walkthruNaPali Walkthrough of Return To Na Pali, an Unreal Mission Pak created by
Legend Entertainment in Association with Epic Games.

Copyright 1999 dinwitty   (I have a real name, i just wont post it up here)

Written by dinwitty
(This text may undergo changes as time goes)

You are rescued from your lifepod only to be sent back to the surface
of Na Pali.

Opening sequence-Game starts with scenes of asteroids with lifepod
in view with cut scenes (all done in the game engine, no AVI's, movies here).
The Bodega Bay rescues the Pod, but sends the prisoner back to the planet
to find the missing ship, The Prometheus.

I will use the Medium game setting for this walkthrough,
as that is the default setting. Other settings may give more creatures,
or less, more health paks, or less, depending on the setting.

Starting a new game brings another cut scene sequence with views
of previous settings, such as Nyleve Falls of the crashed Vortex Rikers,
and the Church in Spire Village, and the Nali Castle with our friendly
Nali walking amongst it.

Cut scene goes to an Intro scene as a log with male or female voice
depending on player chosen to play.

Edge of  Na Pali
Author: Nivlek
Filename: DuskFalls.unr

It is possible to get to this level's end without nary of a weapon shot,
but there are lots of goodies to grab, so that I will describe.

The shuttle craft leaves and you are back on Na Pali in a spherical room
on a platform, with several boxes in it.
A clip rests on one box, you can jump to it, and some flares on the other one.
On the floor are some boxes you can shoot to get another clip.
Thats all in this room, leave thru the door.
As you enter the next room there is a box, shooting it gives another clip.
Behind the large box on the left as you entered is a flashlight.
Go thru the door on the left where there are 2 boxes, only one has a flare.
Up on the desk is an automag. You can shoot the window and exit if you want,
however I will describe leaving thru the door and going thru the right door.
You enter a hallway with more boxes. Go forward and look right, you will see a
Nali hut, and 2 drop boxes, some bandage strips, and an explosive storage canister
in the middle of the boxes.
As you approach the boxes, the canister explodes revealing a Combat Assault Rifle
and a 50 bullet CAR clip. This is one of the new weapons.
 In the Nali hut is a tentacle, take it out. There is a box on the table with a health pak on it,
and the fireplace has a clip on the mantle, jumping on the table then jumping to the mantle
is how you get this, this technique is repeated in other Nali huts.
There is nothing else in here unless you like to push the other box around...
Standing at the exit of the hut looking out, you will see a mine entrance, and some boxes.
Go straight more or less to the right and you will see a pond. Jump in. Your Scuba gear turns on.
In here you will find a dead body, and nearby is a clip you can grab.
(I won't describe the translator messages unless important, they help get the feel of the game, heh, play the game!)
Jump out of the pond. You are at the right side of the entrance.
There is a Brute wandering out there, so be ready for a battle.
Once done with the brute, there is a small box with a health pak inside if needed.
Nothing much else out here, enter the Mine entrance but look out,
a brute is guarding the top of the stairs.
An Assault vest is in the opened crate easily grabbed. Once the brute is done
there are some clips behind the stairs and a dead body.
 Go up the stairs and thru the door where there is a mine cart, some boxes with a clip in one,
and a red switch you can push to activate the mine cart. Push it and jump on for a fast ride down.
Look out, theres a Brute in the next exit room.
Nothing else here, go thru the door, turn left to the stairs to the mine exit,
theres a Brute at the bottom of the stairs.
Some bandages next to the stairs and a box on top of a crate has a health pak.
Just as you exit the mine, there is another Brute behind a box.
2 boxes near here reveal a health pak and a clip.
Behind the rock mound are 3 boxes, with a Combat Assault Rifle and some CAR clips.
Be on the watchout for a flying manta that might go after you.
Starting your way down the hill is a brute in the distance, guarding some crates,
behind them is a box with a health pak.
Moving on down will reveal a Nali hut, inside is a Nali, praying,
2 barrels and a dead body with message.
Only 1 barrel has a clip. Shooting the Nali once will activate him, he will kneel and pray,
and if you move right you can get him out the door, but he really isnt much help.
He will wander around, I followed him to the mine entrance,
he went up the stairs and eventually did his disappearing act.
Leaving the hut, turn to the right and you will approach a deep valley.
Look down, we will get there eventually, if you don't jump into the water.
Follow the cliff towards the waterfall will reveal 2 Nali huts.
The one on the right has a tentacle in it, and 2 barrels, 1 with a flare in it.
The other hut has a tentacle, some bandages, a clip and a body with message.
Leaving the hut reveals a mine entrance. A drop box is nearby with a CAR clip.
We will go into the mine. Watch out for the brute.
There is a bullet pak behind one of the boxes, thats about it.
Hit the red button for the elevator, dont jump onto its roof, you'll get squashed.
Enter the elevator and go down.
Just to the right after exiting is an ASMD core. An Assault vest is behind one of the pillars.
Exiting into the corridor, a Brute is at the other end. In the next room are 2 doors, to the left and right,
and a red button close to the door on the right. A loose clip is next to a pillar,
and the box next to it has another. Thats it for pickups, lets go to the door on the right
and just open it.
This corridor has a toxic tank, and a mine cart is at the other end.
Go back into the room and push the button, this brings the cart over, jump on,
(although you can walk the track over) and ride to the other end.
There is a brute on the other side of this door so be ready.
Another Brute is further in the corridor, may as well get him.
As you entered this corridor, there is a door on the left. Enter it.
A clip and AutoMag is on the desk, grab them if needed.
The window again is breakable and exitable, but I will exit back thru the door.
There is an ASMD core behind the crates, thats it.
Exit the entrance.. (?!) and you will see some crates, the same waterfall, and a bridge.
There is a clip to the right beside the entrance, and a box with a healthpak on the left.
Lets cross the bridge. Go all the way to the other end to the othe mine entrance,
there is a box on the right with a healthpak.
A brute is in the corridor just inside the entrance.
2 bandages are between 2 crates on the left. Go right thru the corridor thru the door.
There is a tentacle in this room. 2 boxes here have a flare and healthpak.
The desk has an ASMD core and the ASMD.
Once again, the window is breakable, and if your up to wasting a shot,
go for it. Shoot it if you want and jump thru to exit (or back thru the door).
There's nothing in the water unless you're up to a swim, lets return back to the other entrance,
push the button, go thru the door and ride the cart back and return to the 2 door room.
Open the door ahead of you, theres a box straight ahead with a healthpak.
Leaving the entrance there's a drop box ahead with a CAR clip.
A stack of crates are to the right go far behind them to another stack near a light
and between them is a box with a Super Healthpak, yay!
Lets leave here and go to the other end of the valley, there's a Brute wandering there
so be ready, and a Nali hut is there.
There are 2 brutes inside the entrance and they might come out while you battle the brute.
Inside the hut are 50 bullets loose on the table,  a sleeping (or dead) Nali,
a Nali fruit and a barrel with a flare in it.
Exit the hut, nothing in the water again so go in the Mine Entrance.
Taking a left you enter a room with some crates. On your left is a box with a healthpak.
Straight ahead is an elevator. Push the button and jump on.
Exit the elevator at the top, (it returns down) and look thru the entrance.
A Nalifruit is just ahead, a few crates, a valley to the right, there is a clip ahead beside a crate.
I thought there was a brute here behind the crates, must have wandered off.
I found it on the cliff beside the valley, but you might encounter it.
There are some drop boxes ahead, go to them to the left up the hill shooting them open,
they have CAR clips.
Going further will reveal a mine entrance with a dead brute. hmmm.
An ASMD core is behind the crates on the left, and Tarydium shards are behind on the right.
Going into the entrance further, there is...something else dead... and another dead brute.
Ahead is a box with a healthpak. There is a translator message at the sign.
Behind a crate is a bullet pak. Further in are 2 doors, the one on the right has a switch.
Save your game here, then hit the button and let the door open.
 A button on the wall on the other side explodes and its wires slash about.
2 corridors are to the right and left. Take the one on the right and zoom through it fast
till you meet a brute, and, this.. creature.
They take out the brute and they go after you and they are quick!
The ASMD is handiest here but these critters are small,
quick and you may die fast if you dont dodge and avoid.
If you die, re-enter and go left quickly and go up the ramp on the left with the
ASMD handy, turn around aim down and have a blastfest on these creatures.
Wander these corridors, there's an ASMD core and Bulletpak in here.
Up the ramp on the platform at the end of it is a switch, some bandages and
2 Tarydium shards. Hit the button, that will open the door below and release
the other door you entered. Looking over the edge is a crate, on top is a stinger.
Walk and fall over the edge onto the crate to pick it up.
Here you get a message to press the weapon select of that weapon to
toggle the weapons on that button.
Fall off the crate, but dont enter the door just yet.
Go back to the other door and enter the other door which has opened.
Go down the corridor to a room with crates and an elevator.
There is a box with a healthpak and a loose 50bulletpak.
Hit the button and go up the elevator.
Follow the corridor out and exit the door at the end.
Go out into the open area and look around. There is >another< crashed ship here.
Seems this planet attracts ships like flies.
Something makes these ships go down, unknown captain.
Wandering around you will find some boxs with healthpaks.
Go underneath the ship, theres just enough room to slip through to the other side,
where there is a skaarj waiting in the distance.
There is a dead body here with a clip and automag nearby,
and it has a translator message. The shieldbelt is here also. When you approach the
body, it will quiver, then die. A drop box is nearby with a CAR clip.
Thats all here, lets return back down the elevator and go back to the
opened door I said not to go through... this is the level exit, and enter it.

