Welcome to the
Return To Na Pali
COOP Project!


August 17, 2007

RTNP to Unreal (RTNP:Search-Prelude) is near completion.
More content added to it giving it more maps. Be surprised, its still all Unreal.

The GWPress DM levels will come with release.
This work is meant to bring the mappage of RTNP to Base Unreal, so MAC players rejoice.
There is a storyline change based on my other project RTNP:Search.
RTNP:Search will be all original mappage.
RTNP:Search MIGHT be co-created on Unreal and UT3 (when released)
Stay tuned. 8-D

May 27, 2006

Time Schmime
Its still on
I feel like Duke Nukem Forever.
The project grows a little again and better than before.

August 2, 2005

A semi-public beta will be released but not
a wild announced deal, only private circles may get the beta.
It will not be a final version, but to give it a test workout.
Final version will have yet more content.

January 16, 2005

He's not dead, Jim.
Believe me its still going, getting cloooseerrrrrrrrr to finish..

June 29, 2004

Still here? So are we.
RTNP2Unreal still undergoes refinement with some new and fixed material.
The standard RTNP ending won't be, the adventure continues..a bit.
Hang in there... 8-D

March 25, 2004

Still a go on RTNP2Unreal, its essentially finished save buggers being
worked out. But like all things ideas spawn, and the project
may grow a little bit, IE, a big finish....

July 16, 2003

There will be at least one added map to the RTNP2Unreal
conversion, RTNP uses maps that didnt make it into
original Unreal, but there is one map that was meant to be in and
didn't make it to either game...
look for it 8-D

The conversion is still being tweaked around, we discover things
and learn something else, all this will enhance the gameplay

cross your fingers

May 24, 2003

Mini news update on RTNP to Unreal
A bit of coding mod work has been done by Asgard
in getting some interesting tidbits for this project.
Along that line the maps are undergoing some changes
only in the storyline and some scene changes
that will match in to an RTNP project SEARCH
(on this site as well), the spinners and predators are getting a tweakover.

Some info on this project:
No intermissions as is in RTNP.
No RTNP specific music.
No Space Marines.
Gateway map included, will teleport you to the Na Pali surface,
with secrets allowing you to play Unreal.
Fully Coopable
Various scene changes reflecting a new storyline.
Crashsite ending is totally changed!
watch out for new surprises....

December 18, 2002

Coming soon...
RTNP conversion to Unreal
coop compatible

August 20, 2001

If you downloaded the UGoldRTNPCOOPBeta2.zip
it has been apparently corrupt.
I have re-uploaded it a 3rd time, please try the file again.
20 megs not something to shake a stick at.
Either my FTP proggie or Fileplanet has buggered it,
I changed FTP proggies, now we see what. 8-D

July 18, 2001

A patch for the MegaUnrealCOOPPak is here!!!
The patch fixes compatibility for Unreal Versions 225f and before.
It remains compatible with Versions 226a, 226Final and Unreal Gold versions.
Also, the original zip has been updated, if you previously
downloaded the file, you need to run the patch.
New users only need to grab the COOPPak, not the patch.

July 10, 2001


This is a fix for the endings of the COOP gaming
and allows continuous uninterrupted COOP gaming without resetting servers.
It also tweaks the ending maps for some more fun doings!
Also the unused Gateway map gets used for
aiding restarting the coop games.
It fixes Unreal, Return To Na Pali, and Unreal Gold.

What are you staring at, its on the left panel!!!! Go Grab it!!


May 2, 2001

I have a tweak fix for coop, more like a 15 meg BETA tweak.
The zip file has a modified UPak.U and necessary fixed maps for single AND coop play.
This is BETA and more work is to be done. But WORKS.
This directly alters RTNP so coop players must DL this.
Maps themselves are done fixed, so later downloads will ONLY be the UPak.U.
Wanna coop with RTNP, get in the game with THIS!
See sidebar for Downloads.
5 maps required fixing, others unaltered.
This removes intermissions from the singleplayer game, but I found it
just or even more fun playing singleplayer without the intermissions.
I have also posted up my separate coop maps (they do not alter RTNP)
These are BETA as well, but DO work.
Coop either way!
Want RTNP back to normal? just copy UPak.U from your CD into the system folder.
(But why do you?)

addendum-Upak.u and maps separated downloads.
Grab both, about 7-8 megs each.
Maps are a MUST download, but a one time download.
UPak.U file to fix coop for now, more to come.
UPak.U should be compatible to RTNP patched to 226 (RTNP patch only)

October 11, 2000

This is a project to bring COOP play to the
Unreal Mission Pak, Return To Na Pali.
The singleplayer maps for the game
were meant as singleplayer, but
thought for COOP was put into the maps.
Because of the game's uniqueness
to further the Unreal storyline,
COOP play was limited to single map

The release of the Unreal Gold with the combined
Unreal and Mission Pak is excellent with
improved graphics, D3D support and
a UT style interface.
But the COOP gaming wasnt changed.

After researching the maps I discovered
it was not possible to use the maps for
the traditional Unreal COOP as we know it.
The solution was to create all new maps
that convert the maps to the
COOP style.

Beta versions of the map series are made now and available soon.