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Sept 28, 2002

A few people have gotten UT2k3 in their hands and heres one piccie.

Face 3

Thanks to bean

Sept 27, 2002

There is a patch for UnrealEd 3.0

Steve Polge:
We have included a full suite of tools with Unreal Tournament 2003
for mod authors to make maps, game modifications, textures, and models.
Below are a couple of updates to the UT2003 tools.
* If you are using the Unreal Editor, unzip this file into your UT2003\system directory,
to fix a crash when rebuilding AI paths: Editor Update (1.26 MB).
There is also a problem running the editor on Windows 98.
We should have a fix for this problem posted shortly. *
We are also going to be making the Unreal Development Environment,
a powerful script programming IDE, available very soon. - Steve


from the EPIC tech site


Sept 16, 2002

UT2k3 has gone GOLD!!!
expect to see it in stores maybe as early as next friday!!

map list (from Mark Rein from the official forums...)

There are 37 maps in the game: BR-Anubis BR-Bifrost BR-Disclosure BR-IceFields BR-Skyline BR-Slaughterhouse BR-TwinTombs CTF-Chrome CTF-Citadel CTF-December CTF-Face3 CTF-Geothermal CTF-Lostfaith CTF-Magma CTF-Maul CTF-Orbital2 DM-Antalus DM-Asbestos DM-Compressed DM-Curse3 DM-Flux2 DM-Gael DM-Inferno DM-Insidious DM-Leviathan DM-Oceanic DM-Phobos2 DM-Plunge DM-Serpentine DM-TokaraForest DM-TrainingDay DOM-Core DOM-OutRigger DOM-Ruination DOM-ScorchedEarth DOM-SepukkuGorge DOM-Suntemple Plus there is a vehicle demo map for mod makers to use as a demo of how to implement vehicles. It is appropriately called: VehicleDemo.ut2

Sept 16, 2002

The patch fixes Voodoo 3/5 compatibilities, but an important tweak
straight from Dan Vogel of EPIC...

With the 1080 patch you might run into this "Assertion failed: RenDev [File:WinViewport.cpp] [Line: 536]"
bug on Voodoo 3/5 cards. Please set your desktop resolution to 16 bit
and also don't try to run the game in 32 bit mode.
If you can't get the game to start up any more
set Use16bit to true in the D3DRenderDevice section of your UT2003.ini file.
This has been addressed for the full version of the game. -- Daniel, Epic Games Inc.

Patch for demo now available!

more mirrors at...


NOTE-a pre-release patch candidate was randomly selected in the
ingame updater suffix named RC4, and released, this was done
by EPIC to test the AutoUpdater (which is very nice indeed)
if you used this patch, your fine, it is the exact same patch
as the official release as EPIC deemed it good and simply
renamed the file. Rock on, gang!

Sept 15, 2002

uBer[J|K] on the INA forums collected a number of fun things, tweaks
to do in the Demo. Enjoy

And what bible is complete without the file i put together for my poor 56ker friends?
Sorry i havent given credit to all those who contributed to this, but you all rule if that helps.
Ok to save download EPIC/DE only released the mid rez textures,
so the final full version will look at least 2X better, because there will be at least 2X the detail.
Now to the tweaks First make sure your sound is run by software not hardware,
just select it in game under the setting/audio tab
OK I haven't gone through and thoroughly tweaked every aspect of the UT2003.ini yet
but here are some graphics tweaks I recommend for highest quality graphics:
1) Open UT2003.ini (dont bother backing up the orignial, the engine creates a new one for you if you lose the old one.) Under the [WinDrv.WindowsClient] line:
DecoLayers=True (alows you to see grass and extra water ****)

And under the [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] line:

These are the only options you should have to tweak.
Your computer will detect the rest of the settings and set them accordingly
if you have a machine fast enough to run with high detail
But here is a list of features that you could theoretically bump up to the max for highest quality image detail
(screw framerates, you want to see this game at this best)
[WinDrv.WindowsClient] MinDesiredFrameRate=0.000000
[D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice] DetailTextures=True HighDetailActors=True
this makes the HUD smaller, easier to manage. you can fiddle round with the value to suit yourself though.

SOUND TWEAKS The announcer is real ****ing annoying.
Cliffy B says (if you dont know who he is, umm, search with google or something)
it wont be in the full version. but In the meantime, in your USER.INI file you can change:
bPlayAnnouncer=True to bPlayAnnouncer=False
To disable the voice.

FOR THE REDEEMER To obtain the redeemer, edit your user.ini file in the /System/ directory.
Pick a free button. For mine, I used Z. The entry should be the following
(replace Z with your button of choice, make sure you overwrite the existing entry): binding code:

Z=set XWeapons.Rocketlauncher FireModeClass class'XWeapons.RedeemerFire' | set XWeapons.RedeemerFire AmmoClass Class'XWeapons.RocketAmmo'

Then use the rocket launcher to fire.

god = god
behindview 1 = behing view
summon xeffects.tankvictim = see foryourself, trippy
summon xweapons.ioncannon
summon xeffects.newioneffect
summon xeffects.shark
summon xweapons.redeemeer projectile (shoots redeemer)
summon xweapons.grenade
summon vehicles.bulldog (just gets bang, no vehicle)
suicide = see for yourself
stats fps = shows your fps, ask me about this, ill run you through it all.
Anyway for playing you need a min of 25 in my opinion.
stat all = shows all stats, for modders, level designers, coders etc, u wont need it
slomo -1 = slow! stuff great for karma

ADRENALINE Adrenaline is obtained by picking up the capsules, which boost your level by 3,
or by killing opponents, which boosts it by 10.
To perform these adrenaline moves you need 100 adrenaline.
They last until the adrenaline runs out.
BERSERK :: Fwd, Fwd, Back, Back
:: INVISIBILITY :: Left, Left, Right, Right
:: BOOSTER : Back, Back, Back, Back
:: SPEED :: Fwd, Fwd, Fwd, Fwd
:: NEW MOVEMENT SYSTEM DOUBLE JUMP ::Jump, then jump again at the top of the first jump
:: DODGE :: Double tap Strafe Left or Right
:: DODGE JUMP :: Perform dodge, then jump before you land
:: WALL JUMP :: Run along a wall and jump into it. Press jump and opposite strafe when you hit the wall.
(If the wall is to the right, jump+strafe left and vice versa)
:: LIFT JUMP :: When very close to the top of a lift, jump and you recieve a great deal more momentum,
propelling you alot further
:: SHIELD JUMP :: Charge up the primary fire mode of the shield gun, look towards the floor and release.
After the kickback, jump again to pull off the shield jump
:: SCREENSHOTS press f9 for screenies saved to the ut2k3 system folder

Sept 15, 2002

This comes from a TNT2 card running the Demo.
The user mentions he might not have the correct Ram.
As always, users need to make sure their system is in tune,
latest drivers, and always check up on the
Motherboard BIOS and system drivers as they
have a lot to say on how the system is running.

Sept 14, 2002

a few random comments from the demo....

SO FREAKING IMPRESSIVE!!! /yea, downloaded & played it....I LOVE IT~!!!!@!@!@@#$!@#~~!!!!

It feels like quake to me. I happen to like quake but I was hoping for UT.
I've got it. But I can't play it System crashes
That announcer has got to go!!
I think the new announcer rocks... like a true sporting event...
the announcer is CHEEEESSSYYYYYY so are the weapons. they are almost neon colored :/

I think this CPU is a bit slow for this guy...


a little bit'o this n that 8-}

Sept 13, 2002

the first (from my references) the first screenshot from the demo.
start yer droolin...
with a thanx to TGZ on the GTF Refugee Camp forum at

Sept 13, 2002

From the IRC #UT2003 channel, Mark Rein indicates that he is uploading the demo to Infogrames.
The demo is on its way!!!

Sept 13, 2002

We must be....closer...

Now this is close


..hack..cough...who started the smoke machine?....

Sept 13, 2002

ono, someone rescue CliffyB!!!

umm, looks like he's stuck there for a while....

sure, just rub it in now.....

Sept 12, 2002

Finger taps, thumbs twiddle...

Sept 12, 2002

Reason the demo isnt ready

Thanks to the Cliffy sign cam 8-}
Jack Porter is one of the EPIC programmers.
We're all waiting in great angst!
Viewers of the cam can change the sign at will
which is located in EPIC's offices (likely CliffyB's no less)
Thanx gang and the fun waiting even.

Sept 11, 2002

is updated getting ready for the demo for mirrors.
hold onto your hats!

Sept 10, 2002

Additional info

...grabbed from an IRC chat...

It's very possible it could be ready as early as today or as late as Friday
The demo is just under 100Mb zipped
yes stats system is in the demo
It is possible the demo could come out today but it's a low degree of possibility
That depends on the feedback but I would be surprised if we released another demo before we go gold
4 maps: 2 DM, 1 CTF, 1 BR (Bombing Run)
The full game isn't done yet but this is a very important step toward getting it done.
Only 1 model in the demo. That was the only way to keep it under 100Mb.
It has all the weapons that are in the maps we're releasing with the exception of the super weapons (redeemer, ion cannon)

Straight from Mark Rein from an announcement post on the INA forums...

Demo should be ready this week
Hi Folks, The demo is nearly ready to go. It should be out sometime within the next few days.
Keep watching this space (the stickies) for an announcement.
When it's ready we'll just be releasing it randomly to a few major sites so that hopefully
it will spread like wildfire and everyone will be able to get it from their favorite games site.
There won't be any special exclusives or anything like that.
We want everyone to be enjoying it the minute it goes live.


I'm expecting the demo to be out sooner than 5 days but things have a way of cropping up
and biting us in the ass so you never know. It could be as early as
tomorrow or as late as the weekend but I'm pretty confident that it's this week

Sept 9, 2002

The Unreal Tornament 2003 demo may be close to being released,
no date is set firm, it could be any moment. Once released this site will go bonkers with
news and information and map work and opinions on the demo and game.
The demo is expected to ship with 2 DM maps, 1 CTF map and
1 Bombing run map. The demo should be server ready meaning it can host
games straight up. A Linux version of the demo may also be released.
Hang tight, the ride may be about to begin!