Intermission... These will give a verbal log, and show stats for kills
per weapon. The background scene isnt interactive so have fun in the break and listen to the log!
This one has those... creatures.. predators as they are called,
running around. When the log is done it will load the next level, or mouse clicking or escape key will kick you on.

Neve's Crossing
Author: Nivlek
Filename: Nevec.unr

Overview: Get to the other side of this large blocking gate.

Go thru the door ahead, there are some crates boxes, and, oh, a Brute.
Nali fruits are on either side of the entrance with an ASMD core on one.
A loose ASMD is beside a crate, the drop box has a CAR clip, and the box, a bulletpak (50 bullets)
 Proceed <cautiously> thru the valley and be ready with your best weapon.
Skaarj are hidden here and a flying manta could be after you.
After defeating them, ahead is a body of water. Lets jump in, shall we?
Be wary of devilfish as we travel this extended underwater sequence.
First in view are some drop boxes each with a CAR clip, some grenades,
and the Grenade Launcher, another new weapon.
Look up at the tower, there is an opening, go in and rise up,
a small room with an elevator is here. Beside it is a loose clip on either side of it.
Get on the elevator and ride up.
At the top is the flak cannon, grab it.
Jump back into the water.  There is a large pipe entrance so lets go in.
A break in the pipe leads to the right, go in, careful for the devilfish,
and go up onto the platform out of the water.
There is a dead Nali here with a barrel, and 2 pottery vases.
The barrel has the assault vest, and the Nali has a translator message.
Jump back in the water and return to the pipe turning right the same direction we were going.
 The next right goes to a well but you cannot reach any exit, so continue straight.
Exit the pipe going up, and go to the platform and jump on, it will rise, dont take the angled board out.
Up here are 2 boxes, 3 barrels and a loose stinger, the containers give: a flare,
Naliseed and a tarydium shard, not all have something.
Jump back in the water and go up the angled board.
There is another board stretched over to a rock, but we will go
the other way for now. A Skaarj is in the distance, we would have encountered it
if we didnt go in the water first. Defeat it and go on, there is a 50bulletpak in a corner.
Go back thru the gate, a Skaarj is on the other side.
A tarydium shard and nalifruit are next to a large rock.
We are back at the pool where we jumped in. Return back to the boards
at the other pool, be ready for another Skaarj. Cross all the planks (boards)
and you will reach a small village. A drop box ahead has a
CAR clip, but be ready for another Skaarj.
A pullcart has some Nalifruit. One of the huts has an Automag,
a dead body with treanslator message, and 3 crates, one with a clip,
another with a Tarydium shard, other is empty.
Leaving the hut and turning left is a small hatch with Nalicows,
nothing here, beyond is the Gate again, we are now at the top of it.
Krall are guarding it and predators  are running amuck.
There are drop boxes here, but take out the krall first,
you might get lucky, the predators may help you out
with the krall. When done, get the goodies in the barrels and drop boxes,
bulletpak, Shard, Combat Assault Rifle, and grenades.
Moving to the end are 2 wells, and a loose ASMD core,
and some nalifruit scattered. Jump into the well without the screen.

New level time and intermission.

The Eldora Well.
Author: Nivlek
Filename: Eldora.unr

Overview: This maze of water channels will have you confused, and its dark and creepy, crawling with Krall, Slith, tentacles, Brutes, Gasbags, find your way out to get to the Glathriel Village.

You start in a channel, go forward into the next chamber, a tentacle is on you, defeat it.
There are barrels aplenty in here, the first set has a clip, flare,
a box with a flashlight, some nalifruit is nearby.
The dead body has a message.
Moving down the channel we will meet a krall, and the split channel
has some barrels with an ASMD core and a loose stinger. A krall may come after you.
At the end are more barrels with a clip, tarydyium shard, and a flak shell.
Moving further into the single channel, we find a lever. Push it.
This lowers a platform. Get on and ride up. A krall is at the top, be ready.
There are barrels in here with tarydium shard, flare, and a clip, some are empty.
To exit this chamber you must turn (bump) all the rotating
shafts in each portal. Look out for any Flies. The door takes forever to open,
but it will. Enter the passageway, it will close behind you.
You will likely here the grunt of a brute, be ready when you open the next door.
The open area has a well. Loose here is a flak cannon.
There is a body behind a rock with a message, and a box with a shield belt.
Drop boxes have a CAR, and Rocket Launcher.
2 more boxes have a bulletpak (other empty)
Lets jump into the well.
Go thru the cross supports to the bottom. There is a box at the bottom with a tarydium shard.
Look out for devilfish. The passageway goes one direction only so lets go.
 Another box has a tarydium shard. A nalifruit is down here also, they grow anywhere..heh.
At the end is a barrel with nothing, go up, there is a slith. You will pass a switch,
but rise to the top and replenish your scubagear.
Go back down and past the switch, its broken.
There are several closed gates here, but one has a gate open, enter it.
The only other exit is the broken gate above, go thru it. There is a shaft on the wall,
enter it, follow it and then rise up to a small passage and exit the water
only to re-enter water on the other side.
Take a moment to recharge your scubagear.
A box is on the floor with an ASMD core.
Go up the tube further on and you will exit a well, with a boat nearby.
Behind a rock is an ASMD and a core, and some Nalifruit.
 In the water is a drop box with grenades. Look out for the gasbag.
If you bump the boat, it may take off without you, so just jump in the water and swim on.
The intermission that follows magically puts you back in the boat! (I wonder how that happens...)

