Unreal URLs

Tim Sweeney
Epic MegaGames, Inc.

Audience: Level Designers, Server Administrators.
Last Updated: 07/21/99

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Unreal URLs

Unreal uses the standard URL (uniform resource locator) syntax of the WorldWide Web for identifying levels, entry options, and startup options.  This approach unifies Unreal's local level switching with its network play. A sample URL is:


A URL consists of the following parts.

The following are player URL options, which may be specified either when starting a local game or entering a network game.

The following are server URL options, which may be specified either when starting a local game, or starting a dedicated server.  They are not recognized for clients who are entering a network game, because the server options have already been set at that point.

In addition to these predefined URL options, licensees using the Unreal engine and users creating mods can define entirely new options.  The URL options are processed in the GameInfo class in two places: InitGame parses the server options when the dedicated server is started; and Login parses the player options when each client (either local or remote) who connects to the server.

Several kinds of URLs are used commonly: