Welcome to CTF-PLUS!!!


Sept 9, 2002

Update on Remote server commands straight from Entropic Liquid

admin set CTFPlusGame .bAllowMultiCaptures (true || false)
admin set CTFPlusGame .bForceTeamCaps (true || false)
admin set CTFPlusGame .bNoExtraTime (true || false)
admin set CTFPlusGame .bSingleFlag (true || false)
admin set CTFPlusGame .bForceCarry (true || false)
admin set CTFPlusGame .bCarrierScoring (true || false)
admin set CTFPlusGame .ScoreTime

June 9, 2001

Map download links are now pointed to the FilePlanet system.
FP now has a queue system where you wait for an available file
instead of getting the annoying "SERVER TOO BUSY" message.
Much better, try mirrors if you can't get in.

April 15, 2001

CTF4-ExtremeCore has been updated and fixed,
and is now compatible to CTF4 and Multi-CTF mods.
Visit the Maps page to grab it!

November 28, 2000

The Maps link is now updated with the individual
map downloads; mods, textures to follow!

November 8, 2000

A while since an update, but work has been gangbusters to get...
into reality!!!
The links on the left are changed to only the map pak,
and it includes....
>CTF4 and CTFPlus mods<
All textures are included, and the latest releases of the mods.
The pak is zipped with a UMOD file.
There should be mirrors soon.
Click on the maps to see screenshots.
Maps will be available soon individually,
as well as the mods.

September 1, 2000

We have been testing and banging on the maps
and tweaking out bugs with the mods.
Me (dinwitty) is going on vacation for 2 weeks,
and there wont be any expected updates in that time
and CTF+ will not be ready, BUT
we are EXTREMELY close to release, anyday we can say

August 15,2000

I added the CTF+ int file on the left
link window, if you downloaded some versions on this page
they did not include this file assumming you already have this file.
Just right click and save straight into your UT system folder.
Very tiny file.


July 24, 2000
CTF+ Final Beta is released for hardcore testers, bugs have been fixed
from the previous release, knock away on testing before the final is released
or have some fun. Check the sidebar for the link.
When the final is released, we will be releasing our map pak. Wheee!!
This is only the *.u file and will not contain the *.int file,
if your new, scan down for the *.int file. Everything goes in the
system folder. It is simply a ZIP file, no UMOD.
The final will be in zip and UMOD.

I also decided to add screenshots and info on the coming map pak.
Since I preworked this version of the site and the CTF+beta was released,
it was only natural... ;)


CTF+2.00 beta released!!!!
EntropicLiquid has worked over his CTF+ mod with more Plusses!
This version adds some gaming features
plus selectable on/off settings for them.

Multiple captures is now selectable.

Team Captures, meaning if one color has been
capped, you must then cap a different color.

No Extra Time feature disables Sudden Death overtime and the winner
is chosen by overall team scoring or if even, by random choice (see readme!)

Single Flag Game scores similar to Domination for how long you control the single flag.

Carry The Flag Home means the flag will not teleport back to the base and must be carried.

Score Interval is the time in seconds till a point is awarded for
Single Flag game or Give Carrier Points is selected.

Give Carrier Points allows the player a point for
carrying an enemy flag for every Score Interval.

more shtuph

3 maps for 4 flag CTF are nearly done and will be released at the same time.
Coret, Face and Command, and the 2 mods, CTF4 and CTF+ are now
compatible to the standard flagbase meaning only one map is
needed for both mods.
Be sure to check out the latest CTF+ version on the sample maps!
The CTF+ flagbase is technically obselete but still functional
in the latest mod, and I soon will be updating (and tweaking minor fixes)
on my sample maps

June 18, 2000
I decided to update this page with the new frames format.
It will continue to be simple, and sizeable, all the
quicker to load and manipulate around.
At this point there will be no non-frames version,
but you can easily download one on the net that can ... hint hint.
Stay tuned to this site, bookmark it, some goodies are
about to be released, and I will also soon feature the CTF4 mod
and 4 flag CTF in general. This is not a review site, but a place
to share 4 team CTF, and it is about to kick in.
I am helping work on maps as well as this site
and there may or may not be frequent updates,
but we will guarantee to be worth their while.


May 31, 2000
please grab the latest version!!!

Some users may have reported flag cap problems,
if you downloaded the version below (not the map)
it may not include the *.int file needed.
The full release version 1.6 is  GONE!!!Here, 
The INT file alone unzipped is GONE!!!re. 
Right click and save into the UT system folder
(we humans are so perfect, no?)

May 30, 2000

This is modified from the Unreal level ExtremeCore.
I consider this level still a demo for
CTFPlus, especially since it is singleplayer designed.
But it has some great pathing lending perfectly to DM or CTF or even some Domination.
Grab it Here!
Be sure to read the textfile included.

May 27, 2000

CTF+ v 1.6 is available right GONE!! DL LATEST!!!
This version now has multi-flag grabs and captures.
You can even have only 3 flags and only 3 flag symbols show up.
The CTFP prefix is reverted to normal CTF
(but you must have the CTF+ flagbases to work)
Double flags of one color also work (2 red, 2 blue flags)
adding to the excitement.
Bots still have some tweaking work but will still make a good game.

May 14, 2000
CTF-Plus is now compatible with standard maps.
CTF-Plus is being developed by EntropicLiquid, (his nick)
You can download CTF-Plus right Here
This site will have news, information, help, suggested maps.
CTF+ will not work with normal CTF maps.
It is a new extension labeled CTFP, and is a subset of the CTF game.
The mod/mutator adds two more colors that players carry
and that is the green and yellow flags in
addition to the red and blue. At this point players can only carry one flag
but any flag carried except your color scores points.
Bots do work in CTF+ but right now they play a ring-around-colors
in grabbing, attacking, capturing, which will be fixed later.
The capability to grab multi-flags and score them all is planned.
Personally I have some maps in the makings for CTF+
however, right now, if you want to check out CTF+,
check out this test level right click and save and unzip 9into the maps folder.
Playing the game is as easy as selecting the game type in UT
and the level will appear. Oh, BTW, you can now select
Green and Yellow as a player.
Throw in 3 bots (or 4 and spectate)
and watch the fun begin.
comments, help, email me!

This site will add/change/improve as time goes!