Ok, so maybe you felt like this sometimes. Never fear...
You will find all kinds of PC tricks to help with your gaming right here.

On all systems....
The Net is invaluable for getting the latest drivers, if you reached here, you can grab them.
Most motherboard/vidcard/soundcard etc  manufacturers have them.
A web search will help locate them or your literature has a link to their site.
Motherboards... Grab the BIOS and FLASH the motherboard BIOS, this is usually done from a floppy, the system
doesn't take that much room.
Motherboards...Grab the system drivers and update them (every one of them, Hard drive IDE, PCI/AGP bus drivers, etc)
and update them within windows, (or your system OS), you may have to reboot several times till everything is ON.
Soundcards, Vidcards, Modems, should also be available on the net,
but I will eventually supply correct links.

Here is an excellent site...

This will give you info on almost every system.

Some Side notes about computers and software use.
As time goes, sometimes the HD gets fragged out and we scandisk and defrag.
But sometimes this will affect system files.
If you notice some degredation of the system, like booting problems, shut down problems,
somtimes something just doesnt seem right, it may be time for a reinstall of Windows or your operating OS.
I have written to AMD about various problems and they recomend doing such.
I personally do not let Win98 do a FAT32 on my C: drive when formatting,
because partitioning out the drive into operational D:. E:, etc drives allows me
to store programs off the C: drive and if I want to
reinstall windows, I can wipe the C: drive clean, leaving the others intact, then install win9x again,
and not bother installed programs.
I leave FAT32 for big files such as media files that sometimes need large
uninterrupted space, and can be larger than the Max 2 gigs allowed by
FAT16, using a separate Hard Drive which is not my booting disk.
There are some DVD games out there tho that would be very friendly on a FAT32'ed HD.

More to come.
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