one of the coolest layouts I have ever toyed with.  I am proud to say that this one passes the original not only in graphics, but also in gameplay... bring on the ASMD baby!
Download 2069kb

The Museum  Dm!Museum.unr  Wolf

This was based on a museum I visited, and the central area (with the fountain) is a recreation of a central courtyard there. At the actual museum it's based on there is a cafe with tables around the fountain and courtyard. I sat there sipping coffee, looking at the architecture and thinking, "It would be cool to stand up there with a rifle and pick people off as they walked around the fountain..." Thinking in terms of Unreal Deathmatch of course :) My wife asked what I was thinking and I said, "I was wondering if the bots would stand on the ledge up there or jump down into the fray . . ." She rolled her eyes and when I got home Museum was born. Again, this version is a lot different than the original but the first version ran so slow it was almost unplayable. I totally reconstructed it and I really like this level. It has a little of everything, from sniper points, to hiding places, to open arena areas. You definatley need the jump boots to get to some of the better sniping areas and "goodies" in this map.
Download 466kb

The Blade Hole  Dm!RazorHole.unr  gettewantannabe

I came up with this design after a long, long game of deck16.  It had me riveted, I had over 150 frags, and I didn't want to stop.  The only reason I did, was because I had a spark of imagination.  That spark eventually bloomed into what The Blade Hole is now.  With razorjacks astrewn, 8ball, flak, and rifle lovers fight it out around a deep pit.  A pit so deep, that your skin is ripped off of your body before your limp body can even splatter against the bottom.  With 3xBilly's new texture set made specifically to meet the design I had created, this level is unique but somewhat myscha familiar.
Download 2134kb

Theta  Dm!Theta.unr  gettewantannabe

Subscribing to the Morbias theory; round=fun, Theta adds a little twist on the ol' 8ball level.  It's not just 8balls!  That's the twist!  There's Automags on the lowest floor, ASMDs in the middle ring, and Rifles at the top.  Each layer has progressively better forms of health-bandages,health,fruits.  In the center, inside a small housing, is the 8ball.  It is the most coveted item in the map (along with the superhealth above it,) and is much more dangerous to get than any other weapon.  I made this level because both the levels that shipped with Unreal, and the Fusion map pack had an arena level (Morbias and Blood Letting respectively.)  Fission can't be without one...
Download 223kb

The Underground   Dm!Underground.unr  Wolf

The Underground was an idea that grew around the train in the center of the map. It started as a "moving light" experiment months ago. I opened the level one day and said, "Hey! I should do something with this..." and the level just kind of grew around it. I wanted something with a dark, underground feeling. I made the "stations" and the other rooms just grew around them. I linked all the areas with long hallways.
I like the flow of Underground and the "surprises." After building this level and playing it lots and lots of times, it is still a fun, addictive map. I would load it to check something and end up playing for twenty minutes! It's a blast standing at one end of the longest hallway and popping the head off a bot at the other end! For once, they never see it coming! :) I really didn't think the bots would "ride" the train but the first time I playtested it after adding bot support, they hopped right on! It's would be cool if the bots would die in the crusher traps, but if you play online it's cool to crush someone who doens't know you are there!
Download 443kb