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black_square.gif (185 bytes) unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) New Unreal DM Map from Epic!  (11/20/98) gold_line.gif (56 bytes)

DM-Loxi, available NOW from Gamespot is a brand new Unreal multiplayer map designed by Cliff Bleszinski, Lead Level designer for Unreal. This is the first time that new, Epic-created Unreal content has been made available to the public since the launch of Unreal in May.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal at Comdex 98! (11/19/98) gold_line.gif (56 bytes)

Mark Rein has filed his annual Comdex report, with details on tons of cool new hardware support for Unreal.  Click HERE to read the full report with pictures from the show floor!

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter Ships (11/19/98)
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ASC Games announced today that TNN Outdoors Pro Hunter will be available in retail stores by Thanksgiving.  Click HERE to read the press release.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Sierra FX to use Unreal Engine! (11/13/98)
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Navy SEALs will be the first title from Yosemite Entertainment's Sierra FX division to use the Unreal Engine.  Click HERE for the full press release.

unreal_u_bullet.gif (425 bytes) Unreal 219 Beta Patch Released!  (1/03/98)
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Unreal Beta 219 has been released!  This patch fixes a few minor bugs present in v218.   Click HERE to view the readme file or HERE to download the patch.

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