Welcome to FACED!!!

FACED is a repository for all those
Face inspired maps out there in netland.
This site will keep track of them
and locate links and info where to download
and any conflicts of names, and
anything else that may pop up.



March 28, 2001
Added pic versions for maps.
Mini reviews with each map if I found it.
I don't number rate the maps, but will clue in if the map
works or not or needs some work and so on.
Some maps do just minor tweaks to the original,
others add some great features to the original,
some are total reworks,
and lastly, those that use the face concept of gameplay.
There are more face maps for me to add including
the Red Dwarf versions.
You can visit the CTF+ site to see those, he has 2 team versions as well.
Next update I should have those and more in.

March 18, 2001

This page goes live today with the known face maps at the time of
original conception. More may have come out.
Not included yet is the BonusPak4 FaceSE, which will get in soon.
Next update with new ones if any.
Maps are not in any order, I may fix that later.
Note, Face inspired maps, as some may use concepts
Face has, but look nothing like the original face.
At this writing Gamespy is undergoing some
server upgradings, some fileplanet links may not
be working. If no link, try again sometime later.
Got a face map?
email me!