Intermission: overhead view of the well just exited.

Glathriel Village, (part 1)
Author: Matthias Worch
Filename: Glathriel1.unr

Overview: Explore this village while in search of the Prometheus.

Your back on the boat and that durn Gasbag is on you.
When the boat docks feel free to jump back in the water
and take it on. On the dock back is a box(s) with a clip.
Return to Glatheriel, onto the dock by the boat.
There is a passageway over the water to a Nalishack, with a Nali.
There is a CAR on the ground, which explains the broken dropbox in the water.
The chest in the shack has nothing. Return back to the dock.
Go up the path to the village, watch out for a flying manta.
Go in the first door on the right. A Nali is here sleeping.
Only thing of interest is the translator message from the book.
Exit, behind the NaliCow shack fenced off area is a Nalifruit. Lets go into the next door
on the left when you left the first.
A Nali is here praying. Go upstairs (dont go down yet)
There is a chest with bandages here, a book has a message, better read this one.
Go back down and exit. Enter the next door. Read the message from the book.
(I wont reveal them here). Upstairs is a chest with bandages.
Exit. In the opening to the right is a dropbox with a CAR clip.
Now lets return to the house with the praying Nali and enter the basement.
There are a number of boxes and barrels down here, shoot them open.
The only items of interest is a Nali seed and a bandage.
 Thats it. No more. Nothing else is here. You've wandered everywhere you could,
theres nothing else. Your stuck.
Did you read the Nalinote about a crack in the wall? Look carefully for it in the walls, then shoot it.
BLOOOM!! the passage opens, enter it, you are in the crypt
of the Cathedral. Drop down and the next level loads.

Glatheriel Village (part 2)
Author: Matthias Worch
Filename: Glathriel2.unr

This crypt is dark and creepy, be ready. There are Nali Skeletons in the crypts and caskets. And spiders.
Theres one waiting hidden in a corner, and they will spit acid.
Down here there are lots of goodies. Move slowly and watch for the spiders.
I found the grenade launcher handy here.
Strafing is very handy here. My strategy is to defeat the spiders first,
then I could safely grab the goodies loose, which include flak shells,
Tarydium shards, and 50bulletcases. Dont go up the long stairs yet.
The spiderwebs make for hazardous viewing. When done, go up the long stairs to a hallway.
At the other end is an archway. Be ready. I wouldnt use the grenade launcher here,
there is a Nali here praying, and a Skaarj. He breaks the window and and shoots at you.
The Nali is grateful after defeating it. A drop box is in here with 10 grenades.
A message is at the alter. Exit the cathedral door. Your in an open area with some barrels
with Tarydium shards. Exit the gateway, but watch out, a manta is on you!
After defeating it, you wander this yard, but there is no obvious exit, one is blocked with hay.
You will be hearing the growls of Skaarj. You can jump over the hay,
but go over to the rock mound and and go to its top by the brick wall towards the village street.
You might just see a Skaarj down the way, the rocket launcher is handy here,
and the Skaarj cant get to you. Bombs away!
The Alt fire lobs a grenade which explodes when rehitting the alt fire.
I bounced them off the walls.
Jump over the fence to the other side. I would switch now to the ASMD
to be ready for the next sequence. Go down the street with the boarded up door.
Lets explore first.
Dont go left, but go right down the next street to the boardwalk.
You will pass the hay, some Nalifruit, and a closed gated door you cannot enter,
but inside you see a dropbox on a wagon and a ladder up.
Turning right is another closed gate, inside a dead Nali, and a Dropbox on a wagon.
Lets drop into the water. There is a dropbox with a CAR, but watch for the devilfish.
When done return to the dock and enter the open area we passed up.
A Nali exits a door above, cringes in fear and jumps down, a Skaarj is after him.
Defeat the skaarj, but the Nali will show you a lever in a House. Push it.
This will open the gate to the first Dropbox. Go there and in it is a CAR clip.
A Nalifruit is in here. Go up the ladder. To the left is an open door, with a Skaarj,
be ready. If your battle drops you off the platform, return when done. Enter the doorway.
There is a Skaarj in here and a ramp down and a switch. But, lets avoid this at the moment.
Return back to the platform and look to the right opposite the water direction,
there is a little 2 stairstep, this will get you on the roof. Right now our goal is to get to the
House with the bashed roof, so walk up, look to your left, this is in the direction of the
Cathedral. Jump over to its roof, it could take you a few tries, but a Manta is after you.
If you fall off, return. The roof is broken, a drop box fell through.
Jump in. 2 drop boxes are here with a RocketLauncher! Alright! The other has rockets for it.
A lever here opens the door, but we want to climb the ladder.
The boxes dont have anything. Return to the 2 steps and back on the roof.
Now looking towards the water we want to jump to the roof on the left.
Another dropbox is here with a CAR clip. Now lower yourself on the roof towards the water,
you will see the roof jutting out, and there is a cave in the rock ahead. Just enough room to walk
on the roof to it and go in. Fall down the shaft and your in the secret Hideout mentioned in one of the messages.
Nali are here.  Scattered are some barrels, bandages on the table. In a barrel is...a SuperHealthPak! Yay!
Wandering around you will find a lever, this will open back to the same room we didn't enter.
Push it and be ready for a Skaarj. When done push the lever and exit up the ramps.
A door opened so lets cross across the platform to the other house.
Just as you enter, a bookshelf falls and A Skaarj behind it attacks you.
When defeated, you'll be hearing the yapping of some Krall.
You can surprise them by lobbing a grenade over where you hear them.
Go into the next room and they are behind the bookcases.
Exit the door and a Nali calls you on. Push the switch ahead. A Dropbox has a healthpak.
A Barrel nearby has a clip.
This area has a statue of a Nali. The door near the switch only leads you where you have already been,
you don't need to go back now. Go down the street and look left.
Chances are you may see a Skaarj approaching you (there are many types this one is a little different)
Be ready for a battle. Once defeated, move down the street.
There is a barrel on the right with an ASMD core. A Nalifruit is behind it.
Back in the street is an archway and a boarded up door.
Look thru the archway, you will see a broken walkway. There is a door to the right, enter it.
This room has a ladder up, be ready to encounter a skaarj. Go up the ladder and push the switch.
Now look out the upper door, you will see the broken walkway and the Nali beckoning you on.
Thru a series of walking over the planks and jumping, you can get in the other door,
follow the Nali, but a Skaarj is ready to take out the Nali.
I dont know if you can stop this but you have your mission. Carry on.
You drop down in the next building with an exit.
There is a tunnel ahead.
Nalifruit are here if you need it. Enter the tunnel and be ready at the opening on the other end for a Skaarj.
When defeated, drop down the embankment.


Approaching UMS Prometheus.
Author: Mathias Worch
Filename: Crashsite.unr

Overview: Wind your way towards the Prometheus.

