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  Unreal at E3 1998   (05/29/98)

Mark Rein, VP of Marketing, gives a full status report of Unreal at E3!

Click HERE to read what he has to say!

Unreal reviews start pouring in!   (05/29/98)

We're starting to see the first few reviews of Unreal and they are spectacular! Italian Magazine The Game Machine gave Unreal 97%!! while Dutch Magazine Power Unlimited rings in at 98%! The hugely popular Adrenaline Vault web site gives us 5/5 while Next Generation Online gave us their first ever Editor's Choice award! Australian magazine PC Powerplay gave us their highest ever score of 98% while Hyper, another Australian publications gave Unreal 97% al the highest score they've even given to a game. According to Hyper, "Unreal is simply the most drool-worthy 3D shooter the genre has ever seen". They liked the graphics and sound too saying that "Unreal's software mode looks better than some other game's 3D hardware mode" and "The sound? it too is the best I've heard in a computer game to date" and finally the verdict: "The most thrilling first-person experience yet".

Updated Unreal Technical Information   (05/23/98)

Have a question about Unreal, the Editor or running an Unreal server? Visit our newly updated Support section.

Our Support section will continue to be updated and modified over the coming weeks and months as new information becomes available, so stay tuned!

Unreal Technical Information   (05/22/98)

Tim Sweeney has put together a small page that discusses many technical issues with Unreal, including dedicated servers,known bugs and much more.

You can visit his page at http://unreal.epicgames.com

Please note that many of the issues discussed on this page are for experienced gamers only.

Unreal 1.01 Now Available!   (05/22/98)

Unreal v1.01 update patch is now available! This update allows players to join multiplayer games by clicking on links to "*.unreal" files from their web browser.

".unreal" files are simple ini files which tell the player's machine the location and port the server is running on. Links work in both MS Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator (v2.0 and above).

".unreal" files are simple 2 line INI files. They should look like this:


You can specify a server using either its hostname or an IP address. The port number is optional. Examples shown below:



will both launch to the same server.

Click here to download the update (235K)!

Unreal Now In Stores   (05/22/98)

Unreal is now available on retail shelves!

Click HERE to read the official press release announcing the release of UNREAL!

Unreal Goes Gold!   (05/19/98)

Click HERE for more info!

New Screenshots Released   (05/08/98)

We have added 4 awesome screen shots to the downloads area! Click HERE to check out Unreal in action and see how far this amazing game has come!

GT and Legend to Unveil WOT at E3 '98   (05/06/98)

Epic MegaGames would like to congratulate Legend Entertainment on their recent signing of Wheel of Time with GT Interactive. The Legend name is known to stand for quality entertainment and fantastic game design in the computer game community and we can hardly wait to see the amazing worlds Legend will create using the power of the Unreal engine!

To give you a small taste of what Legend is creating using the Unreal engine and the Wheel of Time license, click on the picture below. For the full press release on Wheel of Time and GT Interactive, please visit our new Unreal Press Releases page by clicking here!

New Movies Featuring All Gameplay Action!   (05/04/98)

As we near completion on the most anticipated game of 1998, we have released 2 brand new movies showing Unreal in action to show you what you will be playing shortly! These movies highlight the awesome graphics and lighting effects, along with the kick-ass single and multiplayer gameplay and level design.

You can download either a 1 minute (9 meg) or 3 minute (25 meg) version of the movie in either AVI or Quicktime format! And remember, it's not real, it's UNREAL!


It's Unreal

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