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April 21, 2002

Much has happenned between last and now,
the 9/11 incident interrupted my usual swing of things.
A UT style tribute to the World Trade Center,
and made 2 maps, CTF-Talib, and AS-GetUsama!
If you know your news, you will understand these maps.
Let us never forget our purpose and carry on.

Now, I will be hitting my swing of work again, I will be ramping up
my work on Return To Na Pali: Search, the SP campaign that will
send the player back to Na Pali for some new original adventures.
And there will be a few twists. You will have to play it to know.
Get ready!

I also have the big urge to make some serious Skaarj-style CTF maps.
I have played quite a number of great looking maps with great architecture,
uh, but this idea goes the Skaarj way, plus I want to make some maps that makes
using the Bonus Paks Skaarj player, Nali, and Nalicow to best use for players.
I have another Assault map Idea of the Nali escaping their mine caves against the Skaarj,
perfect for the BP models.
Down the line I will rework my AS-SkaarjAttack map
and rework my CTF-ChiTown map.

Big things to happen here so stay tuned.

December 17, 2000
Has it been that long since I updated this page?
I made it over the 10,000 hits!!!
This site hasn't been on the big hit list,
but it shows you guys and gals out there appreciate it,
thats why I make and work it.
On the agenda, the 4 team ctf map pak and mods are available for
Unreal Tournament, the CTF4MapPakRedDwarf.UMOD
which contains 5 maps and 2 mods which gets you going on 4 team ctf.
Another project in the works, the Return To Na Pali COOP project.
New maps for COOP play in RTNP, unfortunately COOP in the original
game is not possible except on single level play.
My new maps fix this and will be posted up soon.
Another project in the works is a Face map resource,
INOXX's popular (or UN-popular as you see fit <wink>)
has created a number of inspired maps.
The FACED site will be up soon with references to
Face styled maps. If you plan on making a face map,
check in to see if a named version doesnt already exist.
More info will be in the site.
I am working on a 4 team ctf map and will be updating with screenshots, its
in the early stages, but after some basic work, I plan to open it up to
gamers comments about what may be cool to add into the map.
Keep checking in, I am not dead!!

November 18,1999
Not much new for Return To Na Pali,
but I have updated the missions page, I added
Unreal Tournament as a mission, go get the game! heh.
I am working on some site modifications that will make it even cooler.

September 18, 1999
No updates for a while, till NOW!!
Massive update to the walthru which now includes screenshots from the game.
I used D3D for the screenshots on an STB 4400.
There is a masking bug in the game, whether it be game or drivers in D3D, but I used the images anyway.
When it is fixed, I will update those images.

September 8, 1999
I have added music to this page, it will always be something good
with an Unreal-like sound, I will change it every update.
Hope you have a great soundcard to play midis.
The Labor Weekend server didnt really go that well, I do not have a great connection,
so if someone out there can put up a standard map running server with a good connection,
it will help. The Screenshot walkthru is progressing and I am posting them when I finish each.
This site will undergo some enhancements, in the works, stay tuned!
August 17, 1999
This site is slowly growing, I just added a DM level linked direct to Nali city
DMMineFacilityNP, it plays well, and its fast with enough variety
to make it interesting and challenging. Load up your game, grab the level and
frag away!
Level created by Freeman.
August 16, 1999
I have updated the Walkthru to include map authors and filenames for those who are coop-playing,
plus an individual map filelist.
Also added bugfixes page, linked from main page.
August, 2, 1999
This site may grow, develop, change, but will always be here.
In its opening, (curtain rises) its first offering is
a walkthru of the game written by me, dinwitty.
Return to Na Pali is a Mission Pak to the original game Unreal.
It carries the storyline further after the end of Unreal.
A few comments from the top about the game in general...
System requirements mention that it requires Unreal or Unreal Tournament.
  • If you look at the system requirements for those games, you will see what is required.
  • However in the CD Pamphlet it lists out the requirements which are......
  • CPU: P166 Mhz
  • Memory:16MB
  • Available HD Space: 100MB
  • Distribution Media Drive: CD-ROM
  • Audio System: Windows 95 Compatible Sound Card
  • Video System: PCI Local Bus Video Card
  • O/S: Windows 9X
  • Personally I have an AGP vidcard and runs fine.
  • I will post news on the game here as available, perhaps review any Na Pali created maps, or whatever the inspiration becomes.
  • Return To Na Pali has had mixed reviews, but any game will have that,
  • but in map level creation, the game offers what Unreal has, plus 3 new weapons, 3 new enemies,
  • new textures, classes, and many other fun things the original Unreal does not have.
  • So all you level makers, take a peek at what Na Pali will do for your creativity,
  • as it also has the UnrealEd level editor.
  • Side note:I am unsure if my email is working properly,
  • if you have a question for me, go ahead and email me,
  • but also post it up in the planetunreal forum as I read it often.
  • Enough talk, down to business.
  • Return To Na Pali Walkthrough
  •  walkthruNaPali.htm
  • -dinwitty-