A gas bag is after you, defeat it.
Enter the tunnel, and rise up. Predators are here, they will runaway at first,
but may go after you.
Continuing you will enter a small village.
The hut on the right has 2 barrels with tarydium shards, and a Nali.
The center hut has 2 boxes with a clip and a Nali with bandages on the table.
The left one has a flare in  a barrel. Outside are 2 barrels, one with a Naliseed.
If you wander around you will see the UMS Prometheus.
Dont try to drop down, you will be killed, follow the path down.
You will enter a cave, a Gasbag is here and a Nali.
Go over near the bridge so you can scare the Nali away from the bridge but fight the gasbag from here.
Take out the gasbag.
Save your game here then try to get across the chasm at the bridge.
Boxes on this side have tarydium shards.
If the Nali is leftalone, he may try to walk on the bridge and the bridge will collapse.
Jumping over the chasm is difficult, but can be done but you have to jump at the bridge for an easier jump.
The bridge won't collapse until you are partly on it, so once just on it take a big jump over,
the bridge will collapse.
Jump down the embankment.
A naliseed is in one of the boxes. Go on into the tunnel. Be ready for spiders on the other end where a mine is.
When done with the spiders go down the tracks where 2 barrels have a NaliSeed and Tarydium Shard.
Return back to the main room. Push the small grey box over to the smaller crate and jump up,
here's a ShieldBelt. Yay!
Thats all here, jump into the elevator.

UMS Prometheus
Author: Matthias Worch
Filename: Crashsite1.unr

Overview: You will approach and enter the Prometheus.

Your at the top of the elevator, exit it. You are on a high ledge, you will have to drop down carefully.
A short ledge is below, if you make it, a barrel is on it with a naliseed.
Drop the rest of the way down. Follow the pathway down but watch for a GasBag.
You will need to go underneath the Prometheus to find the entry, but a mercenary is guarding the walkway in.
3 boxes nearby have a flare and bulletpak. Be on guard, more mercenaries may come.
Go up the ramp, and you will have fun with goodies in boxes.
Scattered around...10 grenades, Car clips, if you exit the doors and enter the next area,
watch for more mercenaries, but the rocketlauncher is here.
Either side of the supply room will lead to the same hallway.
One side has a levitating table, the other is blasted in with bodies.
The Prometheus has broken in sections, and plasma walkways extend between the sections.
The elevator isnt working, so lets cross over to the next section.
Walk straight forward and enter the turbolift and go up.
The exit is blocked, but you can see some levitating tables and boxes passing, and the sound of mercenaries.
Go back down.
Exit and enter the door on the left (the right when we entered first).
Follow the path, reading transaltor messages as you wish exploring.
The door at the end will have mercenaries, be ready.
The body just inside has a bulletpak.
A CAR is in a control area ahead, there is a lift here.
The engine room area ahead is filled with hot material, dont enter.
Go up the lift. Take a right, be ready for 2 mercenaries.
The walkway is damaged on the broken engine side.
Return to the list and drop down and exit, and return to where the turbolift is.
Enter the other door straight ahead.
Be ready for a mercenary here.
Continue on thru the next door, ready for another mercenary.
Below is a CAR clip. From here you will have to jump onto the
debris and enter the large pipe.
watch out for the molten pools, they will hurt.
Exit the pipe, jump over to the walkway and enter the other pipe.
The ground will shake and the walkways will break. Go forward till you reach a pipe up and enter,
you will be outside on top of the Prometheus.
Wandering around you will find a drop box with 2 healthpaks.
Eventually, (dont fall off, could be deadly!) you will find the hull broken, and a Mercenary waiting.
Drop in, and enter the door.
A mercenary is waiting. Down the hall to the right inside are some supplies with rockets and CAR clip.
Approaching the elevator, a blast goes off and the barrier is gone, but go down the next hall,
another mercenary is waiting, and inside the rooms, a healthpak and CAR.
The elevator on the left doesnt have a plasma walkway to the other section, use the one on the right,
and enter section. The way is blocked to the left so go right, but ready for some mercenaries.
Most of the quarters here have some goodies, like an assault vest, and a CAR clip,
if the storage door isnt open just bump it.
Enter the far door, there are more quarters here and a medical examination barracks on the left.
Check out the quarters for goodies, then enter the medical area.
Examining this area shows what the area isnt designed for.
No healing going on here.
Drop into the hole in the floor.


Inside UMS Prometheus
Author: Matthias Worch
Filename: Crashsite2.unr

Overview: Make your way to find the logs and activate the transmitter, only to learn the gritty truth.

You are in a lower level filled with water, exit thru the door.
Check out the other quarters for the searchlight and bandages.
One door will not open so go thru the other.
More quarters are here, but there is only a bandage in one.
The passage around the corner is blocked and you may see some mercenaries wandering.
Enter the break in the wall and go in the pipe.
This leads to an inner chamber, look out for Amoebas.
One pipe is open here, enter it. This will lead you to control room.
Use a weak weapon and break the glass and exit. 2 Car clips are here.
Go up the steps to the door and exit.
You are near the supplies, and the broken door is here.
Enter the other door, mercenaries ready.
You are in the shuttle bay, one is present. Exit the door on the other end,
and pass thru to the next door and enter.
The way is blocked.
Return back to the shuttlebay.
Climb up the triangular support and enter the control room, you can break a window if you have to.

Go past the control room into the "comfort room" I will call it,
the purpose will become obvious. In here on one of the "supports" is the log you have been looking for.
Take it. Go up the stairs to the communicator on the wall, you will get a sort of "intermission"
and it is revealed in the communications, which has been on all this time recorded a conversation
from the Bodega Bay, that your life outlook isn't looking so good......
You will be stuck in the intermission till its sequencing is done, so be patient.
Enter the next room through the door. A mercenary is waiting.
In the control room to the left there is another. A doorway to the right leads to some quarters,
and more mercenaries.
Supplies in the quarters, some rockets, CAR clip and Healthpak.
The other doorway gets you nowhere so exit and go thru the next door into the hallways
where you will find the same blocked passage, and an elevator up.
Ahead of you is the observation deck. Enter it, and exit the broken wall.
Exploring the top of the Prometheus will reveal some dropboxes with rockets
and Car Clips, get them you will need them.
Also look for a blocked cave. You can't enter it yet.
Once you have found the goodies return back inside. Some healthpaks are
behind the bridge in a drop box, if your healthy enough, dont take them you may need them.
There is an assult vest under a first aid replicator. Take it, but it will not replicate.
Go up the Navigation lift and enter the bridge.
Walk forward, this will activate the bridge, and reveals your whereabouts to the Bodega Bay,
Marines are beaming down. Have your heaviest artillary ready, this is a tough battle.
You can run around, use your own strategy for this,
it may take several deaths and reloads, so save your game before activating the Bridge.
There are several waves of beaming downs with Marines. 3 waves to be exact.
When done, finally, a final beam blasts the entrance to the caves for your exit.
Incidentally, if nothing happens and the cave doesnt open,
cheat fly around for any marines on the ground and take them out. That will correct the sequencing.
The ground is set for killing but its not perfect.

When all done enter the cave, careful not to fall to the ground, instakill.
Go up the lift.
Entering the next area are spiders. Take the passage to the left.
The room following has a spider and barrels with Tarydium shards.

Enter the doorway and...


Spire Valley
Author(s): Nivlek/Pancho
Filename: SpireLand.unr

Overview: You must now get off the planet again, to find a shuttle.
Not an easy task, carry on dear adventurer!

