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Unreal Tournament performs best with at least 64 MB of system memory.  With 128 MB of system memory, you should never see any pauses due to virtual memory swapping.  TNT 1, TNT 2 and GeForce 256 users with less than 128MB of RAM may experience heavy virtual memory swapping.  This is a known issue with the current Nvidia Direct3D drivers.   We are working with Nvidia to improve this situation.

Unreal Tournament also requires space for a swap file on your system hard drive.  We recommend you allow Windows to automatically manage your swap file.

Frame Rate Tweaks

Note that the 'advanced options' window can only be accessed by typing 'preferences' at a console prompt.

Direct3D Rendering


OpenGL Rendering

Software Rendering


Experiencing poor Internet play on your  Voodoo3 3500TV?

As Voodoo Extreme reports, the Voodoo3 3500TV's WebTV installer does some evil things to your Internet setting, causing many games (including Unreal Tournament and Quake 3 Arena) to experience poor Internet play:

Hello, We are aware of the problems that the Voodoo3 3500TV is experiencing with online games. Many of these problems can be cured by removing WebTV, however that will disable the Visual Reality software. The problem usually can also be cured by removing the Internet Explorer 5 upgrade from Windows98. While these are just a work around, and not really fixes, both options usually will cure the problem until 3dfx releases a real fix. We are currently working with Microsoft to try and figure out whether the problem is due to Microsoft software (WebTV and IE5) or 3dfx software (3500TV drivers and Visual Reality).

Thank you for your patience,
Aaron D. Patton
3dfx Interactive Email Support

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