Obsolete Versions of Unreal

The following patches are out of date, but are provided in case anybody needs them. Note: Each patch is complete and self-contained, so you don't need to download more than one patch.

Unreal: Version 220 Public Beta Patch

Installation instructions

To install a patch: Download it. Run WinZip to extract the files. Exract the files into your c:\Unreal\System directory, replacing the existing versions of the files. If you've installed Unreal into a directory other than c:\Unreal, then extract the files into the System subdirectory off of your custom Unreal directory.

The first time you run the upgraded version of Unreal, you may be asked to put your Unreal CD in the drive.  This step is required because files must be loaded off the CD during the patching process.  Make sure you have your original Unreal retail CD handy before installing the patch.

After installing the 220 patch, you will need to reconfigure your Unreal settings such as your keyboard configuration, 3D hardware, and resolution.  However, your savegames will not be lost; savegames from previous versions will work properly.

Warning: Patches designated as "Public Betas" have not undergone rigorous internal testing and are for enthusiasts who are comfortable using experimental software.   After the patches have settled down into a stable new version, an official (non-beta) release will be made.

Reporting Bugs

Report bugs to: unreal220@epicgames.com. If you're experiencing a crash, please attach a copy of your log file: \Unreal\System\Unreal.log to help us troubleshoot.  This is not a tech support email address; the Unreal team reads all bug reports and looks into them, but we can't guarantee an individual response.

Download Sites

Latest Hardware Drivers

DirectX 6.0 and Direct3D driver downloads.

Improvements for Gamers

Multiplayer Improvements
Internet Play
Player Controls
Single Player
Coop games

Improvements for Level Designers


Changes and Improvements for Script Programmers

Script Compiler
Separation of player and system configuration
Heads Up Display
Artificial Intelligence
Actor features
GameInfo features

Pawn features

Inventory features

C++ Changes And Improvements

Localization Support

I'm incrementally adding support for Unicode to the engine.  The TCHAR definition is CHAR when compiling in ANSI mode, and WORD when compiling in Unicode mode.  The TEXT("str") macro emits a string either in Unicode or ANSI depending on the compilation mode.  See UnBuild.h for various Unicode-related definitions.    Unreal doesn't yet run successfully under Unicode yet, because the string serialization needs improving, and Windows calls need to thunk down to ANSI on Win95/98, and UFont objects don't support multiple pages yet.  We expect full Unicode support to come together over the coming months.

Cleanup of Core

I'm improving the portability of the code by more cleanly separating functions with dependencies on the ANSI C library (in UnFile.cpp) and Windows (in UnPlat.cpp).

Multiple player configurations

Separating User.ini out of Unreal.ini is the first step in evolving Unreal towards supporting multiple player configurations.  The goal is to eventually allow storing mutiple users' settings by name.

Version 219 Public Beta

Report bugs to this email address: unreal219@epicgames.com. If you're experiencing a crash, please attach a copy of your log file: \Unreal\System\Unreal.log to help us troubleshoot.

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Internet Play

Internet Server

LAN Play



Version 218 Public Beta

Report bugs to this email address: unreal218@epicgames.com. If you're experiencing a crash, please attach a copy of your log file: \Unreal\System\Unreal.log to help us troubleshoot.

Download Sites

Important tips

1. Unreal 218 is NOT network-compatible with previous versions of Unreal. You can only connect to servers and other players running Unreal 218 or later!

2. Quality network play totally depends on Unreal knowing how much bandwidth is available on your Internet connection. There are two ways to set your bandwidth:

In the "Join Game" menu, select "28K Internet", "56K Internet" or "LAN".

Or, at any time during gameplay, use the NETSPEED command. For example, for a 28.8K connection:

Our testing has found the following NETSPEED settings to work best:

Modem Speed Excellent ISP Good ISP Poor ISP
56.6K or higher NETSPEED 3500 NETSPEED 3000 NETSPEED 2600

If you see any of the following symptoms happen repeatedly while playing Internet Unreal, you should lower your NETSPEED setting:

A. You experience delays of 1 second or more between when you press the FIRE button and you see your shot fire.
B. The message "Bandwidth Saturated, Lower Your Net Speed" appears.
C. You appear to "teleport" around haphazardly, rather than move smoothly through the level.
D. Your PING time (displayed in STAT NET) starts increasing, or becomes unreasonably large.

The following PING times can be expected:

Some modem connections are considerably worse.
Add 100-200 msec if server is in another country.

You tend to get 30% best ping times at night than day, because the Internet is less saturated then.

3. While playing Internet Unreal, press TAB, type "STAT NET", and press ENTER to bring up network statistics. You can use these statistics to diagnose problems with your connection:

4. For gameplay to perform acceptably, administrators running dedicated Unreal servers need to use the following settings in Advanced Options / Networking / TCPIP Network Play / MaxTicksPerSecond:

The higher the number, the more frequently the server updates the game world--resulting in smoother gameplay, but also more network traffic.

5. While this version should improve Internet play, we have more work to do in this area before it's perfect. There will be several more patches.

Improvements & Fixes Since 217

Hardware Support






Version 217 Public Beta (Download It)

Report bugs to this email address: unreal217@epicgames.com. If you're experiencing a crash, please attach a copy of your log file: \Unreal\System\Unreal.log to help us troubleshoot.

Version 216 Public Beta (Download It)

Report bugs to this email address: unreal213@epicgames.com. If you're experiencing a crash, please attach a copy of your log file: \Unreal\System\Unreal.log to help us troubleshoot.

Known issues

Hardware support






Version 209 Public Beta (Download It)

Version 200