Unreal Public Source Distribution


All files contained here are the property of Epic Games, Inc.  They are provided without warranty, and under the same terms as the Unreal retail license agreement: You may use them for your personal, non-profit enjoyment, but you may not sell or otherwise commercially exploit the source or things you created based on the source.


Unzip the source distribution into your root Unreal directory, for example c:\Unreal.   You must use the exact same version of Unreal patch and public source distribution.  If you have different versions, then the DLL's you recompile with the source distribution will almost certainly fail to run.

Tools Required

To recompile the source, you must have Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0, either with no service packs, or with SP1.  The source does not work with previous versions of Visual C++.  The source may or may not work with subsequent versions and service packs.  If you are using anything other than this exact version, don't even think about emailing us asking why it doesn't work.

How Each Package (.DLL) Is Structured

Unreal packages are described in detail in the Package Documentation.  The source code for each package (for example, MyPackage) that contains a C++ .DLL component is as follows:

Directory Structure

Additional Documentation

Visit the Unreal Technology Page for our complete online documentation.