Unreal.com Gets A Face Lift! August 13th 1998

Welcome to the new and improved Unreal.com!

When we created the original Unreal.com, the official site by the creators of the game, Unreal was still deep, deep, deep in development and we had only bits and pieces of the full Unreal experience to draw from. We also had an entirely different objective for the site. Back then (August 1997), few people knew just what the world of Unreal would bring to the PC, and even fewer had witnessed Unreal first hand. So when we designed the site, we wanted to convey just how vast and varied the world of Unreal was without giving away too many of its secrets.

Fast forward to Summer 1998. Unreal is out, being snatched up by gamers in record numbers and getting rave reviews from the gaming press. The thirst for information about how to get the most from Unreal, the Unreal editor and the multiplayer aspects have soared, now that Unreal has its place on their hard drive.

So what you see in front of you is the result of a redesign from the ground up. On this site you can now find information on game patches, tech support, where on the web to get the coolest mods and user created levels as well as the ability to purchase some mega cool Unreal merchandise.

Take a look around, we think you will like what you find. And if you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to email us at feedback@unreal.com

Site designed by Walter "|2|" Costinak

-special thanks to Craig Lafferty

It's Unreal

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