Unreal: Bug Reports

Last Updated: 05/03/99

Common Q&A for Unreal 224

Q. Does this patch work with the version of Unreal that was bundled with my Voodoo3 card?
A. Yes.

Q. What drivers do I need to use Unreal on my Riva TNT.
A. You need the Detonator drivers from NVidia's web site.  Past versions of TNT drivers, as well as drivers direct from manufacturers have known bugs that cause Unreal to crash or cause severe texture corruption.  With the Detonator drivers, Unreal works on OpenGL and Direct3D.

Q. What cards have you verified working on OpenGL?
A. Riva TNT (with the latest Detonator drivers only), ATI Rage Pro (latest drivers only).

Q. What about 3D hardware support on my ATI Rage Pro / Intel i740 / Riva 128 / S3 ViRGE / Other 3d card?
A. All of these cards are slower than the software renderer and/or lack features which Unreal requires for rendering. They aren't supported and won't be in the future.

Q. Unreal crashes on my overclocked CPU and/or 3D card. What's wrong?
A. Disable overclocking and try again.  If Unreal works with overclocking disabled, instabilities resulting from overclocking are to blame.  Unreal may be more sensitive to overclocking than other games due to extreme texture usage and memory access.  Please, don't report crash bugs to us if your system is overclocked, try proper clocking first.   In my informal study, 6 out of 11 overclockers who reported crashes in Unreal found that the crashes went away when they clocked their system to spec.

Next Patch Status

There will be another Unreal 1 patch.  It will contain fixes for the bugs reported.  By popular demand, our focus on future Unreal 1 patches will be making bug fixes and small, incremental improvements.  So, we've split off the Unreal 1 codebase from the Unreal Tournament codebase, and won't be major new features added to the Unreal 1 codebase, just fixes.

We don't have a date for the next patch, but we expect to have it in the next few weeks.  The version number will be 225.

General Bugs & Issues

Problems We're Looking Into

Not Bugs

Other Bug Reports

The above issues cover about 80% of the bug reports we received at unreal224@epicgames.com (a list for reporting bugs, this is not a tech support email, please don't expect an individual reply).   These are all of the frequently-reported issues.  The reports that we received one or two instances of are lower priority and will be looked into after the frequent ones are addressed.

Bug Report Requests

Server administrators, if your dedicated server crashes, please email the \Unreal\System\Unreal.log file to unreal224@epicgames.com with a subject like "My dedicated server crashed".  I have 3 format bug reports of this kind, but I've heard about lots more on the net.  Please do send in your log.  The more data we have, the easier it is to track these bugs down.