Exit thru the door, a Nali is here and some barrels with 8balls, and a clip.
Jump in the water and go to the first tower and jump on its lift.
An ASMD core loose, and barrels with tarydium shards and a flare are here.

Jump back into the water, dont go up the embankment, swim on till you find another
similar tower with lift and jump on. A Nali is here.
 In the containers are; healthpak, flak shell, and 8ball.
Now jump back in the water and swim back to the original embankment
to where the dropboxes are.
If you continue the same direction in the water a dropbox in the water has a CAR.

On the embankement is a CAR clip, rockets, and the RocketLauncher.
This is a huge location, and there are a couple of titans to deal with plus Skaarj.
Fend them off and grab goodies wherever.
Go up the embankment, in the distance you will see a Titan.
You can use any long ranged weapon and activate him, and get ready to strafe, dodge boulders.
Once defeated, go down the valley, you will see another tower in a pond.
Jump in and go up the lift. A skaarj is waiting so be ready. In the barrels, an ASMD core, a healthpak,
a clip. In the water is a dropbox with a CAR clip.
Climb out and check out the NaliHuts.
An assault vest is loose in one with barrels containing a healthpak and a clip.
The other hut has loose 8balls, and a tarydium shard, and a healthpak.
Exit the huts.
You could go off to the right and follow the valley, but there is another place needed to visit.
Return back to the tower and go past towards the single lamp and go down this long passage.
Be sure to look around for some drop boxes.
You want to make sure you follow the water on a shelf.
You will encounter some Skaarj along the way. Soon you will approach a House.
There may be predators wandering about so be ready.
If you have a flak gun handy, ready it, or a powerful gun. Be ready with the altfire for a powerful blast.
Dont go in the building, locate the ramp beside the building and go up.
A predator you might find runs away from you and runs up this ramp.
Keep following the walkway, you will find an open door
and a Skaarj kneeling waiting, hee hee, easy bait, alt fire!
it blasts him off his position and another shot defeats him. Ahead on a beam is another skaarj.
I hit him but I fell, but a predator was on the floor, these little things are so funny sometimes,
it was attacking the skaarj, then suddenly KERBLOOIE!,
the skaarj took it out, but I was waiting with my Flakgun, Kerblooie!
If you fall run back up the ramp.
There are goodies only accessable only thru here and jumping down
or moving across the beam, here you find...
8ball, dispersion pistol powerup, (with all powerups, the dispersion pistol is powerful.),
and a flak shell in a box, on the floor; 8ball gun,
tarydium shard, (in barrels), ASMD cores loose,
(behind the boxes, search around!), clip, and healthpak.
A little curiousity, the crates are from the ISV-Kran which we encountered in the original Unreal,
apparently dragged here by the Nali. There isnt anything else so lets return to the Tower in the pool.
There is another path we may not have seen and a Skaarj is lurking along the way.
We will meet another titan here, but there is a skaarj hiding around the temple, so lets go find him,
run past the titan and find the Skaarj and bring him out around the Titan,
if you move right, you will get the Skaarj to hit the Titan getting the  attention of the Titan
and they will go after each other, but the Titan eventually wins unless you help the Skaarj
taking shots on the Titan. Thats about it, enter the temple to the next level.


Nagomi passage.
Author(s): Pancho/Nivlek
Filename: Nagomi.unr

Overview: Paths are going to lead you around to various settings.
You may find your way, but then.....

Exit thru the door, an 8ball is in a box. Be careful moving forward, it ends to a ledge.
The scene opens up to a pool surrounded by ledgeways, a skaarj is on the other side.
You could do battle up here with the skaarj or take a running leap into the pool.
In the water are some devilfish but loose is a clip and tarydium shards.
Back up on shore where you can get out is a loose ASMD, and boxes containing a bulletpak.
From here we have 2 ways to go, these paths wind around and return you here. But, follow my lead.
Take the rising path.
At the top are some boxes, crates, a light. However just beyond is a Brute.
Loose is a flakshell, and a flak cannon at a body, in the boxes, a tarydium shard.
Ahead before the planked bridge, are 8balls, one in a box.
On the bridge is a Skaarj.
Look down into the valley you will see another temple. We will not go there yet, but continue exploring.
Cross the bridge. Watch out for some spiders.
Go into the entranceway. There is a barrel here with an ASMD core.
Go down the steps you will see a huge door with faces on it, but it will not open, return back up to the path and continue on.
The path splits, you might encounter a wandering Brute. Take the path to the right, and go up.
At the foundry go right up to the top, you will find a rifle with ammo here, oh, and also a Skaarj.
Once you have the Rifle, look down at thr Brute guarding the entranceway. Heh heh, altfire
and zoom in with the rifle and piece of cake.
Now go down to the entrance. There is a body here with an Automag,
with clips, nearby is an 8ball and ASMD core, and a message on the body.
You can jump into the water, there are clips under the lift, watch for the Devilfish.
Return back up the lift onto the entranceway and go up to the entrance,
there are bars blocking your way, they wont open, so lets go back to the direction
we havent been yet. Go down the path with the crates, you might encounter a Skaarj
(or the same one previously, maybe feigned death?).
Continue down the path and we are on the other side of the temple, we're not going down yet.
Continue up the other path. A rock obscures some boxes behind it and a Skaarj. In the boxes,
Tarydium shards and a loose 8ballgun. Continue back up and we are at the same plank bridge.
Lets go back down the same path to the right where we first entered, and continue past.
You will find a box with a Tarydium shard. Further down the way you will find a box with nothing in it,
next is a crate, on top, an assault vest. Yays, but how to get? Nearby is a loose ASMD and box with core.
Get the vest by jumping up to the rise in the mountain, move up, turn around, and jump onto the box. Yay!
Jump down and continue on, take the path to the right will rise and pass the entrance where the spiders were, across the planks, then follow the path down to the temple below. There are some Skaarj down here be ready.
There are some flak shells in the water. Thats all around here, enter the Temple.


Velora Temple.
Author: Shane Caudle
Filename: Velora.unr

Be ready for some tricky battles, your search will be put to the test.

