This page will feature works in progress.
I will of course show my work, but I will feature
other work as well, send it!! Email is on my front page.
Please use the jpg format.

This page may change often so check back!!

CTF-CoretClassic for UT2004

UT's CTF-Coret makes a return in a revamped version by Red Dwarf for UT2004.

DOWNLOAD!!! this site

DOWNLOAD!!! Unreal Playground

DOWNLOAD!!! Faster Files

DOWNLOAD!!! Celtic Warlords

DOWNLOAD!!! Nali City

DOWNLOAD!!! UT2004 Maps

DOWNLOAD!!! Beyond Unreal


more mirrors as available will be added

DM-Deck16UTClassic for UT2003

The classic Deck 16 from UT is painstakingly ported over to UT2003
and UT2003 features added, the Slime pit splashes and wobbles
the single Adrenaline pill replaces the jumpboots and will give you
selectable powers, including Beserk mode which allows you to Shield-jump
out of the pit safely. The new Ion Cannon with the Painter Gun is in this map
as well as the Redeemer, look out for some crazy frag-antics here!

Download the full version here!!



For users with restricted downloads, try these solutions....

Basic DM-Deck16UTClassic without textures or music
(smaller download)


You must download SaveMeG.OGG

(place in music folder)


Now for the textures,
if you already own Unreal Tournament,
you only need to copy these textures over to the
UT2003 textures folder

DecayedS.utx and UTtech2.utx

If you do not own Unreal Tournament, you MUST download the textures.



These are NOT the full texture packages, just the required textures.
But would be a one time download
Should you own UT you can safely overwrite
the above 2 files.



(for the Special Edition Unreal distributed by Creative)

This is a tweak of the level dark.unr on the Unreal OEM version
that came with the Diamond Monster Fusion 3D Accellerator video card for the PC.
Users of this version had a problem loading the final level (Dark.unr).
This level fixes the problem and adds a special ending.
It will ONLY work on the Special Edition,
it will not work on any patched versions of Unreal
but is workable (for the curious) on unpatched Unreal (version 200 retail release)



Thats right, our ole arch-nemisis Usama Bin Laden (or Osama for others)

has done an ultimate dastardly deed.
Well, get your pipes on and give him the arse kicking he deserves in this map!!
Disclaimor, for entertainment purposes only.
Don't come terrorizing me, or I'll tell your mommy.
In the meantime, free the Nali from the grips of Usama!!





CTF-Talib is based on concepts surrounding the Taliban situation in Afgahanistan.

It is by no means a reflection of the circumstances or the conflict there
or the tragic events that have surrounded it.

However it is a basis to create a unique map.
Pull up your UT and enjoy.




Using the new TeamMonster mod, I reworked CTF-Face to
include some Unreal creatures to work with or against you
in another crazy rendition of Face.
CTF-FaceKrall features the Krall, and the Pupae and GasBag.
Each have their tasks to do, so if you like to snipe or so on, watch out!



Up first to get things rolling is an Unreal Tournament map I, dinwitty, am working on.
This is an Assault match which will include battling out Skaarj.
Both teams have to oppose the Skaarj as well as each other.
The winner will have a stronger bargaining and bragging rights
with the Liandri Board of Directors.

The Skaarj are attacking Earth and both Teams must end it.
But I won't reveal the secrets I have for this level except the screenshots..hehehe


Remember, this is a work in progress, who knows how it will really end up!!

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