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Unreal Technology Partners
Announced Third-Party Developers Using the Unreal Technology

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Duke Forever 3D Realms GT Interactive

Duke Nukem Forever

Genre: 3D Action Game.
Notable: Sequel to the best-seller.
Official: Web Site, News Release, Epic News Bulletin
Press: GameSpot, GameSpot Interview
Fan Sites: Duke4.com , DukeWorld, Nuclear Meltdown, Duke Nukem Forever World, Total Destruction


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Deus Ex Ion Storm Eidos

Deus Ex

Genre: 3D Role Playing Game.
Notable: From Warren Spector, the designer of the best-sellers Ultima Underworld and System Shock.
Press: GameCenter, GameSpot, GamingPlanet, Warren Spector Interview
Fan Sites: Deus Ex Incarnate, Ion Troopers


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Wheel of Time  




Wheel of Time

Genre: 3D Action / Strategy / RPG.
Notable: Based on the bestselling fantasy book series by Robert Jordan.
Fan Sites: The World of Dreams, Wheel of Time Network, Wheel of Time Index (book info), DragonSwoon Magazine (book fanzine).
Press: GaGames Preview, Avault Preview


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Klingon Honor Guard Microprose Paramount

Star Trek: Klingon Honor Guard

Genre: 3D Action.
Press: GameSpot Preview, Avault Preview, Next Generation Preview, OGR Screenshots, IGN Review, PCFan Review, GameZone
Fan Sites: LCARS News
Official: Press Release


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X-Com Microprose

X-Com Alliance

Genre: 3D Strategy / Action.
Notable: Continues the popular X-Com series.
Official: Press Release
Fan Sites: Unofficial FAQ, Abductee Support Group,
Press: GaGames Review, Games.net Preview, Next Generation E3 Preview, GameSpot Writeup, Games nyheter, Unrealized.


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Werewolf Dreamforge White Wolf ASC Games

Werewolf: The Apacolypse

Genre: 3D Action RPG
Notable: Based on the award-winning pen and paper RPG.
Official: Press Release
Press: IGN Interview


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TNN Pro Hunter DreamForge ASC Games

TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter

Genre: 3D Sport Hunting
Press: Computainment, PlanetUnreal interview, Next Generation review
Official: Press Release, Other Press Release, Screen Shots


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Navy Seals SierraFX Sierra

Navy Seals

Genre: Squad-based 3D Tactical Simulation
Official: Forum, Press Release, AGN3D Screenshots


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Hired Guns Devil's Thumb Psygnosis

Hired Guns

Genre: 3D Realtime Strategy / Action
Notable: Look at the intricate user interface this team has put together in the Unreal engine!
Official: Press Release
Press: Sharky Extreme, GameCenter, Gamers Alliance


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Deep Space Nine Collective GT Interactive

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Genre: Realtime action game in the Star Trek universe.

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AeonFlux Collective MTV GT Interactive

Aeon Flux

Genre: 3D Action Game
Notable: Leather-clad mercenary, freedom fighter and and model equiped with deadly weapons and seductive powers.
Fan sites: Monican Dominatrix, Aeon Flux FAQ

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