Ahead are some barrels with flashlight, bulletpak, and healthpak.
There are spiders everywhere, be on guard.
Barrels down here have Tarydium shard, healthpaks and ASMD core.
Push the lever. This opens a large doorway with a lift in in, hop on and lower down.
Just ahead is a planked passageway over water.
There are goodies in the water but lets walk ahead on the planks, wary of Krall.
The chests ahead under the Face have a bulletpak and an 8ball.
Go down the left side f the hallways, it goesnt matter, either one gets you to the same place.
But I could see the Skaarj guarding better to surprise it.
 Down here in barrels and chests, the 8Ballgun, Tarydium shard, healthpak.
Look into the next room, there is a bridge. DO NOT GET ON THE BRIDGE!!!
It will collapse on you. A skaarj may be after you as well as some Kraal. Describing this area,
there is a passage on the other side of the bridge, and to the left is another passage,
most likely we will encounter krall here, and we will go that direction.
Wander around to find goodies loose and in barrels, like Tarydium Shards, ASMD cores.
In the passage to the left, expect Krall.
The next room has a ramp up and a GasBag.
In here in pottery, barrels, and loose, Tarydium shard, ASMD core,
Flak Shells, Healthpak, and an ASMD. At the top is a Krall.
Cross the hanging bridge, if a Krall isnt after you first.
Barrels at the turn have a bulletpak and healthpak.
Past the turn and another the area opens up with more Krall,
spiders and some switches you need to move.
Scattered in this area in barrels and loose, ASMD cores, 8Balls.
If you look down the Hole, you will see some Krall, busy dicerolling.
Have fun here if you wish, alt fire 8 ball would be good.
Move down the other passage here. Stop just before the turn,
a Skaarj is waiting, 8Ball altfire is good here, surprise the guy.
The Assault Vest is on the Veranda. If you jump down here you will bypass some fun,
but we will return down.
Go into in the next passage at the bridge, you will see some chests with ASMD cores and
Tarydium Shard. Go down either stairs. You will see something over a Plank bridge over Lava.
In the barrels here are 8Ball, NaliSeed, and  clip.
Before we cross the bridge, lets return to the water at the previous bridge and jump in.
There are devilfish here. A clip is on the bottom.
Go down the passage you will pass an opening up, but go further and up.
Tarydium Shards and the Stinger are next to a body with a message.
You can exit the water on the angled beams and return to the Lava room.
Approach the object over the bridge over Lava, it starts to open and close, UGH, a Huge Cleaver!
Time yourself just right and run through. The door at the end will open.
Ahead around the turn is a Krall and on the floor is a Symbol.
This symbol is jinxed with  flying arrows, dont stand on it, the
Krall might walk over it and suddenly move sideways.
A door opens in the mouth of the face ahead.
I was in here once and I found the Krall stuck against the wall,
unable to move, apparently one of the arrows went thru it. In barrels and loose, Healthpak,
and Shards. (short now for Tarydium shards. Go in the mouth, you will exit on a plank
over Lava. Jump over to the floor either side. Ramps to the sides hide goodies and Krall.
A shieldbelt is at the top and a Krall guards it. You can jump down to the 8Ball,
and jump down to the narrow beam to go forward into the next room,
go down either side, watch for spiders. While you are battling down here,
you might knock down the central pillar, jump on it and enter it. A chest has a Bulletpak.
Blast the wood over the water and jump in. An 8ball is here, and a devilfish.
Go down the passage. It opens below, thers nothing beyond so go down, there is another passage.
I havent pointed out Nalifruits much, I find them scattered almost everywhere, but there is one here.
Another passage is here, enter it. A rifle and ammo are in the next area.
Nothing above, continue straight. It opens to a large area, a Slith is here.
Loose are Shards.
 Go up the central Pyramid, but there are Brutes waiting.
One side has the stone damaged, you can walk up this.
The area exits on either end, one goes to the room with the fallen pillar,
but the other way is the way we want to go and there is a Skaarj waiting.
Down at the end you will see another Skaarj, but there are spikes on the walls
and if you get close they will close, but if you time it just right, you will alert the skaarj,
approach the spikes and it will close on him. There is a Gasbag in here also.
If you retreat from the action and miss the Skaarj, they may go after each other.
On either side here in short passageways with waterfalls are buttons you must press,
with gasbags hiding away.
Ahead in the next room are flares and the Razorjack.
A door will open and a Skaarj is in the next room. Flakshells are loose.
The Lift to the side has a switch that is hard to see on the right. It will lower,
hop on and up you go. Enter the simicircular area and they will open, a Skaarj is here and Spiders.
No need to press the switch, this area looks the same as did when you first entered, but isnt the same.
Grab the Dispersion powerup.
Go up either circular staircase.
In a barrel is a naliseed and loose ASMD core and Bulletpak.
Go forward into the doorway it will open and up the stairs.


Nagomi Passage, part 2.
Author(s): Pancho/Nivlek
Filename: NagomiSun.unr

 Overview: Your trek into Velora's Temple didn't find the Shuttle and we are back in Nagomi's passage. Press on.

Go up the stairs, you find yourself in the entrance where you first encountered the spiders amd there are more.
On the plankbridge are dropboxes with CAR and its clips.
Going forward you will see the Temple entrance, now a Titan guards it.
You may find some Skaarj around, alert them, get them around the titan and they may help
before they go after you or the titan gets them.
Down around the temple are more drop boxes, you will have to totally re-explore the area.
Drop boxes here have; CAR clip, grenades, rocket launcher, and grenade launcher.
We're done down here, nothing in the water, lets go up the ramp.
Don't take the first right, continue upleft over the temple.
Take the right over the temple, you will encounter a Skaarj (most likely).
Continue on and we're back at the pool where we first entered,
go ahead and jump in, drop boxes have 10 grenades and rockets.
jump out of the water and continue on. You will see a Dispersion Powerup
on the same crate the Assault Vest is on, but just beyond is a Skaarj.
Using the same technique, jump to the ledge, turnaround and grab the powerup.
(we could have walked down off the bridge above also) Continue on.
Don't take the next right, it will return you to the Velora Temple exit, and we have been there.
Straight on.
We arrive back at the foundry entrance.
Lets go above it, there may be 2 brutes to encounter this time.
When done drop into the water, careful to avoid the rocks, 2 dropboxes have a CAR clip and Grenades. Go up the lift and enter the foundry.


Foundry Tarydium Plant.
Author: Cliff Bleszinski
Filename: Foundry.unr

Your quest to escape just got tough. The Foundry is tricky, full of enemies,
you will have to be quick on your toes. Did I  hear you say "Arrgh?!"

