Vortex Na Pali

Cmdr Dinwitty Speaking:
Due to recent conflicts with our competition, an organized championship
has been realized. Your exclusive experience on Na Pali enthuses us to give you the opportunity
to participate in this unique venture, it will allow us to find the best person for our work,
and allows you to improve even further.
However, we need to update your interface controller, but you will have to acquire this on your own.
We have numerous distribution sites and the update has been encoded with an EKG BioVisAlt encryption.
We have sampled your brain alphas, and enfused a temporary anomally
which is harmless to you, you didn't even notice its effect when we altered it.
When you visit the distribution center, the update will have the words on it, "Unreal Tournament"
which only you can see, any others including the competition will only see a random generated image
generated by our central transmitters.
Please also acquire the necessary credits to exchange for the update
so we can trace the acquisition for verification of your reciept,
and not to alert others or competition of the acquisition to you of the update.
Once you have the update installed, instructions within the update will guide you further.

  The following mission has been recommended by the League of Commisioners,
Please use the following link to access its data.
Advanced information:
  We found a mine facility infiltrated with rogues, the weak local government needs it
cleared so they can activate the facility.
Freeman Co. Mine Facility. Link DMMineFacilityNP.Zip
The technical team informs us this data is only compatible with your
secondary mission program you have stored on your communications interface.
You have named this... Return To Na Pali. Please use only this program for this data.
Intelligence has just informed me this mission is dangerous, we will be monitoring your progress,
remember we have your DNA records intact, so if anything happens, we can assimulate
your mass, beam it together and return it intact to a new location, so dont worry.
Captain out.

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....end of transmission....