Unreal - Multiplayer
Has she been fragged? Or is she playing dead? The element of the unknown in Unreal!
Connecting to an Unreal server.
Connecting: the basics

First thing you need is a connection to the internet. If you are reading this, chances are you already have that. =)

Next, fire up Unreal and follow the steps below to see how its done.


Smiley's Quick Tip
Connecting at the highest connect speed possible isn't always best. If your phone lines have noise, you will get a better connect at a lower rate. A 28.8 connection can give a better game than a noisy 33.6.

Once Unreal is running, hit Esc to bring up the menu.

Select MULTIPLAYER and hit Enter.

Hit Enter

*PLAYER SETUP you don't need to worry about until a later step.

Next Step

It's Unreal

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