Enter the door, you will see 2 processors to the sides, in the alcoves of them are goodies,
watch out for the brutes. In the alcoves, the minigun, Bulletpaks, and the assault Vest.
There is a lift in the middle of the room, but we have to get it down somehow.
2 passages to the sides, one has its way blocked by plasma beams.
The other has a Skaarj protecting a switch. Flipping the switch will move some mechanics
on the wall and deactivate the beam.
Go back to the other passage, watch out for a Skaarj, and hit the button inside,
come back out to get on the lift up. A flak cannon is on the lift. Be ready for Skaarj
 on top.
Strewn in  boxes and drop boxes;
CAR clips, rockets, grenades, Flak shells, rifle rounds, healthpaks.
There are glass windows on the floor, if you fall thru one you can get back up.
There is a rifle round on one of the crates below, if you bust one of them by firing into a window,
look for the round, and fall towards it, if right, you will land on the crate below.
Come back up. This is also the way in case you missed some of the ammo down here.
Come back up. I missed this but, you can climb up either processors at the outer sides
by jumping up to the yellow/black striped edge, get up to the  side and walk up to the top,
you will find an 8Ball on both.
Go thru the only exit passage and you will enter another chamber
on a walkway on the edge.
There is a bulletpak here.
Across the way you see windows.
They are shootable, if you have the urge.
If you follow the walkway you will encounter a Skaarj. You can get back on it if you
fall down below, there is an elevator up and some goodies loose, 2 bulletpaks.
There are healthpaks on the walkway.
After this, go to the other end and enter the passage,
you will see a Skaarj working a panel, surprise him.
You can ride the moving walkway, but stay alert.
There are Slicers ahead, similar previously encountered in Velora Temple.
Time yourself and run thru them. But there is one last one, jump or move to either side.
There is a Skaarj just behind it. Activate the Slicer, move toward it and you may alert the Skaarj.
He will try to get you but if lucky, he will encounter the slicer. OOOOOCH!
Get thru this slicer. There is an 8ball nearby.
Down the way there are 2 concave incroppings down the way,
the further one has a brute in it.
A few 8balls, and were off.
Down the path is a room to the side with stairs and windows to the outside,
an 8Ball gun and healthpaks are here. Further down the path to the right it opens into
a control center, and a Skaarj is looming for you. 2 8balls are here.
If you shot some of the windows before, you will see them here.
the opening on the floor will break as you fall into it, this is the way out.
You fall into a room with pillars and bricked walls. A brute smashes into the room.
A stinger is loose on the floor. An 8ball is in the room where the brute was.
As you wander around you will encounter Pupae, healthpaks are nearby, and there is a lift here, take it up.
You will see a Skaarj in the distance at a control panel. Flak shells are around the corner.
The Skaarj hits a button and destroys the bridge.
But you can easily runjump over.
A bullet pak is on the other side.
Go into the passageway and drop down. Pupae are ready to greet you.
In the next room is a Nali, a Kevlar vest, and the Shieldbelt.
A Skaarj breaks a window above and drops in.
If your quick without an area weapon, you will get the skaarj saving the Nali.
But the Nali seems of  no help here but just cowers and prays. Exit the next door and go up,
a Skaarj is waiting. Exit thru the passage thru the next door and you are back at the bridge.
You can jump across, but if you fall be ready for Pupae.
If you make it, drop down the pit to the right, either way will get you to the same spot
where you need to find a control panel with a switch. Push it.
The earth shakes, rumbles, tosses you and the pipe ruptures.
Enter this break, (after you grab the flak shells here).
The pipe allows only one way, so follow it, you will approach a furnace,
you must tiptoe to the sides or get seared by the heat.
Jump up the stairs out and run down the moving walkway thats is going the opposite way,
you cant dillydally or it will send you back in.
At the bottom is a Brute.
Another brute may blast a hole, but not enter.
This happens if you get close to the doorway on the left.
Jump into the hole. The brute is here. Further, the passage T's,
to the right is a button to drop a looong Elevator, get on and ride up.
A Skaarj is at a switch, and Pupae await at the other end.
Go around the turn and push the button to open the door.
More Pupae await on the other side. There are Healthpaks here.
Drop down the hole. You land at the now opened doorway.
Enter it, this is a large control room, Pupae drop from the ceiling.
In the area is a Skaarj if you  get behind him you can surprise it.
A passage going underneath the pipes will yield the BioRifle with ammo.
The other underpassage exits into a molten causeway with a pipe you enter.
There is a beam leading to it.
 As you traverse this pipe, it will break, one end falling into the molten material,
and Pupae drop into the pipe.
Further on the pipe bursts and you can exit this hole,
but grab the 8Ball gun and ammo at the end.
You are in a chamber with 2 doorways and a Skaarj greets you, very unwelcomingly.
A healthpak is at the bottom of the stairs. When you open one of the doors,
a Brute is ready for you, and later the other door opens with another brute guarding
a superhealthpak and flakshells.
Exit the other doorway thru the wateredged passage into a chamber with water
channels below with Slith in them.
Jump in, look for a screened passageway and shoot the screen.
Enter the passage, follow then up and out, you will find the Assault vest here.
 (Pushing a barrel from the other side and jumping on it over here does the same thing.)
Jump over the railing and get on the lift and ride up. 2 Skaarj are here waiting.
Get on the next lift up, there is a Skaarj here.
Go up the next lift, a Skaarj is nearby, go up the last lift, you will see a red button which will open the pipe,
then jump in. Follow the pipe wary of a Slith.
The pipe goes down, around and back up, alert, another Slith!. Follow the passage more,
 and a brute is at the end.
2 8Balls are here with healthpaks.
Looking down the doorway you see a red button.
Go push it and the floor starts lowering, and a Skaarj is on you.
This floor keeps falling while you battle, an incredible experience.
The descent ends to a doorway, exit it.


Bounds of Foundry.
Author: Cliff Bleszinski
Filename: Toxic.unr

Overview; Finally out of the foundry, we just might find the shuttle, we hope....

Follow the hallway, it opens to a drawbridge with a button. On the other side is a Brute,
lob some altfire 8balls or grenades over it.
This will lure the brute away from the bridge, and you can use it to block its shots.
Push the switch after defeating the Brute and lower the bridge,
follow the walkway and enter the Hallway, a brute blasts in, defeat it,
goodies behind breakable glass such as a rifle round, flakshells healthpaks.
Note, before you entered you might have noticed a SuperHealthPak up high,
getting to it isnt obvious, but it can. In the hallway above where the ammo behind the glass is, is a button.
No, you cannot reach it, shoot it. This opens the door on the right. Follow it and here are jump boots!
Grab them and go back outside and activate them and jump to the superhealthpak!
You can get back down following the passage dropping down back to the hallway.
 Around the corner you are in a large room with enclosed pipes.
Go up the ramp, There are Kevlar suits behind nonbreakable glass.
Running down the hallway you pass a button that drops a lift but pass it into the next chamber
identical but mirror to the previous one.
Pupae are here and a box with a flak shell, and a loose rifleround.
Go back to the lift and go up and a Skaarj is waiting.
Another Skaarj is in the next room, with loose ASMD cores.
Enter the door and another Skaarj is waiting. In the control rooms on either side,
you have to bump the wheels which will overpressure the system and bust the BioPipes.
Pupae are here in both. A flakshell is at the end of one of the rooms.
When you return to go back down, Brutes will block your way, and go back down the elevator
(you might fall out the windows too).
Grab the KevlarSuits (Both) and jump into the busted pipes.
(Either one gets you to the same place.) In the pipes at the end of one is a SuperHealthPak.
Search around you will find the opening up to a Passageway out of the Biogoo.
Go around the passage and be ready for a brute in a valleyed room.
If you go up the ramps you will find a drop box with a RocketLauncher.
Either side has holes, if you look in one there is another drop box.
Fall down to it and in it is a Grenade Launcher. Tarydium sludge is down here too.
There is a lift to return you back up. In the Valleyway
is the BioRifle and ammo, then enter the doorwhere an ASMD is,
go thru the next door where a Skaarj is waiting. Turning into the open area with the raised platform
a Skarrj surprises you. A drop box has 10 grenades. At the end at ether side of the door
on the raised ramps are FlakShells, but you might not get away from not opening
the door so a Skaarj attacks you. Your battle might drop you below,
but we will get down there anyway  where a dropbox has grenades, and there are loose ASMDs.
A passage leads to a lift when up greets you with Pupae, go to the end of the passage and the wall will open.
Exit the door now but around the turn are Pupae and another door.
Pass thru it and you will enter a large chamber with a LiftHook.
At the end of the walkway is a switch, but it will not budge. A Kevlar Suit is here,
and an asssult Vest is on the lower floor, ASMD cores rest on the crates.
Go down the ramp and down the lower ramp.
I heard a click, I returned, and a Skaarj was after me. When done, drop into the goo.
swim to the other side, get out and bump the wheel. The doors on the side open, go in,
on the other side is a Slith  and a red button, push this.
Drop into the goo here, there is a Slith in it, and go thru the gates, they will open, and up the ramp back into the LiftHook room, up the other ramp to the switch and hit it.
Pupae await you also.
Now we are expert HookLift operators aren't we, so hit the switch and watch it.
It moves, you did it! Wait! your gonna hit the door! BLAM!
Too late, you now have an exitway, oh well, go on thru.
You are in a passageway on the floor with a raised platform,
Pupae and Skaarj are after you. An 8Ball is in a box on the platform.
Enter the area ahead, (The door wont open) and a Brute attacks on a platform above.
Pupae may come after you as well. There is a lift, go up it and to the end of the walkway
and boxes have an 8Ball gun and ammo.
Drop back down.
(I just learned you can walk over the pupae like an ant, it took several walkovers, but I took out a Pupae like this as an experiment.)
In a passage in a curve tunnel is a KevlarSuit, and Skaarj and Pupae.
Hit the button to lower a lift and a Skaarj is on it ready. Go up at the end is a control room with
a lever that opens the BioVat covers. Flakshells are in here.
Go back down and get on the lift to the walkway, and drop into the BioGoo.
There may be a Slith around. An 8Ball is in here, enter the tunnel, it curves, lowers, and exits,
a Slith is here. Your wanders will find an Amplifier, there will also be another tunnel,
go thru it, an ASMD core is nearby. A slith is in the tunnel and another ASMD core.
Go up here you will enter a room, go up the ramp and out, a Skaarj greets you. There is a red button, push it.
This opens the door and some small chambers with boxes with an ASMD core and Shield Belt.
If you exit this door, VOILA, your back in the raised platform control room.
Go back however to the other passage, a Skarrj crashes thru the ceiling.
There is also Pupae in here.
Go towards the lift, it will lower, get on and up, and off.
Boxes have a healthpak and ASMD cores.
Follow the passage into a control room, a Pupae is here. Push the lever.
Return out a Skaarj is waiting.
You will notice the floor circle has now dropped.
Jump down and drop into the hole.
The platform will raise you above into the hole above, then get off. A healthpak is here,
and on a beam below, an ASMD core.
There are several paths to take, but lets go outside. HEY!
Its a ship!
Check it out!
Look out for the Skaarj, Pupae also. You climb and clambor all over the ship,
nothing opens, nothing drops you in. A drop box here has grenades.
Another  with CAR clips and its rifle nearby. A control room has some boxes with a flakshell,
ASMD core and a Pupae!
The control room has nothing, no buttons to push, yer stuck, this ship aint gonna do ya.
Lets go back into the room where the platorm raised you to and go around either passage
will go to the same place, Skaarj and Pupae are here.
ASMD cores are here on crates.
Get on the small platform and it will move you down, a flakshell is on it.
Go into the open door, push the lever on the wall, a platform will drop ahead with a Brute,
get on and up. Exit it, and in the room is a control panel with a switch, push it,
the lifthook will turn. Jump on it. If your good, you can fall to the SuperHealthPak.
The hook returns to the other side, jump onto the platform, and push the lever.
This will open the other door and a Skaarj maybe after you.
Enter this door, thru the passage to a lift that lowers, exit it, a flakshell is here,
then onto the next lift, where it lowers, and 8ball is here, then onto the next lift where it lowers into a chamber.
A dead Nali is here and a Skaarj rises on the platform, expect a tougher battle.
Drop down into the lift and enter the passage. You will enter a "BioFall" room, get on the platform up.


