Vortex Na Pali

Cmdr Dinwitty Speaking:

<out of character for a moment 8-}

here are my suggestions in getting a Na Pali server running.
I have learned that Return to Na Pali uses the normal Unreal netplay
so if you use the 224 or 225f   normal unreal, use the server browser to get the IP address.
Write it down then open Na Pali, go into join game and drop the IP into the open feature.

To set up a server, do this.
 List your server

                     Find the [IpDrv.ServerUplink] section of your unreal.ini (located in \unreal\system\
                     directory) and set DoUplink=True, and MasterServerAdress=unreal.gamespy.com. Also, set
                     the comment string to identify your server. That's it!

                          CommentString=Server Name Here
  (straight from the PU server info)
These are all in the advanced options so it can all be set up in the network setups.
I couldnt find IpDrv.ServerUplink so do it in advanced options, (its a different name really).
In the server name. be sure you prominetly mention its a Return to Na Pali server, not  an Unreal server.
I read somewhere someone posted they opened a Na Pali server but normal Unreal players tried to connect,
and they got errors failed to load class, etc etc etc.
  <back in character.....>

 It has come to my attention that you are experiencing interface problems
with your communications controller.
My Sub-Commander informed me of this and I will let him describe the solution for you.

                    If you're encountering something between levels that seems to be a freeze or lock-up,
                    first hit <TAB> and type exit. Even if you can't see what you're typing, that usually
                    gets you out.

                    Second, please check your "unreal.ini" file in your system folder. Near the top you'll find
                    a setting reading, "Console=". If it doesn't read, "Console=UPak.UPakConsole" please
                    change it so it does, and save the file.

                    If you had to change it, something you did after installation reset your .ini file- perhaps
                    changing the console manually in Unreal's advanced options.

Thank you Lieutenant. You also reported the controller had rotational problems.
This is the turn fix.
                    Go into Advanced Options.
                    Under Raw Key Bindings, make the following changes:
                    Change "Left" from "TurnLeft" to "Axis aMouseX Speed=-75" (that's a
                    negative 75)
                    Change "Right" from "TurnRight" to "Axis aMouseX Speed=75"

                    you can change the 75 to 45 if the turning is too fast.

You reported saving critical data and reloading brought only an error message from our
server bank; "Server at capacity". We traced this problem and found it within your controller.
Please use the following information from our technical team to resolve this.

To fix this you need to edit the unreal.ini file in the unreal system folder like this.

                    Double click the my computer icon on your windows desktop.
                    Double click the icon for the hard drive where you installed the games (usually C:\).
                    Double click the folder where the game files are installed.
                    Double click the system folder.
                    Double click the icon for the file named Unreal.ini.
                    If Notepad does not open, select Notepad from the menu opened.
                    Find the section of this file labeled Engine.Gameinfo.
                    Find the entry for MaxPlayers.
                    Change the value next to MaxPlayers from 16 to 32.
                    Click on file.
                    Click on save.
                    Exit notepad.

The technical team also informed me there will be an upgrade to your controller software after they finish
the next upgrade to their own system. They are reportedly calling it the 226 patch, but that is conjecture.
When they are completed with it, they will convert it for your controller.

This should bring you up to date on these issues.
Over and Out.
10 4 good buddy (as they said on ancient earth)
  Cpt. Dinwitty

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