Watcher of the Skies
Author: Nivlek
Filename: Glacena.unr

Overview: An icy surrounding makes for slippery handling, this will be a tough outing.

Exit the door, a Mercenary is ahead. Drop boxes are here with 10 grenades, oh well, the others are in the snow.
More Mercenaries are ahead, and a Dispersion Powerup is here. Nearby is a SuperHealthPak, Assault Vest and 8balls.
Continuing on, look out! its a Titan!
Take him on, but when he's done you can exit.
Boxes near the exit hole have an amplifier and healthpak.


Gala's Peak:
Author: Nivlek
Filename: Abyss.unr

Overview:An Icy plateau, slippery shelves, and a Mansion give no relief to this quest.

Boxes ahead have ASMD cores. Mercenaries are ahead in the snow.
A long icy plateau reaches the Mansion.
There are plenty of Mercenaries. Inside you will find Skaarj. Eventually you will encounter
large Spiders, but the real trick is activating the transporter,
you have to find icy ledges to go down along the edge of the Plateau into a small room with
a button you push, mercenaries guard it.
Get on the transporter and you're off.


Escape from Na Pali
Author: Nivlek
Filename: Nalic2.unr

Overview: The Nali Castle is littered with Krall and Skaarj, maybe tho we find the shuttle? never can tell.

Exit the door. A Nali greets you and beckons you to come.
He motions, and doors open to the side of him.
The Assault vest and ASMD cores are in them. Healthpaks in the barrels.
Kraal are scrambling in the distance.
An automag is in the blocked door area ahead.
Open the door here, Krall are on the other side, one jumps into the water.
Down the way another Krall wanders in. Go in the small tower door.
A krall is at the bottom, with the 8BallGun and Healthpak, barrel has 8Ball.
There are 2 doors here, Krall behind either one, go thru the one on the right
and jump in the water, Drop Boxes have goodies. Swim around and find an
open passage above and enter it.
I will not point out goodies anymore, their obvious. A small room has some barrels,
but look up thru the hole in the ceiling,... the Shuttle!!
but how to get there....
Lets return to the small tower and exit, take the other door and
swim the moat to find more goodies, but thats it.
 Go behind it, a Brute exits the door ahead.
Enter this door, thru the passage, and the next door, krall are on you again,
enter the next door, and a series of doors leads you to a shield belt and lever, push it.
Now go thru the next door, krall jump out after you.
There are goodies in the alcoves, you get them by getting on the chairs at the ledges
and walking the ledge to them.
Enter the door at the end and the next one. Here your in a large chamber
with walkways around a central floorway.
Skaarj are after you.
Dropboxes are on the roof, you will be able to get them, but do not try after you push any levers along the way. A door is on the other end, enter it.
A Krall is here, and a chest has the Razorjack and ammo.
Go up the ramps another krall awaits.
Here you can jump over the railing onto the roof and get the goodies on it,
go thru where the SuperHealthPak is and fall. Return back up the doors and ramps.
Thru the last door is a switch. Hit it, and return back out. Your biggest battle is here against the Warlord.
In the original unreal most likly he teleported out, you didnt kill him, well here he is.
If you lure him into the walkways, he cant avoid your shots as well. After defeated,
return back out. Go back to the barred door area, this time you will find the last door open to the Shuttle. Yay!
Walk towards it.

Intermission:closing sequence-You encounter the Bodega Bay. Have to watch it however!! (Razzzz  8-P )

That is my Walkthru, hope it helps you.
The game is not as difficult as Unreal, plus only 17 levels versus 39 in Unreal, shorter, but this is just a mission pak.
Enjoy it, dernitall!!!

Here are the level names in order as they are played for those who are coop-playing or need info on the sequence.
1. Duskfalls - Edge of Na Pali
2. Nevec - Neve's Crossing
3. Eldora - The Eldora Well
4. Glathriel1 - Glathriel Village (part 1 <parts not indicated in level title>)
5. Glathriel2 - Glathriel Village (part 2)
6. Crashsite - Approaching UMS Prometheus
7. Crashsite1 - UMS Prometheus
8. Crashsite2 - Inside UMS Prometheus
9. Spireland - Spire Valley
10. Nagomi - Nagomi Passage
11. Velora - Velora Temple
12. NagomiSun - Nagomi Passage (part 2)
13. Foundry - Foundry Tarydium Plant
14. Toxic - Bounds of Foundry
15. Glacena - Watcher of the Skies
16. Abyss - Gala's Peak
17. Nalic2 - Escape from Na Pali